Sunday, December 03, 2006


This wasn't so great. Of course I must compare it to a similar film so in comparison to "Tales from the Hood" it was wack. I was tempted to leave and get to my warm house sooner b/c it was cold that night. I'm not big on seeing Snoop Dogg in a movie. I don't know about his acting skills. That show he had on mtv was funny though. Anyways, the film was about a guy who sells his soul to the devil to have his sister brought back to life. He then has to bring more souls to hell something like that. So then we see three different stories about people who do evil deeds. The one thing I did like was the switch from animation to non-animation. The cartoon was dope. The whole film should have been a cartoon. The first story had a great plot and was kinda cool. The other two were boring except they had some good funny moments. I really don't suggest you go see it.
This was the only film I got to see during the "Horrorfest". (sigh)

1 and a half popcorn buckets


wow they really blew up the ferry. I was wondering if they really did that lol. I was watching a making of/ cast and crew interview on cable and a guy mentioned it. He said the people in New Orleans were really nice they let us close their bridge and blow up thier ferry. I enjoyed this film. It was a little annoying seeing Denzel once again trying to save only one person's life for no apparent reason.( like in man on fire which i hated by the way) In this case he wanted to save Paula Patton because she was pretty. Great! I would do think you should go see it. I mean it's shot in New Orleans and based in New Orleans. I'm bias.

I give it 3 and a half popcorn buckets.


I will give it 2 popcorn buckets.
The film takes you through multiple storylines that are all related like the film "Crash" did. This film was better than "Crash" though b/c it wasn't as cheesy.It was more about people facing racism instead of being racists. The film broke film rules that I have been taught. Like you must pull you audience in within the first 5 minutes or first 5 pages. (perhaps they added more to the start of the film for establishment) Secondly the main characters brad pitt and his wife were obnoxious. Who really wants to watch a film in which you have no sympathy for the main characters? My favorite storyline was that of the japanese girl. I felt her pain. I think they should make another film about her. I felt sympathy for the mexican nanny also. My reasons for seeing this film were that it was a free screening and gael garcia is in it. (he's hot)


“The Battle of Algiers”
The battle for Algiers is one of great tactics against an oppressor and those who took over their land. This is a great example of guerilla warfare. A great contribution to the success of the uprising of the people was that they knew their home better than the outsiders. The French were the outsiders. The Algerians revolution caused the French to react and fight back. An Algerian organization formed and many people joined the revolution. The French sought to destroy the heads of this organization, like stated in the film killing the head of the tapeworm kills the tapeworm. The French did take out the heads of this organization. In the past and present day organizations have been established to protest injustice and to create a change for a group of people based on gender, race, and more. These groups have faced problems and been destroyed by the government being seen as threats to the governments plans. It is easier for the government to destroy an organization instead of attempting to calm a large individual revolt. Currently they don’t even need to worry about such because they have most of us living in fear. The percentage of people that do oppose the government is so small and not radical enough to cause the government to change.
The success of organizations in addition revolts usually comes from additional people seeing that protesting can really cause change. In addition these people must see that things are wrong and be willing fight to end the wrongs. They can be afraid but cannot let that hold them back. People need to be pressured into fighting. They need to have a good enough reason to fight. When a person believes in something they will fight to the death. If you come face to face with a bully or even have a bully in your home you better fight unless you are willing to let the enemy defeat you. In the end I can see why this film has been viewed and studied by political organizations. This is similar to the Civil Rights Movement and although, it took a lot of people dying and people being tortured eventually the ultimate goal was won. The people not as an organization began to revolt again forcing the French to rethink their position.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

"the pursuit of happyness"

i want to see this one! i know it's gonna make me cry. the trailer and this special have made me cry i bet i will be like a newborn in the theater. this makes me think of that fresh prince episode when will's dad came back into his life then left him again and will broke down. some real good acting also made me cry.
watch the link below

Saturday, November 04, 2006

one more for the day

one month one month and i'm done. oh yeah
come on dance with me
school is almost over and i can't wait
let me outtttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt



ok i finally finished this movie today. i have been trying to watch it for months now. i stopped midway through b/c i just couldnt do it, but i wanted to finish so now i'm actually upset that i finished it. lol it is so corny and the main character the youngest son is so annoying. i cant complain without spoiling the movie but please dont watch this film. anyways ok that's my review on that.


have you ever had someone touch you and felt like they were touching someone else. like the way they touch you is how they would touch them, touches that they would like with no knowledge of what you would like.

Monday, October 30, 2006

"catch a fire"




i say things like i just don't get people sometimes
but i think that i really do i just dont want to
like i dont want to believe that people can really be cruel sometimes or etc.
so why dont we trust what our gut tells us?
we just want to believe in something better that gets bad because not having the truth in your life leaves you naive
etc etc etc

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Theo, 26 years old, a homebody. He is a pothead.
Roach, 7-feet tall, a man in a roach costume, behaves like a human.
Roach #2, short fat man in costume, thuggish.


(In an average living room, there is a
couch, a coffee table in front of it, a small stand next to it, and a recliner to the right. A kitchen is in the background. A GUY, young wearing boxers and a t-shirt, is sitting on his couch rolling a blunt and watching TV. He finishes, leans back, lights it, and smokes it. A few minutes pass and through the front door a 7-foot tall ROACH walks in. Roach is carrying a case of beer and dressed in a work uniform. He sits his keys on the stand and brings the beer to the kitchen. He removes a beer from the box and puts the rest in the fridge. He comes back to the living room and sits on the recliner. Roach sips his beer.)

Long day, please pass!

The Guy hands him the blunt and is silent.
ROACH (Cont.)
What’s wrong Theo?
Roach gives the pipe back to Theo.
ROACH (Cont.)
I was at work today and this lady walks in and asks me “Do you have Dangerous Minds?” and I couldn’t help, but, belittle her for wanting to see such a horrible film. I mean come on
(Holding a fake book)
“I ……………………..yoooor………..tam bow rine rine rine man.” All the students looked like they were over thirty and had been through some hard times. This has to be the worst film in history. After I came back from my rant I realized she was standing there with this look on her face like I must be crazy. So I told here where she could find it, in the drama section next to “Debbie Does Dallas”.

Roach laughs. He looks over at Theo and notices he hasn’t given him any response.

ROACH (Cont.)
Ok maybe you need a beer.

Roach stands and walks to the kitchen.
I don’t drink remember.

Well fine then don’t tell me what’s wrong. I’m gonna make me a sandwich.
In walks Roach #2, wearing baggy clothes, he sits on the couch next to Theo and Theo passes him the blunt.
ROACH #2(Looking at the TV)
Is this the Cosby Show?


I luv this episode when they sing with Stevie.

They watch the show and smoke the pipe. Roach #2 laughs quoting the show. Roach stands in the kitchen and collects items to make his sandwich. He opens a drawer and stares at its contents. He looks astonished. He reaches in and pulls out a spray can. He looks from the can to Theo back to the can and back to Theo. He returns the can to the drawer and pulls out a knife. He starts cutting his sandwich slowly while looking at the back of Theo’s head.
THEO (To Roach angrily)
Make sure you wash the dishes this time.
And while you’re at it why don’t you clean the rest of the dishes. It’s been your turn for a month now. You know what else, I’m sick of you using up all the toilet paper and not replacing it. Do you know what it’s like to use the bathroom and reach for the toilet paper and it’s all gone?

ROACH (While eating his sandwich)
No, THEO, what’s it like?

It feels like shit, like shit crusting on my ass because I can’t wipe it off.
(Long pause.)
I think you should move out.

Roach walks back over to the recliner and with his sandwich in hand and sits down.

How long have you been thinking about this?

For awhile now.

Is there a problem?

I don’t want to live with you guys anymore.

ROACH (Still eating his sandwich)
So you were planning to kill us?

I saw the can Theo.

Roach sits down his sandwich and stares at Theo.

Whoa! If you told your cousins to stay at their own homes I wouldn’t need it.


Theo suddenly makes a dash for the kitchen and grabs the can from the drawer. Roach and Roach #2 chase after him and stop when Theo holds the can with both hands pointing it towards one then the other. Roach and Roach #2 run around the room while Theo chases them spraying them with the can. Finally, Roach and Roach #2 collapse and twitch while Theo empties the can. Theo goes to the kitchen and retrieves a broom and dust pan. He tries to sweep up the roaches but they are too big. He rests the broom and dustpan against the stand. He drags the roaches into the hall. He walks back into the apartment and walks over to the phone and picks it up.

Hello umh yeah there are two big roaches in the hallway. The lady down the hall is afraid to leave her apartment.
Ok. Bye.

Theo hangs up the phone sits down on the couch and finishes Roach’s sandwich.

