Tuesday, March 24, 2015


"Boyhood"-the twelve year film. This is the story of a young boy growing up. After, his parents divorce or breakup (can't remember if they were married) his mom has a handful of bad relationships and his life changes as he deals with these new men, puberty, and moving around.  I'm one of the few people in my circle that liked the film. Maybe it's because I'm a mom so I got invested in this kid. I don't think the film is about boyhood as much as it wanted to be. It's more about a boy's life and how his mom struggles to navigate life after a separation.

When, I think of a film about boyhood I think about bike adventures through town, first kisses, smoking, failing tests, running from dogs, etc....
This film isn't that at all. The few genuine moments of childhood don't require a gender to be attached.
There are cool moments of reminiscent things from the pass twelve years that made me nostalgic.
When the boy grows up I lost interest in the story a little.  He grows up to be a lot less interesting (to me) and some might say he hits an awkward stage. The last winning moment for me is when he is packing to leave for college. He shares a scene with his mom that made me cry.
Was it action packed? No, but it was fun to watch everyone in the film age and navigate life.

Three and a half stars

Dear White People -review

I finished watching this yesterday.

"Dear White People"- centers around four black students dealing with racial identity at a predominantly white university. That's not the best description because the main character is Samantha White played by Tessa Thompson. Her storyline of being the main radical for justice on campus overshadows the other storylines but they stand out as well. The important thing we see is the racial identity issues.

The film was artistically shot and told a good story. I believe current college students could really relate to the film. The film took a more sensible approach to the subject of race and explored how we begin to define ourselves differently in college. It wasn't "Higher Learning" which had a more angry undertone. "Higher Learning" being from another decade couldn't tell the story of racism in college the same way. Overall, "Dear White People" is a passionate piece of work that shows the points of view of many Black youth growing up in a race driven culture.

Three stars

Sn: I had to cover my son's eyes during kissing scenes.

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Monday, September 08, 2014

Philomena- review

You look at this picture and think this is going to be some heartwarming movie about a man helping a sweet old woman in a way it is an accurate depiction. However, it's certainly not campy. Philomena a now older woman from Ireland meets a journalists who wants to tell her story of being forced to give up her child. She had the child as a young woman and nuns forced them apart claiming her sexual act to be a sin.  As the story progresses I feel like I know what's going to happen the whole time. The pair decide to locate her son and discover truths they may have wished to not know. 

This is a great based on real people story. Judi Denny is loveable and innocent. There isn't enough of a reward at the end of the film to make me say hey you should watch this.

Three Stars 

Sunday, September 07, 2014

In A World- review

Someone described this film to me and I thought it was a documentary.

In A World- stars Lake Bell as the daughter of a famous voiceover actor. She competes for a role against many men as this is a male dominated field.  This is a unique screenplay. It's witty and cute.

I wasn't deeply invested in the story but it wins you over.

Three and a half stars from me

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Her - review

I imagined myself writing this review several times.

Her- is the story of a man that falls in love with his operating system. The operating system has a sexy voice and their love affair is pure bliss for this recently detached man. However, jealous becomes an issue for the two of them and eventually the operating system moves on. I guess I would feel like an ultimate loser to be dumped by my computer.

I caught this film at my local libraries film night. I was joined by three older women that made the experience all the more enjoyable. Their commentary was perfect. One lady said "they're all crazy in this movie" another said "if thats how they have sex in the future they can keep it". As great as the cinematography was and the script was original it was still a nutty lonely person movie. I think the old ladies saw it for what it really was beyond the art.

Giving it two and a half stars....

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Note to self

Review Her, Amour, 42, life of pi, and Hereafter, philomena

Get on Up- review

Here we go
Get up
Get on up
Get up pppp
Get on up

I'm trying to get my review out while it's still a hot topic.

Get on up- is a film made by the same director that brought us the timeless piece The Help (ha). The film tells the story of the funk musician and legend James Brown's introduction into music and his rise to fame.

Now, when I saw Chadwick Boseman the actor that plays James many years ago on a show I looked him up. I thought he was good looking but also very talented. Next thing you know he's getting leading roles. I can't remember if I reviewed 42 but I saw it.

