Tuesday, April 18, 2006

currently reading

i am currently reading this book. i was supposed to read it a long time ago but i put it off due to personal issue. everybody time i read the title, the song by 50 cent pops into my head. i wonder if he has read this book. hmmmmmmm


endives=the horrible vegetable that i ate aka the cabbage cousin.

to learn more about endives please visit http://www.endive.net/ or CLICK HERE

Monday, April 17, 2006

my complaints about france

here i go being negative
-well the first day we got here it was freezing and there was no heat on the 2 hour bus ride to orleans from paris
-the next day it drizzled allday
-this has been the weather cold and/or rainy
(we have had a few really nice for here days, but i still can't wait to wear some flip flops and a t-shirt)
-the food wow what can i say about the food. i can say our dining out experiences are usually very funny. they result in us being disappointed and cooking for a week straight. our favorite meals are soup (like i told you before), spaghetti, saumon et spinach(don't know the french word for spinach), mash pommes de terre(potatoes) with gravy, toast, french fries from the kabob, and my favorite croissants.
i finally ate a baguette in paris.baguette=po boy deli style or a subway sandwich on a baguette which is a type of bread like french bread. it was awful the chicken tasted old and terrible. i pulled it out and found a piece that was green. i'm like now they are trying to kill me.
i finally tried escargot actually not bad reminded me of clams.
we spent 110 dollars at a restaurant trying french specialties. charge it to the game if i may. i had lamb which i could have had anywhere i think and it was bland. on my plate there were these vegetables that were cooked but they looked liked this vegetable i've seen in the grocery store that i wondered what they taste like. its like a light bulb shape but the fancy ones that come to a point at the tip and are slender and longer than an average bulb. i told my friend that they looked familar and she was like oh yeah the ones in the grocery store by the cabbage. so i'm like yeah ok this is cabbage cousin. so i tried it man i cant descibe how bad it tasted. i figured it could be really good or just not tasty. but this this was bad. then i told my friend to try it. we always do that to each other make each other try bad stuff. i knew this one would be classic though. i stopped eating to watch her taste it. she popped it in her mouth and started chewing then she started making this disgusted face and covering her mouth and i am laughing at this point and shes says oh my god. i knew she wanted to spit it out.
we ate sushi in paris i had my rolls which i love then i tried one of the pieces of sushi and i swalloed and realized something hard was going down my throat and tried to stop it but i was too late. it had to be a bone. this ruined my dinner. i've had plenty of sushi in my life and never found a bone. i swear it felt like it was stuck in mt throat for hours. i kept drinking liquids to wash it down. i was like what if i die like the woman who plays blanche on golden girls did in mama's family. i have always remembered this episode where her character franny died from choking on a fish bone. i think i am done with fish almost i hate finding bones in my food. i even hate eating curry chicken cause they dont usually de-bone the chicken. food not so good here.
-MEN..........man i have found a new hatred for them. i have been here for 3 and a half months. i have kissed 4 guys here. i havent had sex. i tried once but that was aborted and thats all we need to say on that. i have been offered money for sex a few times. i have been grabbed, harassed, invited home to smoke. i just recently memorized my number in case i need to give it out. i was very happy to not know it before then. we have had guys pop up over at our apts and knock on other peoples doors looking for us. the guys you want to speak to you don't. oh of course i have heard voulez-vous coche avec moi and i love you and you are beautiful and you are my wife/you are my girlfriend. i have had got rides home from people that i have met already. i now have see you on the street friends of club buddies. these are people i see when i am walking or at the club that i have met before and spoke to before and danced with etc... no potential bf's or true buddies though. no success with the men in france although i don't think i have actually dealt with a true french guy. the whole struggle to hold a a convo. with someone is hard. my french is bad and their english is bad. hahaha