"FIGHT CLUB" review


This is the story of a guy searching for something to ease the troubles of his life. He suffers from insomnia and delusions. He creates an alter-ego, Tyler Durden, who actually has an ego and allows him to be more confident. Meeting his Tyler changes his perception about life and gives him a newfound life. He along with Tyler create a club for people to fight called “Fight Club”. This club gives the members newfound confidence. The ability to beat someone up could change your thoughts on your position in the world. The club goes on to devise a plan to clear the world’s debts. The lead and Tyler clash during this plan ending in the elimination of one. Two parts of this film stick out for me:
1) A scene where Tyler Durden holds a gun towards a convenience store worker in order to convince him to pursue his dreams. He takes his wallet and threatens a follow-up at his address seeking knowledge of progress or else he will be killed. He states to the lead that the next day that convenience store owner will have the best day of his life tomorrow. I think this goes back to the idea that kind words are not always the best form of motivation. Near death experiences change a lot of people.
2) The plan to blow up the buildings and clear the debts of the world. I like this plan because it is such a great idea. Many people start off acquiring debts when the enter college and get their first credit cards or receive student loans. The system is constantly giving and taking money.
The political things I noticed about this film were the issue of debts, media deception, materialistic lifestyles of living the American dream, and the need for people to have something to make their lives more meaningful. There are lines that hint towards the writer’s opinions about certain things. There are really create scenes in this film but I don’t enjoy the entire film.



Spike Lee is one of my favorite directors. He is definitely one the few directors in mainstream Hollywood to cause debate on black issues and matters of race and relations in the U.S. I enjoying having these issues addressed and enjoy cinema itself. “Do the right thing” summarizes a lot of stereotypes that exist and existed in black communities. The movie is directed like a stage play in the sense that the actors are stereotypical characters set in a desired environment who serve the purpose of interacting and having conflicts with the other actors. Many of the scenes are a bit unrealistic making me think of theatrics. It also doesn’t flow like your typical film. The movie features strong dialogue that is memorable and quotable. Most of the conversations involve stressing an issue and spreading knowledge, while other conversations serve comedic purposes. Many of the conversations play off of the stressed stereotypes. The film is about Mookie, a young black man working at an Italian pizza parlor, Sal’s Pizzeria. He is forced to become involved in a conflict that intensifies between Sal and some of the people in the surrounding community. It appears that Mookie was never racist and that he only reacted to blatant wrong doing being the death of a friend. This didn’t hinder the relationship between Mookie and Sal.
I think the point of this movie is to portray stereotypes of Blacks, Italians, Hispanics, and Koreans within the black community at the time the film came out. Many of these stereotypes still exist. Another reason behind this movie is to stress the issue of violence. I think that this piece of political cinema along with political Hip Hop can easily run the risk of losing part of its audience. Those who love political cinema or political Hip Hop or both are likely to be moved by the political messages, simply because they are looking for them. Those who simply like politics are likely to feel overwhelmed by the consciousness. I love both political cinema and political Hip Hop. The question that this film raises for me is how effective is protesting these days? How effective is seeking to see change and protesting for that change whether it’s petty or life-threatening? Are the possible tragic results worth taking the risk for? Small matters appear easiest to solve via protesting. It seems that protest has lost some of its power. These days people are less likely to even fight for something small. Had Buggin Out, the character in the film that protested Sal’s Pizzeria seeking pictures of black people on the wall, protested something else for the same cause of black inclusion and the elimination of an atmosphere of racial tension and racism, would the movie send a stronger message? Had the protest been due to the death of Radio Raheem would an audience be more sympathetic? The subtraction of almost all the other elements and creating a story about what lead up to the death of Radio Raheem, the death of Radio Raheem, and the results of his death could possibly change the reactions to the film and make it a better film. The thing is what people are really thinking would not have been spoken and eliminating those things is being kind. The point was to make people mad. This is an emotional film. Most of Spike Lee’s films piss people off. The method of making a person upset in order to make them change is very important to this film. This method is good because sometimes kind words are not enough. For now, I am influenced to drop the stereotypes that I have acquired and the preconceived notions which can lead to expecting racism to occur. Having some preconceived notions, can in mistaken cases cause misunderstandings. Miscommunication be it lack of communication or improper communication is typically harmful.

“THE THIN BLUE LINE” movie review


A case about a man, Randall Adams, wrongly accused of shooting a police officer. Randall Adams was hitchhiker who was picked up by David Harris a teenager. The movie gives us the details of the murder, a routine stop for that lead to a hasty shooting of a stopping officer. There are interviews in which people give their accountants of the night the murder occurred. The movie also features interviews of friends of David Harris, witnesses, officers, attorneys, and detectives. The evidence exposed in the film leads to a resolution that proves Randall Adams innocence. This is a great example of using documentary film to create a change. There is a political prisoner by the name of Mumia Abu Jamal who is known for being wrongly accused of shooting police officer, Daniel Faulkner. I know there are films about Mumia, but I do not know if there are any films as detailed as “The Thin Blue Line” that expose evidence of Mumia’s innocence.
In class we mentioned would the film be as great had the race of the wrongly accused been changed to black. I think the film would still be powerful but chances are the man would have been less likely to get off. Even white males who are guilty in America get off easy. O.J. Simpson is one of the few black males cases to have wide spread media coverage. The point is the court system is flawed. It shouldn’t take a movie (or a documentary) for justice to be served. The movie “The Life of David Gale” stresses the same issue but in non-documentary format. “The Life of David Gale” features a political activist on death row for killing a fellow activist. The end reveals otherwise and that they were out to prove the point that the court system is indeed flawed.
Besides the politics, I think the film was shot very well. I like the inserts of an ashtray full of cigarette butts with a person putting out their cigarette. The re-enactments create better visualizations than words alone. The film gets slow midway through, but that’s what documentaries do. I think the film is perfect to use as a reference for similar storylines.

street fight movie review


This film angered me. I hate dirty politics and this film is full of it. The film is a documentary about a mayor election and the campaigns of two candidates in Newark, New Jersey. The two candidates are Corey Booker and the current mayor Sharpe James. James comes off as evil while Booker comes off as the nice guy. Corey Booker appears truly concerned with changing Newark. Most of the people who supported James didn’t have good reasons. There main reasons were that he had been around for years and knew Newark. People also complained of politicians making promises and not sticking to them. Corey was the new young guy and his main point was that Sharpe James had been in office for over 30 years and Newark still has many problems. I knew early on that Booker wouldn’t win. My thoughts on this are that old black people are stubborn. My other thought is that people look for the dumbiest reasons to not support something new. Unless, a person is being told what to like they typically won’t like something new. Those who are willing to try new things probably voted for Booker being that his street campaign was pretty convincing. Corey won votes by talking to the people walking the streets and introducing himself to people. This was his street fight. The film focused on Booker, so I am not sure what James did to campaign besides what I am shown in the film. His campaign didn’t need introductions. He simply had to re-woo the people who already liked having him in office. In addition, he intimidated people into voting for him. People feared losing their businesses and homes if they didn’t support James. This made Booker lose a lot of votes. Dirty politics is common. The thing that makes me upset is how can a person who is talking about improving a city is willing to destroy a business if they don’t support them. He used the fact that one of Booker’s assistants was caught at a strip club. Then the owner of the strip club exposes that Sharpe himself had been in the club. Sharpe argued that he would fire any employee that went to a club like that. I felt if those types of clubs weren’t in your city this wouldn’t be an issue. You can close a small business for supporting Booker but you can’t clean up your city by riding it of a popular strip club. Then where would he go. Had this film came out before the election, Booker may have won. So, I hope this film can change the results of the next election if Booker runs. The end of the films states he will run again in 2006 but I haven’t heard anything about the election.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


This is one of those films that I passed in the video store several times. I think should have passed it again this time. The film didn't suck but it wasn't good. It was another story about the traditions in that country but told in a different way. This made me think of "Water" a lot. (though they are different cultures)
I'd give it a star and a half. This film had nothing on "TURTLES CAN FLY"

"Turtles can fly"
Is like "City of God" with less violence and set in Iraq. I enjoyed the adult like nature of the kids in the movie.I like the opinions about Americans expressed in this movie. I mean if I lived in a country with mine fields everywhere and near war. I wouldn't like any country that made my country like that. The acting was great. They didn't stop short of giving you the truth.
I give it 3 stars

old posts

moving these back to blogger
8/2/06 baby lizards

So within the past two weeks I have had to deal with baby lizards in my living quarters. I was able to capture both of them and put them outside. Now they have a chance to live. I rem. I found a dead baby lizrd a long time ago in my clothes bin. I even killed one b/c I was scared back in high school. These two lizards though will now have the oppurtunity to do who knows what. They can grow up, fall in love, make friends, etc. I was worried about them having to grow up on their own in the wild. I have no clue where their family is or how they even got in my house in the first place. The first one was in my bathroom, so I thought perhaps it enetered through my bathroom window. I captured in the dust pan and jiggled it out once I stepped outside. The second I let roam around my room for a day and I thought it was dead or something but then I saw it again. I captured it in a yellow folder and carried it outside. They stop running around once they are in something that is moving. Maybe I am becoming less fearful of the small things. The big things never did scare me. Well that's the story of the baby lizards.