Anyway, the film Get on Up takes us on a musical journey. I have heard many James Brown songs but none are songs that I love so let's say this review isn't coming from a fan's viewpoint. The acting is great from Chadwick, Viola Davis, Lennie James, Dan
Dan Aykroyd and Nelson Ellis. While other actors that are pretty good were hit with bit roles and one liners. I enjoyed the film for the most part. There were musical numbers that just didn't seem to have the spark they needed to get you into it.  I love a good musical too even brand new music to my ears can move me but these performances were bland. I thought I would want to dance in my seat. However, there are a few good musical moments such as Caledonia and Try me that are also some of the best scenes. The biggest complaint that most of us have is that it is all over the place never staying on one path to sum up the man's life. It's like a visual collage with a funky soundtrack hinting at bits and pieces of the more highlighted parts of his life. I don't think I know anything more about James Brown now after setting the movie. Maybe it wasn't meant to be a bio. I think they missed an opportunity to tell us who he really was and make a tribute to him.  A friend of mine stated there were too many film styles going on far from the normal feel of The Help. The film features Chadwick breaking the third wall, flashbacks, and many many stylized shots. I understand my friends point. Here's the last thing with such a great portrayel you can overlook much of it's flaws and just take the ride. 

Three Stars for the acting

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Mr. Peabody and Sherman- review

Historic cliches and puns.

Mr. Peabody and Sherman tells us the story of a little boy Sherman adopted by a dog named Mr. Peabody. At this time in their life Sherman is getting older and more rebellious. He has a fight at school that causes Mr Peabody to be investigated about his parenting. This also causes a struggle between the two as Mr. Peabody doesn't know how to handle this stage of adolescence.

Of course they go back in time......
There are a lot of adult jokes and in the end Mr. Peabody learns Sherman isn't a baby anymore.
The soundtrack is different than most kids movies. We actually got a promo bag with the soundtrack. It's mostly classical music. I think there is only one song that has lyrics and my son likes it. I'm not downplaying the music at all and actually the music is well composed it's just far from the norm.

It was cute! It wasn't amazing though. We saw it at the dollar show. It looked good on the big screen but I'm sure it would be just as good on dvd,

  • 2 stars

Monday, July 07, 2014

Think Like a Man Too- review

Think Like a Man Too-  the couples are back and trying to keep the love alive. In the first film two of the couples begin and the other couples try to stay together. The first film based on the best selling book is loaded with advice and voiceovers. It was a good film and a nice start to this franchise they are building with Kevin Hart. Now, in the sequel the couples venture to Las Vegas to attend a wedding and to have bachelor/ batchelorette parties. 

It's a wild time in Vegas. 
By the time the credits rolled I thought it was a cute film that would be good for a date night. The pacing is pretty smooth at first but it starts to fall off around the second act. There is a music video in the middle of the film that is long and kind of annoying. I would think it would have been cut down in a final cut. 

There are also times when they are trying to not be predictable but they deprive us of things we would like. 
1)Kevin's character loses money but never makes it back
2)They sign up for a stripping contest and not one of the lead guys strips. 

So to sum it up this would make a great rental. It wasn't as good as the first but it didn't drop the ball. 

Three stars

Earth to Echo- review

Oh boy I liked a movie.
Earth to Echo-is about a town being forced to relocate due to the building of a new freeway.  Three kids that live there get a weird map on their phones and decide to follow the map as a last adventure before they all move away. On this adventure they are joined by a girl they all have a crush on and they discover a cute little alien that they name Echo.

The film is being compared to the major childhood films like ET, The Goonies, and the Lost Boys. For me my favorites were The Flight of the Navigator, Monster Squad,  and The Never-ending Story but maybe I just have different taste.  Although the Goonies was great too. Since I don't remember much about ET except that he wanted to get home the comparison to Echo makes sense because he also wants to get home. Earth to Echo is like the Goonies because the kids are all moving away soon (I think I remember something like that in the Goonies I know they needed money to stay).

Earth to Echo is cute. The characters are cute and the little alien is cute. The theme about friendship is sweet and I got a little emotional at the end remembering my childhood of having to move.  What it doesn't have is really memorable kids like The Goonies does. It still wins.  It's a simple story that utilized the basics well without needing a whole heap of special effects to you know make it special. I think it can stand alone without all the comparisons. I'm also happy to see a movie about real kids with no special powers and nobody dies.

 I'm going to give it four stars because I can.