to be continued

intro. to a collection of thoughts

Greyhound rides always seem the same. I woke up just as we were pulling into another town that I’ve never heard of before. These five minute breaks allow me to stretch my legs and finally pee after holding it in for hours. I think sleep helps you forget several things. Sometimes, I’ve wanted to sleep this here life away. I still do from time to time, then I have that moment of self assurance that makes me say hey your okay there’s many more things to do and see so hold on. The attempts at happiness shouldn’t end with countless bad incidents. There must be a reason why I am still here and not somewhere else. After, I used the restroom I bought a cherry pepsi and some junior mints. I don’t know how much time I have left until we leave. I hope to put off being squished into the window, by the overweight person sitting next to me as long as possible. There was this really cute guy that got on the bus with me back in New Orleans, I wanted him to sit by me so bad but nope. I guess it’s better anyways I never get the guy I want. I am on letter number 4. It is hard to read when you have little arm room and your neighbor is sleeping so you can’t put on the light. The streetlights let me read 2 sentences as they go by or should I say as we go by. Back on the bus now I feel like celie in the color purple when she was reading all those letters from nettie. Is it bad if you write letters to tell yourself you love yourself? I am trying to believe that I am someone new. I am on a trip to a new me. So, back to letter four……

………..They say what won’t kill you will make you stronger. I think happiness must only be meant to be temporary anyways. I don’t want to ever love again. I swear from this day forth I will never love again. (no one new that is except with the love we have towards another human)

I never stick to my vows.

Maybe I will get off in Phoenix. I have always wanted to catch a Suns game. Maybe, I will run into Kevin Johnson and we can ride in his convertible to vegas and get married and I can keep my initials.


so sunday i went to louvre. i enjoyed it at first. there were far too many people in there. i like a nice quiet empty museum. so i can slow stroll. i spent like 3 hours lost in the maze called the louvre. there were some beautiful pieces of art in there. i would def. recommend it to anyone planning to go to paris. i didn't realize almost all of the famous works of art are in the louvre. (well at least the ones i've learned about in art class) i didn't take any pictures i just took it all in. after two hours i was like must leave the louvre. i was drained from going up and down the steps. it was super hot in there too, so i got dehydrated. i say you go during the week when maybe fewer people will be there. wear a t-shirt and stop at the water fountain. see what you really want to see first then roam around. or you can just roam and run across those things you want to see. but if you dont make a list you may forget or miss them.( i even had to go back in because i missed this one piece that i wanted to buy a postcard of) forget the map it distracts you from the wonderful ceilings and the pieces. my plan to get my moneys worth and see every inch was aborted. i was like i will come back, plus i am sure their will be a temp. collection that i may want to see when i return.

i tried to go the catacombs but it was closed for the holiday. i have left a lot of things to do with my mom when she comes here. there is so much to see in paris from dead peoples graves to great monuments. i can't wait until this place begins the summer season or even the spring. lol i really think we may be finished may 15th. that gives us a month. one of the peeps here reminded me there is a function in our honor being held here may 23rd. so i will stay for that then after that i am changing my plane ticket to an earlier date and taking that voyage to alantis.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

my seduction style

Your Seduction Style: The Natural

You don't really try to seduce people... it just seems to happen.

Fun loving and free spirited, you bring out the inner child in people.

You are spontaneous, sincere, and unpretentious - a hard combo to find!

People drop their guard around you, and find themselves falling fast.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


man i used to hear this song on the radio and go crazy. riding cross country with my mom i would wait for songs like this one to come on. i would also wait for after 7 "i'm for real" they would always play it at one point. i remember one time i finally found a station playing it but the signal was dying. so my high yellow old man fetish lol is still existent. if i had to choose between el debarge or morris day i don't know. i remember staring at el's record cover and listening to "whose johnny?". man man man he looked good. i even remember when debarge was on punky brewster and he had like pink and blue hair. then morris day is the pimp of all pimps. yeah yeah enjoy the video

Friday, April 07, 2006

when i think of home

i remember when me and my mom went to see "the wiz" in chicago. i met maya angelou, oprah, and ashford and simpson. i dont know where the playbill is that they signed for me. memories. i am pondering all the restaurants i will go to when i return home. when i went to this basketball game in clermont-feerand in the south of france there was this guy sitting next to me and he was a little musty and it reminded me of gumbo. yeah i'm homesick!

Saturday, April 01, 2006


i don't know if i spelled it right. those number crossword puzzles are my new addiction. when i first got to france all i did was crossword puzzles now i am on to something new. i bought a book with french instructions so at first i didnt know how to do it. now that i had it translated i am good. i like to test my mind power. what about the power? (to quote cartman from south park)
wait til you read the next one