8/2/06 have you ever

best youtube ever

8/8/06 aaron mcgruder
I had a dream with the Boondocks creator. I was walking down the street in some city and while passing a bus stop this guy kept staring at me. I recognized him as Mcgruder. I was like aren't you Aaron Mcgruder. He was like yeah. Then he was like where are you going and I'm like nowhere really just walking around. So he started walking with me. We stopped in front of a companies building and there was this box with this large cardboard tube in it. Aaron wanted it so we got a bag and I stole it for him. We walked back to his bus stop and told each other goodbye. We had one of those lovers pauses where you both turn and smile at each other for a second and then turned back around. I continued my walk around the city. crazy that's what I get for falling asleep while my tv is on "adult swim".

8/8/06 birds in the garage
There is a bird in our garage. She has made a nest on top of the garage light. My mom called the spca to find out what to do. They told her to move the nest while the mother is gone. They also said that the rumor that birds won't return to the nest after a human has touched it is false. The problem is that we have to leave the garage door open so she can get out and get food if she needs to. Everytime I peek in the garage she is still sitting on her nest. I mean how long does it take for eggs to hatch and for the babies to be able to fly? I feel bad because I don't want them to die in our garage or anything. Well that's the bird story.

mtv vs bet vs tvone
mtv ---are there anymore good shows left on this channel?
my friend mentioned singled out the other day and recalled how much i enjoyed that show. it was def. a good updated version of the dating game. does this channel have any good educational programs? nope
every now and then you get a political commercial
wrap it up, vote or die, etc...........

tv one------ i do enjoy the reruns of 227. the channel is very black public geared. they even have a diverse line up of black shows. black talk shows, morning gospel, black cook shows, old black sitcoms, reruns of showtime at the apollo, etc..... what really please me is that they show the blaxploitation films and black movies. i love movies!

bet-------- bet sucks these days. i havent watched it in almost a year. i have peeked and occasionally i watch "girlfriends." the betjazz channel is great! the channel def. gives you a chance to hear jazz,reggae,and african music. normal bet was much more positive at one point. like what ever happened to "teen summit"? that was a good show. i mean how important is it these days for people to have forums at which they can discuss pertinent issues? what happened to the "more you know" commercials and the "after school specials"? Even the shows that consisted of adults schooling each other on health issues and better living are gone. These type of shows are missing from all three channels.

so what happened to the informational,educational, shows geared towards the kids and the ones geared towards adults?

then we can address "what happened to the electric car"

stem cell research
stem cell research what do you think? i've decided that they should have the parents sign saying whether or not they want to allow stem cell research on their zygote. if they dont then there should be a disposal method. the more i think about this subject along with the abortion issue, i think why should it be anyone's business but the parents what they do with their bodies and things that come from their bodies. you can not like it but so what! in this case stem cells appear to be being used for positive outcomes. they are using "babies" that people dont want. babies that are not alive they are alive in thought but cant develop to anything without being in a woman.

should i explain the subject further? stem cells come from inner cell mass when sperm and egg combine blah blah at this stage the cells can be instructed to do any job. b/c cells have jobs in your body. so if your body is lacking a cell that does a certain job then these cells can be instructed to do that job and get hired by your body. get it?

so what do you think?

don't date him

Have you heard of this site? If you havent the site is a site where women can post pictures and stories of guys that did them wrong. (sounds like a good enough idea) I mean wouldnt it be great to get a bit of history on the person you are dating so you can know if you should throw in the towel. Although, it is somewhat of a good idea it is bad for the people who get judged based on being on the site. I mean now it only seems right that after someone does you wrong that you can do them wrong in return. Should you really be the bigger person? Should a person be judged for what they did to someone else? I know I know your thinking if they did it to them they can do it to me. Is that true? At least give them a chance to do you wrong? Oh my what am I saying how bad does that sound. Really it is up to you to decide if you want to judge someone on their history or if you want to give someone a chance to do you wrong.

I think instead of revenge let us create alternatives for people. I suggest 1-800 dont call him girl or 1-888- dont call em? It can be kind of like the suicide hotline. If you get the urge to call someone who you shoudln't be calling instead you can dial this number and have the option of speaking to someone who will listen. Perhaps, one night you may be sitting around and your like I'm lonely I want to call that guy that's been treating me like crap. Then suddenly, the commercial comes on with some sexy man saying "are you tired of not having anyone to talk to, do you need someone to talk to, call me I will listen if that's all you want or we can discuss that new indy film that came out....................the call is totally free, stop being neglected me at 1-800 -dont call em. lol

You get my point! This all leads to that statement that you should take care of yourself. Sometimes a litlle help doesn't hurt. Let there be alternatives. My new alternatives are taking care of me and my things at all cost. I'm like that needs to be done let's do that now. Working on your car is fun.
Think about it!

science of sleep

My review:
I enjoyed the film. I thought it would be in spanish but not it is in spanish,english, and french. The language variation did drive me crazy at certain points. This was like "Eternal sunshine" but with new characters. Plus, I'd rather look at Gael Garcia Bernal over Jim anyday. It was like they did this once with a film why do it again. The pacing is a little better. In both cases like my friend said the characters aren't really likeable and are annoying so both films to me aren't worth watching again and again. It was a hard decision choosing this film over another new release "Half Nelson" Especially after reading an article in the city paper that gave it one star.

I'd give it 2 and a half

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

i'm am the juggernaut

this is so funny
i have a lot of movie updates to do. look forward to them

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

snakes on a plane

ONE WORD: LEFT!!! This movie came out on my birthday. So of course I had to go see it on my birthday. There is some bad acting and the start makes you think the film will be just awful, but when it is good it's really good. I enjoyed the film. Anything with Sam Jackson in it must be good.

3 1/2 reels

Saturday, August 12, 2006


I recently finished this book. I was shocked by all the typos that existed. I mean I know my blog has typos but when something is published I would think it would be cleaned up. The book didn't move me. The story was good but not fun to read. I guess I should tell you what it is about or you can click the picture above and get a summary just like you can do with all the films I have commented on. The book tells you about a family of activists in Brown's Village New York and those who work with them and their surrounding community. The book takes you through a tragic event that leads to a lot of changes for the people of the community. The story within the story is that of Maurya. This could be a very interseting folktale to pass on if it isn't already one. I am all about supporting black authors so I won't say don't read it or buy it. As far as entertainmnet goes it is decent but as far as insight goes into the past of Brown's Village and conscious blacks during the time of King and El Haj it is worthy of the read. The book is fiction but I am sure it is based on some reality.




ONE WORD: Nana. Nana baby..... hahaha. Ok so I now have an image from this film as my wallpaper. I really enjoyed this film. I loved that the director Gavin Hood made some choices to show that there is redemption. The baby is very cute. The acting is very good. I do find it hard to believe that the lead is this tough gangster sometimes. He doesn't look dangerous he just does dangerous things. He looks like a nice guy so when his nice little boy shyness is shown I believe him. The year before this film won it's Academy, the film "Yesterday" was nominated. I love these films that are coming from Africa. It's amazing how Aids and violence is such a part of their society that Aids and violence are an issue in nearly every film. Just as sex and drug usuage are in most of our films. For Africa these are things destroying their society and although sex and drugs are not positive in our worlds they arent shown as things that are really destroying us. These things are more like the good things we get to do. Crazy! Anyways, I am usually impressed by a film when I watch the special features. Which I did do for this film. What I really liked about this film is that it didn't have a lot of dialogue. The soundtrack helped guide the story a lot. I rem. a prof. told me once that a good film should be able to tell the story with no dialogue and vice versa. This was all visual, but the dialogue was smooth. Worthy of the award! Find out for yourself!

4 reels



THE WORD IS AUTUMN. Who says Autumn instead of Fall. The word exists just as the this world portrayed in the movie exists. Autumn is just another way of saying fall. This movie tells you about a lot of the downfalls of society. This movie is similar to "Girlhood" a documentary about girls in the juvenile justice system and "Slam" the great Saul Williams movie. This movie showed some other elements of what goes in the lives of many young girls these days and really gives you some insight as to what their potential futures are. I enjoyed the film. I enjoyed it enough to watch the commentary and the other special features. Go rent it!

4 reels

best youtube ever

doesn't this just make you laugh really hard?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

me you and everyone we know



One Word: Macaroni. So I wasn't impressed by this film. I didn't like "I heart Huckabees" either which this film makes me think of. The only thing I liked was Robbie the youngest son. The kid is very cute. Everyone else in the film is wierd. A bunch of unnormal people. The wierdos. The main characters were very annoying. I had to remind myself that the girl is a visual artists. If you remember that you will totally understand her. The film wasn't awful it wasn't even bad. The film just lacked a peanut the thing that makes peanut m&m's better than plain m&m's.

