Tuesday, February 28, 2006

new series of commercials

the kj corporation is launching a new series of ads

the first one opens with me, kj, sitting in a small apartment by myself playing on my labtop in cold gloomy orleans, france.

i turn to the camera.

kj:where i'd like to be right? (pause) i'd like to be in jamaica on the beach watching sexy men play volleyball. i'd be laying on my stomach on a towel in the sand. my shades would protect my eyes from the sun. as i'm lying there anthony will return with the tropical drink he went to get me.

i'm funny!

carnival holiday in france

so we had a week off. my friend and i went to paris for a day. (this was last monday)there we say the prostitutes in the business district. they were old and had on way too much makeup. i kept thinking this is someone's mom out here on the corner. we saw the tour eiffel. we went to the top and got a nice view of the city. the weather sucked. it was foggy outside and in addition to that it was rainy,windy, and cold. when we were at the airport on our way to barcelona it started snowing. i will have to check out paris when the weather is better.

in barcelona: the weather was nice. the sun was out and the weather only required a light jacket. we met some cool people in our hostel. there were some really cool guys from canada. everytime someone new came into our room they turned out to be canadian. we saw some tourist sites and we went shopping. i got some cute clothes. we got back sunday morning and i slept for most of the day. unfortunately, i didn't meet me a hot spanish guy and don't have a better story to tell.
i will be back later

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


The weekend: Friday after we met the African guys. We went home. I ran into them at the club later that night. They said they were going and I wasn’t going to go because I didn’t want to run into them, but I felt that that shouldn’t hold me back. They were a bit pushy and this whole trying to hold a conversation when neither of you speak a common language well enough to communicate thing is getting annoying. So, I walk through the club looking for a place to stand and watch the crowd. I stop at this table and look up and spot the African guys. I was going to turn and retreat but it was too late they already spotted me. So, I sat with them and chilled. I danced with them and drank some of their liquor. (you know the 120 bottles of liquor that people get for their tables) The main one I was dancing with tried to talk to me. I was getting annoyed and decided to ask this girl that was sitting at the table if she spoke English. "Parle vous anglais?" then she says something to me in French. So, the three of us spend the next half hour trying to communicate by typing messages on his cell phone. She did speak a little bit of English and by the end of the convo. we arranged to meet where we got coffee earlier. I believe they were also asking me to go home with them. I don’t know if she was inviting me for him or for some freaky stuff. It doesn’t matter because "non" is my new favorite word. We decided to leave because everyone else was leaving. They walked me home and we said goodbye.

Next day: I’m thinking I should braid my hair into a Mohawk. I start braiding then I think about how dumb I will probably look with a Mohawk. I wasn't willing to do all that work with the possibility that I wouldn’t like the results. I skipped the coffee. I almost went because I said I would and I felt bad standing him up, but I couldn’t deal with the communication barrier.
Saturday night: Azu and I walk downtown to the bars. A car full of guys pulls up beside us and tries to talk to us. (azu mostly) We walk onward after a few seconds. We chill at a few bars downtown. People start to leave the first bar and the bartenders are wiping off the tables, so we go to the next bar. The next bar is packed but the bartenders are cleaning up. They turn on the lights and we figure we should head home. We are walking home and some guys pull up and ask us where were going. We say towards amazone and they understand. They give us a ride and we decide hey lets go to amazone (the club by the apts) there’s a long line outside. Inside amazone: Guess who we see? The guys from the car earlier. Then, who do we see? The Africans. Then who do I see? A guy I met there the first time I went. He claims he gave me his number and I didn’t call. I’m like no you didn’t.(b/c he didn’t)Flashback: I’m at the cafeteria at school and this guy comes up to me and says "do you rem. me." I say "yes" he is the friend of this guy who is now claiming he gave me his number. The guy says my friend said he gave you his number and you didn’t call. I was like no he didn’t. He then says well I can give it to you now. I’m like no I’m really not interested. Return to the club: Dude walks off. I start talking to this guy that is friends with the guys that brought us there. He's cute, Turkish, and nice. He informs me that with or entry ticket we get a free drink. That’s two drinks I missed out on. I was wondering if that’s what that was for, but the bartender doesn’t speak English. I always point so I’ve had almost every type of liquor mixed with coke. In my head I’ve always thought that clubs that charge a more than ten dollar cover should give you a free drink.Here's my wish come true and I didn’t know, but now I know and knowing is half the battle. I spent most of the night with azu and the Turkish guy. I spoke to this guy azu pointed out trying to see what he was about, guess he thought I was trying to holler. That whole night is spent with the Turkish guy asking me to kiss him and asking am I his girlfriend. (he spoke a little bit of English) Then azu and myself getting harassed by the African guys and then the car guys harassing azu. I spent time trying to get the guy that azu pointed out to write down his number. He’s acting like I got a girlfriend but I’m not going to tell you. Both he and the Turkish guy want to go home with me that night instead of giving me their numbers. Finally, it gets late and we head to the coat check and I am getting the Turkish guy to understand he can’t go home with me. Then the guy azu pointed out comes out and stands and waits for the Turkish guy to leave. Then hands me his number (that eventually said he would write down) and tells me to call him on Monday at dix-neuf. What am I doing making an appointment? We go home and eat some fries and pass out. I slept well that night. The guys here are always trying to come home with you and they tell you you’re beautiful and that they love you. Some say vous le vous coche avec moi. These are the only terms they seem to know that we will recognize. Most of the white girls here in the group got French boyfriends the first week they got here.