2 reels

Nine Lives

Nine Lives

if you click you will see the imdb page

One word: Thespians. This movie consisted of great acting. I think I want to watch it again because there are things I missed. The movie was good. It reminded me of "Crash". Both films tied several lives together. In this film the main characters are all women. Nine women. There were some plot holes in this film though. This film seems like a book in which you must read the introduction beforehand to really understand the story. I think I picked it up because of the awards listed on the cover.

2 1/2 reels for now

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Baby Lizards

So within the past two weeks I have had to deal with baby lizards in my living quarters. I was able to capture both of them and put them outside. Now they have a chance to live. I rem. I found a dead baby lizrd a long time ago in my clothes bin. I even killed one b/c I was scared back in high school. These two lizards though will now have the oppurtunity to do who knows what. They can grow up, fall in love, make friends, etc. I was worried about them having to grow up on their own in the wild. I have no clue where their family is or how they even got in my house in the first place. The first one was in my bathroom, so I thought perhaps it enetered through my bathroom window. I captured in the dust pan and jiggled it out once I stepped outside. The second I let roam around my room for a day and I thought it was dead or something but then I saw it again. I captured it in a yellow folder and carried it outside. They stop running around once they are in something that is moving. Maybe I am becoming less fearful of the small things. The big things never did scare me. Well that's the story of the baby lizards.



ONE WORD:DRUGS. I don't know. I didn't like the film better than "waking life". The film was good, though. It wasn't very funny. There were howevere some very funny scenes. Robert Downey Jr. is more attractive painted and so is Winona.(but Downey doesn't need paint) The sum up at the end is a bit confusing. I think this is one of those I must watch it again films cause I think I missed something. If you are thinking about seeing it then do so. Why not it won't hurt.

3 1/2 reels

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

as much as i love the internet

as much as i love the internet i must say that it sucks. i am trying to finish an online class but now the site is down, during finals week. i should have finished it when i said i would, then this wouldnt be a problem. anywho, my new thought:

what brings you the most joy will bring you the most pain! isnt there a quote like this already? i fetched it out of my brain the other day.

the second poem

amongst the paperbacks

i sit you on the shelf
next to "the raven"
next to "the color purple"
next to "possessing the secret of joy"
and next to "the stand"
there you can sit in what you shall collect
never to be read again
never again will those characters that played a role in giving you your new found home will live within
if i take you down i will have lost my place
and will have to begin anew

new poem

i got the feeling last night and now i have two poems to share. i dont rem. the last time i was able to finish a poem so enjoy!


preparation time
prepare myself for what dreams may come
i no longer fantasize
or cause myself to dream of you and i
now i live my days over
in a way i might have wished they would have gone
i do all those thoughts that i did not take action on
perhaps i should sleep instead of live
the dreams turn out better
i am my own fetter
i hope i never write another letter
those things that reoccur
i prefer the change
bang my head on the frame
not from the sex but from the regrets
i wake up upset
to discover these good things don't really exist
i assist
in the mission to make them really exist

Saturday, July 22, 2006



ONE WORD: JOHNNY! Two cute guys in one film. I enjoyed this sequel. The film is long but not long enough for me to want the end to come sooner. I don't remember the first film at all. This film def. had way more happening. Captain Jack........... Is it me or does he seem a bit metro (in swagger not in hygiene)? Kiera Knightly annoyed me a bit in the film. Well, go see it. I say it'll make for a nice evening.

4 and a half stars

Sunday, July 16, 2006


life is very funny! is funny a good word. when life stresses you, you find out why is this stress in your life and you get rid of it. thats the goal get rid of the stress. struggle is unavoidable and stress can be too, but it is the surplus of it that can be controlled. control your substances ladies and gentlemen control your substances.

Friday, July 14, 2006

super annoyed

i feel like choking someone. arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
i hate school so much.
i mean what do you really have to do to get what you want out of life. lie, steal, kill, cheat, bitch bitch bitch. damn!
i will admit i havent put forth extreme effort to succeed. the main reason is because i've learned when i put my all into something i get back nothing. (not in every case)
ok enough stressing over this.

it's crazy im panicking b/c of the turning 25 thing. what have i done with my life? just getting my degree. no career, not married, barely even really had a bf before. i've grown a lot. i've cleaned my life of unnecessary people. everyone seems to put me down. yeah hello i know i dont have a job, i know i dont have a man, i know i am about be 25. duh! i also know that i cant deal with you stressing me on top of the stress i already have. so dont get mad when i snap on you cause your in my face. we all have problems, you're not the only one.

anyways, i am trying to figure out what to do with my livejournal. maybe i will do the film reviews there and the rants and stuff here. actually maybe i can use that one to touch on the politics too. that sounds good.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006



I need a lot of things to work in my favor right now. So much to do before December.(that's the new theme)
My mission is to piss everyone off until I can get what I want. The bitchy people get ahead in life. Is being a bitch so bad? Give me my degree you bastards before I have to cut somebody!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

i like yellowcard

i must admit i like yellowcard. i mean the lead is off-key often not on record though but i enjoy their lyrics. did he have vocal surgery? plus i mean they have a guy who plays the electric violin. plus i love the song only one.
ok that's it


"Since a musician cannot otherwise move people, but he be moved himself, so he must necessarily be able to induce in himself all those affects which he would arouse in his auditors; he conveys his feelings to them, and thus most readily moves them to sympathetic emotions."

(Carl Philip Emanuel Bach)

Monday, July 03, 2006






Tuesday, June 27, 2006


I missed the first five minutes. Those minutes seemed to be in the previews for it though. (clever) Very stylistic and they did a nice job. Lingo is going so fast sometimes I can't catch it. The film was good though. I say go see it.

RATING: 4 reels


ONE WORD: UMH. So, I finished watching this movie thinking wtf. The movie can be a bit confusing. I would like to watch it again to see if I missed it's greatness due to it's wierdness. The film made a point which you will have to watch it to see. I think I must be the only person who doesn't like seeing adults play kids. There are characters in the film that make me wish i could jump in and choke them. Someone should make a movie like that where the people watching a film in the movie can actually speak to the actors and slap them around. Anyways, if this were still in theaters I would say wait for the tape.

RATING: 1 and a half reel



ONE WORD:CUTE. This is a Hindi film. The movie was cute, but not so great. I felt like I knew everything that was going to happen. The lead was this woman that looks very close to white. It even felt like they made her so pretty and the others unattractive on purpose. The young girl in the film did a nice job for her introduction. I just wasn't really moved by the film. What I do like about it is that they brought to light the issue of Hindi widows. Talked about how widows live in a house together and are not allowed to remarry in the old traditions. Check into the subject if you want to know more.



ONE WORD: SNORE. A friend of a friend mentioned it's not a late night choice or a let's smoke and go see al gore movie. I caught the 9:55 show. The movie is basically a film version of one of Gore's lectures. The film does a very good job of explaining the matter in simple enough terms. If you need some education on the subject then watch the film. I like that he mentioned Hurricane Katrina and even sampled some quotes from Ray Nagin.
I need a rating scale any suggestions? If I work with stars I would give it three and a half.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

rebuilding is a slow process

i was talking to a classmate and he mentioned that he took his cousin around town to see the city. he stated that his cousin was shocked and stated that they thought we were rebuilding. i think people know what happened but they dont really know what happened. most of the city has to be rebuilt. now we can do some research and see how long this city took to be built or how long it took to build the avergae city and we will see that it took a pretty long time. in our case there is more to work with. the city needs a touch up and in many spots buildings and homes must be torn down and rebuilt. there is a fear of another storm so many homes must be built to withstand such conditions in addition to flooding. i heard that a large percent of those they polled dont think new orleans should be rebuilt. this upsets me but if you look at the fact that flooding is a problem and the crime, i can see why people who dont live here would think so. those people probably didnt think about the people who live here and where are they going to live. on my way to school there are blocks and blocks of homes that havent been touched. other homes and businesses are being repaired some are even back up and running. it's crazy to get a craving for something you always used to eat and then you remember that that restaurant is closed. its crazy to be on the highway and still see blue roofs. its crazy to see where projects once stood are now homes which will cost a pretty penny to live in. its crazy to see how much the french quater is alive and another part of the city looks dead. i havent even seen the worst parts. all they seem to care about is getting downtown together.
they just brought in the national guard to cut down on crime. seems crime has increased almost to the point where it is worst than it was before the storm.
i'm getting off point..............
understand that rebuilding is a slow process. homes were flooded with water for days. when the water goes down you cant just go back in your home and live normally. the storm didnt beat up the city and now thats its been a few months its healed and should be able to get up and carry on. you think people arent still living with the aftermath then think again. ok i'm done


so i was riding the bus home from school and there were a lot of teenagers on the bus and it was kind of nice to see their bright shiny faces. you dont see many people out and about here now and this was the largest group of people i've seen since i've been back. they were doing the usual teenage thing of talking loud and making fun of people, but it was still nice like there is some life left in the city.

so i was watching the travel channel (watching a show about atlantis) and theres this commercial and this woman is sitting at a table and a waiter whose face is not shown brings her a plate of food. she narrates the commercial and says "yum i love chicken vindaloo bring it on i have no fears." then, the waiter brings her a glass of ice and she says "i am afraid of that" then you hear "in places where you should avoid drinking the tap water avoid ice too."
somehow i was bothered by this commercial. it was like we dont want to name names but you get it. i mean do the people in those countries drink their own tap water? is there really more than one country? if so why is only one country hinted at? are is this the country with the biggest water problem. hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I am back home



Tuesday, May 23, 2006


is there a place where poems that were never shared go?

would you

would you rather live in a world where there was no violence but a lot of racism? or
would you rather live in a world where there was no racism but a lot of violnce?

i know i know some may say that one can not exist without the other but hypothetically which would you prefer?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

found some lyrics i like

"Home" by Michael Buble

Another summer day
Has come and gone away
In Paris and Rome
But I wanna go home

May be surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel all alone
Just wanna go home
Oh I miss you, you know

And I've been keeping all the letters that I wrote to you
Each one a line or two
“I'm fine baby, how are you?”
Well I would send them but I know that it's just not enough
My words were cold and flat
And you deserve more than that

Another airplane
Another sunny place
I'm lucky I know
But I wanna go home
Mmmm, I've got to go home

Let me go home
I'm just too far from where you are
I wanna come home

And I feel just like I'm living someone else's life
It's like I just stepped outside
When everything was going right
And I know just why you could not
Come along with me
But this was not your dream
But you always believed in me

Another winter day has come
And gone away
In even Paris and Rome
And I wanna go home
Let me go home

And I'm surrounded by
A million people I
Still feel alone
Oh, let go home
Oh, I miss you, you know

Let me go home
I've had my run
Baby, I'm done
I gotta go home
Let me go home
It will all right
I'll be home tonight
I'm coming back home

Tuesday, May 16, 2006


I went to rennes on the upper westside of france(bretagne). i got to hang out with a new friend. I went to St. malo where some of world war 2 took place. the beach was nice and i bet it would have been better if it was sunny and hot. i found some pretty shells. my friend told me that this writer that is buried on this cliff is standing in his grave so that he can face the sea and for some other reason. this amused me i and i have tried looking it up but can't find anything. if i could rem. his name i would probably have no problems. i went to a wedding party with my friend. it was really cute and everyone was really nice. they had dinner at this cabin type getaway in the country. it gave me ideas for my wedding b/c they had like a hostel set up in which everyone had bunkbeds to sleep in. the new husband did a set with his band which was nice. he has a nice voice. my friend is in a band but i didnt get to see them perform. long long weekend i fed a baby goat. i havent done that since petting zoo days. oh yeah at the beach it was fun b/c we had to tread through the sea b/c the water had rised above the walkway. i tried to record a song but that didnt work out. lol i know i am forgetting things but maybe i can add on later.


I went to Chambord today with the class. Field trip day no class! The castle was okay not overly impressive. The outside design was the best part. These castles seem to just be musuems with a few items of the royals left behind. I was disappointed to see a show while in England about how they retouch paintings in these castles. It is nice to see them vibrant but it would be nice to see them untouched. I really hoped to see the Mona Lisa in Louvre all torn around the edges like it had lived a little.(although it has, it just doesn't look like it) I had a good time though. I finally tried a plain butter and sugar crepe and it was yummy. I got some souvenirs and gifts. I have so many postcards now. I have some from almost every place I have been to. Saturday is Versailles, that should be fun. These trips are making these last weeks here go by very fast. See you soon Atlantis

p.s. i forgot the good parts
on the way there the bus brokedown. then we had to wait on another bus. a few of us climbed this tree. it was nice sitting in the tree felt pretty inspirational. then on the way back a bunch of us had to piss really bad but the toillette on the bus was locked or not working and the bus rode around for an hour and ended up back at chambord. then we had to hold it for another hour and got use the bathroom at school when we dropped off the students we picked up from the university. wow

Thursday, May 11, 2006

if only

if only advice got you through misery and sadness like it does a complex choice. then sadness would be temporary.

if only new orleans had a winter and had a few snowstorms maybe crime would go down during those storms and people would stay home and watch a movie or something.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

voyage 2 atlantis

Isley Brothers Lyrics - Voyage To Atlantis Lyrics

Can I go on my way without you can I know
If I go on my way without you
Whoa...where would I go

Set sail with me
Misty lady, set my spirit free
New love to find
And though I leave another behind

I'll always (Come back to you)
I'll always (Come back to you)
I'll always (Come back to you)
I'll always (Come back to you)

She's my lady, now and ever can I know
Can we go all the way together
Whoa...let it be so

So we'll say our last goodbye
And we'll it this time
Hey...ho...set sail with me
To a paradise out beyond the sea

Atlantis (Is back to you)
I'll always (Come back to you)
Atlantis (Is back to you)
I'll always (Come back to you)

Atlantis (Is back to you)
I'll always (Come back to you)
Atlantis (Is back to you)
I'll always (Come back to you)

Atlantis (Is back to you)
I'll always (Come back to you)
I'll always (Come back to you)
I'll always (Come back to you)

Monday, May 08, 2006

"love is...."courtesy of jackie


"When my grandmother got arthritis, she couldn't bend over and paint her toenails anymore. So my grandfather does it for her all the time, even when his hands got arthritis too. ! That's love."
Rebecca- age 8
"When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different.
You just know that your name is safe in their mouth."
Billy - age 4
"Love is when a girl puts on perfume and a boy puts on shaving cologne and they go out and smell each other."
Karl - age 5
"Love is when you go out to eat and give somebody most of your French fries without making them give you any of theirs."
Chrissy - age 6
_! __
"Love is what makes you smile when you're tired."
Terri - age 4
"Love is when my mommy makes coffee for my daddy and she takes a sip before giving it to him, to make sure the taste is OK."
Danny - age 7
"Love is when you kiss all the time. Then when you get tired of kissing, you still want to be together and you talk more.
My Mommy and Daddy are like that. They look gross when they kiss"
Emily - age 8
____! _
"Love is what's in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen."
Bobby - age 7
"If you want to learn to love better, you should start with a friend who you hate,"
Nikka - age 6
(we need a few million more Nikka's on this planet)
_____ !
"Love is when you tell a guy you like his shirt, then he wears it everyday."
Noelle - age 7
"Love is like a little old woman and a little old man who are still friends even after they know each other so well."
Tommy - age 6
"Love is when Mommy gives Daddy the best piece of chicken."
Elaine-age 5
"Love is when Mommy sees Daddy smelly and sweaty and still says he is handsomer than Robert Redford."
Chris - age 7
"Love is when your puppy licks your face even after you left him alone all day."
Mary Ann - age 4
"I know my older sister loves me because she gives me all her old clothes and has to go out and buy new ones."
Lauren - age 4
"When you love somebody, your eyelashes go up and down and little stars come out of you." (what an image)
Karen - age 7
"Love is when Mommy sees Daddy on the toilet and she doesn't think it's gross."
Mark - age 6
"You really shouldn't say 'I love you' unless you mean it. But if you mean it, you should say it a lot. People forget."
Jessica - age 8

And the final one -- Author and lecturer Leo Buscaglia once talked about a contest he was asked to judge.
The purpose of the contest was to find the most caring child.
The winner was a four-year-old child whose next-door neighbor was an elderly gentleman who had recently lost his wife.
Upon seeing the man cry, the little boy went into the old gentleman's yard, climbed onto his lap, and just sat there.
When his Mother asked what he had said to the neighbor, the little boy said,
"Nothing, I just helped him cry"

Friday, May 05, 2006


So yeah I had to leave amsterdam midway through the week b/c most of the hotels were booked and i wasn't found of the hostel we stayed in the first night. i wound up in england to visit one of my online friends that makes beats. i flew into liverpool and had to catch a train to manchester and then to preston but i called my friend at manchester and he came and got me. so we hung out. i met his girlfriend who is this girl that i met online some years back on the same website i met the beatmaker. crazy small world. her and her friend were really cool.i plan to go to toronto which is where they are from to visit. i got to catch a dead prez show which was great. i mean i had to sit through like 5 acts before them and was drained once they got to the last act before them. when they got on they rocked it though. then after the show they started playing like jungle/house/drum and bass and everyone left in the club started doing that spazzed out dance. crazy felt like a dream that went down hill. i got some more underground cds that i probably wont listen to but you never know. it was all together cool. it has caused me to think about my life more. vacations are great.
ok thats it