What a weekend!


Sunday, February 12, 2006

this weekend part1

Today, I decided to edit my older blogs. There were far too many typos and far too much slang. My screenwriting professor over the Summer taught me the rules for comma usage. I wish I could find the sheet of paper she wrote them on. I have always had a problem with knowing when and when not to use a comma. Most of the time I just throw em in throw em in throw em in like scratches when i feel like it. (that's funny and it works sometimes like using abba ca dabba on a scan tron test) Anyways, this weekend I went to the club downstairs. Friday night I stayed until almost six. Last night, I stayed until 7.

Friday, February 10, 2006


So last night I went to sleep with tissue plugged in my nose, so it wouldn’t run. I spent several hours getting up and blowing my nose and wiping my nose before I chose this option. This meant a night of sleep with my mouth open. It was very hard to breathe through my mouth. I could hear myself snoring and breathing hard all throughout the night. I woke up early this morning and my mouth was numb and very dry. It felt like something was on my tongue. I ran my hand across my tongue and I could feel like every bump on my tongue. I got up and drank something and it was back to normal. I don’t like being sick. I can almost say I hate it. It’s not like in elementary school when you had an excuse to go home early or miss school.

I had been waiting all week to go to this dancehall battle at this club tonight but no one wanted to go with me and we took a long time getting home from dinner. We met these African guys from Brazzaville in the Congo. This is funny because I just learned about Brazzaville in class the other day. Anyways we walked with them to our favorite kabob place to drink some cafe. It was really hard to talk to them b/c they did not speak English and our French is below average. There were three of them and three of us. The one talking to me said he loved me. I had to laugh. I was like you don’t love me. Then later he started singing “hmm hmm hmm hmmm oh oh oh I love you." then my silly self started singing along "girl you know its true oh oh oh I love you." that made for a good laugh. So now I am sitting here waiting to go to the club downstairs. I feel like I am only going to be in France only but so many times in my life. I have to enjoy my stay sick or not if friends go out with me or not. I mean if I had spent my whole life not going places cause people didn’t want to come with me I wouldn’t have done half the things I've done or been half the places I’ve been. Plus it’s only downstairs and I don’t have to worry about getting to and from which is why I didn’t go to the other club.

I met this guy last night at this bar we all went to. All meaning most of the group b/c one girl went back home today so we went out to dinner and to the bar with her on her last night here. I said group but some of you don’t know what I'm talking about. There is a group of us here in France from New Orleans through this scholarship that the University of Orleans provided to students after Katrina. They paid our flight and they are giving us a monthly stipend. We live apartments off campus that might as well be dorms. So yeah back to the guy he was telling me where I should go in Paris. He gave me a train ticket for when I am in Paris. He put his number on the back so I can call him when I get there or call him whenever. He seemed nice he spoke a little English and a little Spanish. I need help with my French.

I’m going to send some postcards to people this weekend. International stamps cost 90cent. People better write me back love me too, you know! Well I am off until tomorrow or the next day.

Monday, February 06, 2006

so here i am waiting for my clothes to dry

Tonight, I finally decided to wash clothes. This is my first time washing clothes since I’ve been here, which is going on a month now. I only have so many pairs of pants. I was getting very tired of wearing the same thing and wearing dirty clothes. I was putting it off because I heard the dryer doesn’t work. I just checked my clothes and they are still damp with 20 minutes to go. The dryer gives you 94 minutes. Wow, 94 minutes its 45 max in the states. The dryer is 1 euro while the washer is 3 euros. When, I came to the apt today the lights were off in my hall so I was hoping the lights weren't off in my room. I open my door and flip my switch and my lights are still working. I hit the hall switch but the light turned off again after a few minutes. So it’s like keeping pushing the switch or feels for my keyhole and the elevator button. I have a bunch of clothes lying around my room right now. They are hang drying, lol .it's killing me b/c of the whole sometimes a neat freak thing. I just want some clean clothes to wear to class tomorrow. After all cleanliness is close Godliness! I was thinking about putting all my clothes in my bathroom, putting the heater on, and shutting the door. The bathroom can get pretty hot.

I bought myself a rose the other night when me and some folks went out. My brother came to town this weekend. He barely stayed for 24 hours. He slept the whole time too. He took over my bed and was out. It was nice to be around someone I’ve known my whole life though and to be around someone you know has love for you. Well, I’m off to get my clothes and find places to hang them. Goodnight!

here goes something

This is my first blog(on this blog) I don't have much to say multi-tasking. I will be back in a minute.