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

currently reading

i am currently reading this book. i was supposed to read it a long time ago but i put it off due to personal issue. everybody time i read the title, the song by 50 cent pops into my head. i wonder if he has read this book. hmmmmmmm


endives=the horrible vegetable that i ate aka the cabbage cousin.

to learn more about endives please visit or CLICK HERE

Monday, April 17, 2006

my complaints about france

here i go being negative
-well the first day we got here it was freezing and there was no heat on the 2 hour bus ride to orleans from paris
-the next day it drizzled allday
-this has been the weather cold and/or rainy
(we have had a few really nice for here days, but i still can't wait to wear some flip flops and a t-shirt)
-the food wow what can i say about the food. i can say our dining out experiences are usually very funny. they result in us being disappointed and cooking for a week straight. our favorite meals are soup (like i told you before), spaghetti, saumon et spinach(don't know the french word for spinach), mash pommes de terre(potatoes) with gravy, toast, french fries from the kabob, and my favorite croissants.
i finally ate a baguette in paris.baguette=po boy deli style or a subway sandwich on a baguette which is a type of bread like french bread. it was awful the chicken tasted old and terrible. i pulled it out and found a piece that was green. i'm like now they are trying to kill me.
i finally tried escargot actually not bad reminded me of clams.
we spent 110 dollars at a restaurant trying french specialties. charge it to the game if i may. i had lamb which i could have had anywhere i think and it was bland. on my plate there were these vegetables that were cooked but they looked liked this vegetable i've seen in the grocery store that i wondered what they taste like. its like a light bulb shape but the fancy ones that come to a point at the tip and are slender and longer than an average bulb. i told my friend that they looked familar and she was like oh yeah the ones in the grocery store by the cabbage. so i'm like yeah ok this is cabbage cousin. so i tried it man i cant descibe how bad it tasted. i figured it could be really good or just not tasty. but this this was bad. then i told my friend to try it. we always do that to each other make each other try bad stuff. i knew this one would be classic though. i stopped eating to watch her taste it. she popped it in her mouth and started chewing then she started making this disgusted face and covering her mouth and i am laughing at this point and shes says oh my god. i knew she wanted to spit it out.
we ate sushi in paris i had my rolls which i love then i tried one of the pieces of sushi and i swalloed and realized something hard was going down my throat and tried to stop it but i was too late. it had to be a bone. this ruined my dinner. i've had plenty of sushi in my life and never found a bone. i swear it felt like it was stuck in mt throat for hours. i kept drinking liquids to wash it down. i was like what if i die like the woman who plays blanche on golden girls did in mama's family. i have always remembered this episode where her character franny died from choking on a fish bone. i think i am done with fish almost i hate finding bones in my food. i even hate eating curry chicken cause they dont usually de-bone the chicken. food not so good here. i have found a new hatred for them. i have been here for 3 and a half months. i have kissed 4 guys here. i havent had sex. i tried once but that was aborted and thats all we need to say on that. i have been offered money for sex a few times. i have been grabbed, harassed, invited home to smoke. i just recently memorized my number in case i need to give it out. i was very happy to not know it before then. we have had guys pop up over at our apts and knock on other peoples doors looking for us. the guys you want to speak to you don't. oh of course i have heard voulez-vous coche avec moi and i love you and you are beautiful and you are my wife/you are my girlfriend. i have had got rides home from people that i have met already. i now have see you on the street friends of club buddies. these are people i see when i am walking or at the club that i have met before and spoke to before and danced with etc... no potential bf's or true buddies though. no success with the men in france although i don't think i have actually dealt with a true french guy. the whole struggle to hold a a convo. with someone is hard. my french is bad and their english is bad. hahaha

to be continued

intro. to a collection of thoughts

Greyhound rides always seem the same. I woke up just as we were pulling into another town that I’ve never heard of before. These five minute breaks allow me to stretch my legs and finally pee after holding it in for hours. I think sleep helps you forget several things. Sometimes, I’ve wanted to sleep this here life away. I still do from time to time, then I have that moment of self assurance that makes me say hey your okay there’s many more things to do and see so hold on. The attempts at happiness shouldn’t end with countless bad incidents. There must be a reason why I am still here and not somewhere else. After, I used the restroom I bought a cherry pepsi and some junior mints. I don’t know how much time I have left until we leave. I hope to put off being squished into the window, by the overweight person sitting next to me as long as possible. There was this really cute guy that got on the bus with me back in New Orleans, I wanted him to sit by me so bad but nope. I guess it’s better anyways I never get the guy I want. I am on letter number 4. It is hard to read when you have little arm room and your neighbor is sleeping so you can’t put on the light. The streetlights let me read 2 sentences as they go by or should I say as we go by. Back on the bus now I feel like celie in the color purple when she was reading all those letters from nettie. Is it bad if you write letters to tell yourself you love yourself? I am trying to believe that I am someone new. I am on a trip to a new me. So, back to letter four……

………..They say what won’t kill you will make you stronger. I think happiness must only be meant to be temporary anyways. I don’t want to ever love again. I swear from this day forth I will never love again. (no one new that is except with the love we have towards another human)

I never stick to my vows.

Maybe I will get off in Phoenix. I have always wanted to catch a Suns game. Maybe, I will run into Kevin Johnson and we can ride in his convertible to vegas and get married and I can keep my initials.


so sunday i went to louvre. i enjoyed it at first. there were far too many people in there. i like a nice quiet empty museum. so i can slow stroll. i spent like 3 hours lost in the maze called the louvre. there were some beautiful pieces of art in there. i would def. recommend it to anyone planning to go to paris. i didn't realize almost all of the famous works of art are in the louvre. (well at least the ones i've learned about in art class) i didn't take any pictures i just took it all in. after two hours i was like must leave the louvre. i was drained from going up and down the steps. it was super hot in there too, so i got dehydrated. i say you go during the week when maybe fewer people will be there. wear a t-shirt and stop at the water fountain. see what you really want to see first then roam around. or you can just roam and run across those things you want to see. but if you dont make a list you may forget or miss them.( i even had to go back in because i missed this one piece that i wanted to buy a postcard of) forget the map it distracts you from the wonderful ceilings and the pieces. my plan to get my moneys worth and see every inch was aborted. i was like i will come back, plus i am sure their will be a temp. collection that i may want to see when i return.

i tried to go the catacombs but it was closed for the holiday. i have left a lot of things to do with my mom when she comes here. there is so much to see in paris from dead peoples graves to great monuments. i can't wait until this place begins the summer season or even the spring. lol i really think we may be finished may 15th. that gives us a month. one of the peeps here reminded me there is a function in our honor being held here may 23rd. so i will stay for that then after that i am changing my plane ticket to an earlier date and taking that voyage to alantis.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

my seduction style

Your Seduction Style: The Natural

You don't really try to seduce people... it just seems to happen.

Fun loving and free spirited, you bring out the inner child in people.

You are spontaneous, sincere, and unpretentious - a hard combo to find!

People drop their guard around you, and find themselves falling fast.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


man i used to hear this song on the radio and go crazy. riding cross country with my mom i would wait for songs like this one to come on. i would also wait for after 7 "i'm for real" they would always play it at one point. i remember one time i finally found a station playing it but the signal was dying. so my high yellow old man fetish lol is still existent. if i had to choose between el debarge or morris day i don't know. i remember staring at el's record cover and listening to "whose johnny?". man man man he looked good. i even remember when debarge was on punky brewster and he had like pink and blue hair. then morris day is the pimp of all pimps. yeah yeah enjoy the video

Friday, April 07, 2006

when i think of home

i remember when me and my mom went to see "the wiz" in chicago. i met maya angelou, oprah, and ashford and simpson. i dont know where the playbill is that they signed for me. memories. i am pondering all the restaurants i will go to when i return home. when i went to this basketball game in clermont-feerand in the south of france there was this guy sitting next to me and he was a little musty and it reminded me of gumbo. yeah i'm homesick!

Saturday, April 01, 2006


i don't know if i spelled it right. those number crossword puzzles are my new addiction. when i first got to france all i did was crossword puzzles now i am on to something new. i bought a book with french instructions so at first i didnt know how to do it. now that i had it translated i am good. i like to test my mind power. what about the power? (to quote cartman from south park)
wait til you read the next one

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

morals and theories

its funny how you have all these morals and theories on life. the theories come from experiences although aren't you supposed to let everything prove itself to not do you harm. you arent supposed to have baggage. then agaon you are supposed to know better for the next time. this weekend proved that my theory that i should not go out of my way for a man unless he does the same for me many times before was backed by an interesting weekend. blah blah blah

so do you want to know what whatever type of liquor that i pointed at the club last week and coke tastes like. it tastes like shit. hahahahahaha i cant wait to go out this weekend i am going to talk to this guy if i see him again. we have met some new girls so we want to meet up and all hang this weekend. should be fun i will make it fun.

Monday, March 27, 2006

new post funny stuff

so i got this bread from the grocery store. it was like a roll i thought it was a raspberry roll like a raspberry bagel. so i eat a small piece. and i'm like this is gross. then i eat another piece and i am like this is really gross so i look inside and theres ham all inside of it. i wanted to spit it out on the ground. man then i thought about that news report on the guy in the states who got some ice cream from this restaurant and was eating it and found something hard in his ice cream and was like this aint no nut. it turned out someone had got their fingertip cut off earlier that day and it fell in the batch.then i started cracking up to myself.
had a crazy weekend will let you know about that later.

Friday, March 17, 2006

i was going to talk about this today

yeah so this below has been altering our school schedule. i went to the mall today to buy a cord for my ipod. (yeah we got back together) and there were a bunch of students running around and gathering in front of the mall entrance. the mall was closed with its gates down. there were cops surrounding the place. i just think these guys are lucky had this been the us or had they been black or both they would have got beat and shot with real bullets. then again if it were the U.S. their issue wouldnt be a concern.

below is a letter from one of the profs. back home:

Dear exchange students,

It has come to our attention that there will be street demonstrations related to the 3rd Anniversary of the conflict in Iraq, on Saturday March 18, in Paris, London and Copenhagen. We want all students in Orleans and Paris to be aware of the situation and stay alert. We don't expect any trouble, but please do not dress or act in ways that would call attention to yourself as an American. We urge you to avoid demonstrations and think of your own personal safety first.

The following is from the U.S. Embassy in Paris:

U.S. residents and travelers to France are advised that large street demonstrations are planned for Saturday, March 18. Authorities estimate that one million people may turn out in cities across France in opposition to a proposed youth employment plan. Demonstrations already held on March 16 involved several hundred thousand people. Events turned violent as police responded to unruly behavior by firing rubber bullets and tear gas at protestors who pelted them with paving stones, crowd control barriers and Molotov cocktails. There have been over 300 arrests nationwide and injuries on both sides.

Americans are warned to avoid any demonstrations and to immediately move away from areas where large congregations of people have gathered, as apparently peaceful demonstrations can quickly turn violent. There is no prediction as to which areas to avoid, as the previous demonstrations have occurred in many areas of Paris, including areas often frequented by tourists, as well as other cities throughout France including Marseilles, Bordeaux, Rennes, Nancy, and Toulouse.

Americans should stay informed about the current situation by paying attention to the extensive news coverage of events. U.S. citizens living in France or visiting for even short stays can register with the U.S. Embassy at the website shown below. Americans who find themselves in emergency situations can also find contact information for the U.S. Embassy below.

General Information:

Travelers in France who need assistance can contact the U.S. Embassy at 01-43-12-22-22, or by email at: The Consular Section of the U.S. Embassy in Paris is located at 2 Rue St. Florentin, 75001 Paris (Place de La Concorde, Metro Stop Concorde), tel. 011-33-1-43-12-22-22 or (in France) 01-43-12-22-22; fax 011-33-1-42-61-61-40. Further information can be obtained at the U.S. Embassy's web site at:

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


doesn't it just bother you when you get a zit right there on the corner of your mouth, so it looks like a crumb or something? i am attempting to remove the word hate from my vocab.

yeah so yesterady i did yoga for the first time. it always feels good to workout. my knees were dying. i borrowed the dvd from one of the ladies here. it is a better sex through yoga intermediate disc. (so you know i'm working it hahahaha) i did about 20 minutes of it yesterday. i was nice and tired after that. tonight i did 30 minutes. gonna throw in some push ups and sit ups too. i want to go home with longer locked hair, in better shape, and maybe with a six pack. gonna dress like a woman too. building up my wardrobe got me some makeup its on world look out. i may even have an album done. yeah so i miss working out and being physical. it can get addictive. still havent done the indoor rock climbing wall. you know how it is you go to school for class and class only.

right now though ima go do like i used to do at the univ. of pittsburgh after i would workout. there i would finish off with a pint of ben and jerrys, tonight i choose to do fatty fashion and break up a chocolate bar in my mint chip ice cream. if only they had ben and jerrys here. i havent been able to eat a pint in awhile. thank god for a high metabolism.

Monday, March 13, 2006

part 2

I have been active and believe in and seek revolution and human assistance in revolution. I have found myself in circles of talkers and semi-righteous people. No one can be perfect no one is free of what can be seen as "flaws." I had to accept this. What’s really funny is when we start creating levels for things we don’t like. For example one might say I really don’t like people who sell drugs but if they sold it in their past or if they only sell to their friends or if they don’t get caught that’s better than making big business off it. Another example I don’t like my man to cheat but if we are in dif. countries, or if she’s ugly I feel better, or as long as I don’t know, or if he only does it once. This stuff is humorous. What’s really funny is that no matter what things happen and people do things that you may not be able to handle, but where do you draw a line of who you associate with or maintain a relationship with. What can you absolutely not deal with? Why can't you deal with these things? Do you become a monk?

So when it comes to discussing the hurricane (and you may think this paragraph and the one above don’t relate but they do to me) I find myself avoiding the conversation. I don't like people asking me lots of questions on the subject. I don’t like listening to people talk about it that are not going to do anything about it.(the talkers) I can think positive and say maybe they will discuss with someone who will do something. You never know. I am discussing it right now so I guess I’m a talker too or a writer. I just want to speak about what’s been going on in my head. I don’t even tell people what people I know like my friends and family lost cause in the end they have them and what they got left be it there dignity or their life and must move forward. Yeah so there!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

not part 2 yet

ok so now my debit/atm/credit card is not working as an atm card. it works as a credit card, though. our "stipend" which when we got here had changed from 450 to 430 is used to cover our rent. our rent was supposed to be 350 utils included. for the first month we got our stipend in cash and had to pay a 150 deposit and a 200 or varying number fee for a deducted rent. well so 430 minus 350 is 80. internet and the phone bill are around 40 a month. something like that. in the end you would normally have 80 a month to spend as you like. now they decide to not put our stipend in our account until our rent is due because some people spend their stipend and some people havent paid the first months rent. well good thing i'm not starving hopefully no one else is. as of right now though i am without access to cash. maybe this is a sign to not spend my money. i dont want to order a new card.

in other news i can't wait for my package to get here from home. (thanks mom!)


since the hurricane hit
well when I left new orleans and went to new york. I hoped to better myself and to grown up and move on. the main obstacle for me has been school. see school allowed me to stay in new york for that period of time, but school kept me from working and earning an income. now granted I could have done some part-time work and what not. the thing is I have a nice film resume and those jobs require no other obligations and that’s the type of job I could work everyday. most of my days in new york were spent locked in my room thinking just like I do at home. I really started seeing who’s important in my life. I decided I am no longer going to speak to people who piss me off every time I talk to them. so I started cutting people out slowly but surely. see I know people are who they are and most people are the way they are because of some underlying reason but, at this point in my life I can't deal with that. their problems add on to my problems and really what’s my motivation. I will maybe talk to you again when we've both healed. then my other thought is that I would like to have new people in my life. (except my family of course) new people who can't remind me of the old me as I try to progress. I don’t need anyone saying well you know you are this when I am trying to change that. friends and family think you'll never change. I’ve also analyzed what all my dreams mean. (movie script idea) I have dreams that play into my thoughts of things that are stressing me in my waking life. then there are the dreams that are far more symbolic of something greater. these usually consist of me in a house. now this house has been in my dreams for some years now. sometimes it is an office building instead of a house.
anyways, the basement is a morgue and has a mortician who will appear and chase you if you are in the basement too long. I haven't really explored the basement. sometimes I never go in the basement or when I do I am chased out of the basement.
the first and the second floors are normal actually the second is where the bedrooms are.
the third floor is haunted and supposedly so are all the floors above it to my knowledge. I roam around the third floor. there are certain rooms that, if you are in them too long you will get this overwhelming feeling of fear and a ghost will appear and push you or make you runaway. there are some rooms on this floor that aren’t haunted though. often times on this floor I find secret passage ways that take me back to the first or second floor. I have also been lost in several school buildings, searching for an exit having a hard time escaping.

so I sum this all up to mean that I fear my past matter fact I don't even want to think about it too long. it is almost hidden. my present is stagnant and I am not exactly complacent here because I explore the other two but this is a much happier place. the third floor and up are my future. I don't know what's beyond the next step (being the third floor) because there are fears there. the school dreams are obvious. thankfully I find myself able to escape after many many attempts. the house dreams also play into my waking life b/c the people who are around me a lot at the moment may appear in the house but they mostly appear in my life outside of the house. more recently I find myself hardly ever going in the house. I always drive by it. the last dream I had about it, it had become a haunted house for tourists because people hid there during the storm and there was a mystical force there, that protected them. so maybe I sold the house. I said all this to say that, now that I know what’s really wrong with me and have accepted it, I can move forward.

this will be part one
Part 2 will be about my feelings on discussing hurricane katrina

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


don't worry be happy now! ooh ooh ohh ohh
the landlord says you rent is late he may have to litigate......

poem at 5am

why don't i write poems anymore? why don't i draw anymore? think i felt the need to focus on one craft. music is top of the list yet where am i with that. i'm pushing to get that drive with the feeling that i can do anything and that this is meant for me and that deserve something good out of life. i also look to gain a sense of self worth again and to no longer let insecurities hold me back. i move forward in my relationships of any nature with honesty, respect, and niceness. i have been very mean and bitter for a few years. i will jock my friend peeps for this one.

so to my poem:
you would think one would just accept the realities and move forward
even when the realities seem to block your way
give praises for another day
you think you'd be used to dealing with the realities
you think you would be like ok stop dwelling on it already
you think you would take your experiences and classify them as a definition for some aspect of this reality
thats wrong cause maybe you are just atttracting the wrong energy
people make me laugh with there theories on my life
one person tells me one thing and another tells me something else
but haven't i already said if your advice is so great why arent you using it to improve your own life
then again its nice to hear words of encouragement and words of wisdom
i'd rather be who i am them less of what i am
i could be bedridden, braindead, banished, battered, beneath the ground
life would be better if i created this place
but i didnt so i have to deal with that reality

my name is kj and i am addicted to youtube

myspace was my first addiction but now it is youtube. ............................i miss tv i miss danny and clydes, picadilly, popeyes, and wing shack.

did i tell you i ate at subway in barcelona. yum!


Monday, March 06, 2006

ipods suck

i official am mad at my ipod. we aren't speaking right now. i charge him and i leave the house and what do i get two maybe three songs before he cuts off telling me there is no battery power. well i'm tired his bs.

speaking of things that suck. i have been tempted to change the title of my blog to bored in orleans. my friends blog is sistainsendai hints the link to the side. the best meal i've had in orleans is maggis bag o soup. i found an african restaurant the other day had some fish and this mystery thing. the mystery thing smelled bad not horrible but bad. that didn't stop me from tasting it though. didnt taste good either i took it out back so it wouldnt stink up my room. the fish was ok but way too many bones. out of the group of us here one girl has gone home already. one girl was considering it but lets see flights to new orleans these days cost a lot in the states so imagine the cost from europe. she also feared that breaking the contract we signed means she has to pay for the time she would have spent here. one of my friends was considering going home early because her child is unable to visit. most of us don't like it here. many of the other students have bonded and they all hang out and do stuff together. i think if i get some sort of income you know by stripping or something cause thats the only thing that wont require me to be able to speak french lol then i can go to paris every weekend. if only i had friends out there. the train ride is 26 dollars then a hotel or hostel would be around 20i have to eat or not just like i have to sleep or not.(pull an allnighter catch the first train back) then the club may or may not have an entree fee which can range b/w 5 and 15 then the drinks which are like 5 to 7 dollars depending on the place. when you add that all up we are talking almost 100 dollars a weekend.

what would i do without myspace and youtube and the small collection of music on my computer? i think i would enjoy my stay here more if i spoke french already. blah blah blah

Thursday, March 02, 2006


ok so i think the comments work now. i had to change the settings. i was wondering why no one was leaving comments.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

american idol fix


Tuesday, February 28, 2006

new series of commercials

the kj corporation is launching a new series of ads

the first one opens with me, kj, sitting in a small apartment by myself playing on my labtop in cold gloomy orleans, france.

i turn to the camera.

kj:where i'd like to be right? (pause) i'd like to be in jamaica on the beach watching sexy men play volleyball. i'd be laying on my stomach on a towel in the sand. my shades would protect my eyes from the sun. as i'm lying there anthony will return with the tropical drink he went to get me.

i'm funny!

carnival holiday in france

so we had a week off. my friend and i went to paris for a day. (this was last monday)there we say the prostitutes in the business district. they were old and had on way too much makeup. i kept thinking this is someone's mom out here on the corner. we saw the tour eiffel. we went to the top and got a nice view of the city. the weather sucked. it was foggy outside and in addition to that it was rainy,windy, and cold. when we were at the airport on our way to barcelona it started snowing. i will have to check out paris when the weather is better.

in barcelona: the weather was nice. the sun was out and the weather only required a light jacket. we met some cool people in our hostel. there were some really cool guys from canada. everytime someone new came into our room they turned out to be canadian. we saw some tourist sites and we went shopping. i got some cute clothes. we got back sunday morning and i slept for most of the day. unfortunately, i didn't meet me a hot spanish guy and don't have a better story to tell.
i will be back later

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


The weekend: Friday after we met the African guys. We went home. I ran into them at the club later that night. They said they were going and I wasn’t going to go because I didn’t want to run into them, but I felt that that shouldn’t hold me back. They were a bit pushy and this whole trying to hold a conversation when neither of you speak a common language well enough to communicate thing is getting annoying. So, I walk through the club looking for a place to stand and watch the crowd. I stop at this table and look up and spot the African guys. I was going to turn and retreat but it was too late they already spotted me. So, I sat with them and chilled. I danced with them and drank some of their liquor. (you know the 120 bottles of liquor that people get for their tables) The main one I was dancing with tried to talk to me. I was getting annoyed and decided to ask this girl that was sitting at the table if she spoke English. "Parle vous anglais?" then she says something to me in French. So, the three of us spend the next half hour trying to communicate by typing messages on his cell phone. She did speak a little bit of English and by the end of the convo. we arranged to meet where we got coffee earlier. I believe they were also asking me to go home with them. I don’t know if she was inviting me for him or for some freaky stuff. It doesn’t matter because "non" is my new favorite word. We decided to leave because everyone else was leaving. They walked me home and we said goodbye.

Next day: I’m thinking I should braid my hair into a Mohawk. I start braiding then I think about how dumb I will probably look with a Mohawk. I wasn't willing to do all that work with the possibility that I wouldn’t like the results. I skipped the coffee. I almost went because I said I would and I felt bad standing him up, but I couldn’t deal with the communication barrier.
Saturday night: Azu and I walk downtown to the bars. A car full of guys pulls up beside us and tries to talk to us. (azu mostly) We walk onward after a few seconds. We chill at a few bars downtown. People start to leave the first bar and the bartenders are wiping off the tables, so we go to the next bar. The next bar is packed but the bartenders are cleaning up. They turn on the lights and we figure we should head home. We are walking home and some guys pull up and ask us where were going. We say towards amazone and they understand. They give us a ride and we decide hey lets go to amazone (the club by the apts) there’s a long line outside. Inside amazone: Guess who we see? The guys from the car earlier. Then, who do we see? The Africans. Then who do I see? A guy I met there the first time I went. He claims he gave me his number and I didn’t call. I’m like no you didn’t.(b/c he didn’t)Flashback: I’m at the cafeteria at school and this guy comes up to me and says "do you rem. me." I say "yes" he is the friend of this guy who is now claiming he gave me his number. The guy says my friend said he gave you his number and you didn’t call. I was like no he didn’t. He then says well I can give it to you now. I’m like no I’m really not interested. Return to the club: Dude walks off. I start talking to this guy that is friends with the guys that brought us there. He's cute, Turkish, and nice. He informs me that with or entry ticket we get a free drink. That’s two drinks I missed out on. I was wondering if that’s what that was for, but the bartender doesn’t speak English. I always point so I’ve had almost every type of liquor mixed with coke. In my head I’ve always thought that clubs that charge a more than ten dollar cover should give you a free drink.Here's my wish come true and I didn’t know, but now I know and knowing is half the battle. I spent most of the night with azu and the Turkish guy. I spoke to this guy azu pointed out trying to see what he was about, guess he thought I was trying to holler. That whole night is spent with the Turkish guy asking me to kiss him and asking am I his girlfriend. (he spoke a little bit of English) Then azu and myself getting harassed by the African guys and then the car guys harassing azu. I spent time trying to get the guy that azu pointed out to write down his number. He’s acting like I got a girlfriend but I’m not going to tell you. Both he and the Turkish guy want to go home with me that night instead of giving me their numbers. Finally, it gets late and we head to the coat check and I am getting the Turkish guy to understand he can’t go home with me. Then the guy azu pointed out comes out and stands and waits for the Turkish guy to leave. Then hands me his number (that eventually said he would write down) and tells me to call him on Monday at dix-neuf. What am I doing making an appointment? We go home and eat some fries and pass out. I slept well that night. The guys here are always trying to come home with you and they tell you you’re beautiful and that they love you. Some say vous le vous coche avec moi. These are the only terms they seem to know that we will recognize. Most of the white girls here in the group got French boyfriends the first week they got here.

What a weekend!