Monday, October 30, 2006

"catch a fire"




i say things like i just don't get people sometimes
but i think that i really do i just dont want to
like i dont want to believe that people can really be cruel sometimes or etc.
so why dont we trust what our gut tells us?
we just want to believe in something better that gets bad because not having the truth in your life leaves you naive
etc etc etc

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Theo, 26 years old, a homebody. He is a pothead.
Roach, 7-feet tall, a man in a roach costume, behaves like a human.
Roach #2, short fat man in costume, thuggish.


(In an average living room, there is a
couch, a coffee table in front of it, a small stand next to it, and a recliner to the right. A kitchen is in the background. A GUY, young wearing boxers and a t-shirt, is sitting on his couch rolling a blunt and watching TV. He finishes, leans back, lights it, and smokes it. A few minutes pass and through the front door a 7-foot tall ROACH walks in. Roach is carrying a case of beer and dressed in a work uniform. He sits his keys on the stand and brings the beer to the kitchen. He removes a beer from the box and puts the rest in the fridge. He comes back to the living room and sits on the recliner. Roach sips his beer.)

Long day, please pass!

The Guy hands him the blunt and is silent.
ROACH (Cont.)
What’s wrong Theo?
Roach gives the pipe back to Theo.
ROACH (Cont.)
I was at work today and this lady walks in and asks me “Do you have Dangerous Minds?” and I couldn’t help, but, belittle her for wanting to see such a horrible film. I mean come on
(Holding a fake book)
“I ……………………..yoooor………..tam bow rine rine rine man.” All the students looked like they were over thirty and had been through some hard times. This has to be the worst film in history. After I came back from my rant I realized she was standing there with this look on her face like I must be crazy. So I told here where she could find it, in the drama section next to “Debbie Does Dallas”.

Roach laughs. He looks over at Theo and notices he hasn’t given him any response.

ROACH (Cont.)
Ok maybe you need a beer.

Roach stands and walks to the kitchen.
I don’t drink remember.

Well fine then don’t tell me what’s wrong. I’m gonna make me a sandwich.
In walks Roach #2, wearing baggy clothes, he sits on the couch next to Theo and Theo passes him the blunt.
ROACH #2(Looking at the TV)
Is this the Cosby Show?


I luv this episode when they sing with Stevie.

They watch the show and smoke the pipe. Roach #2 laughs quoting the show. Roach stands in the kitchen and collects items to make his sandwich. He opens a drawer and stares at its contents. He looks astonished. He reaches in and pulls out a spray can. He looks from the can to Theo back to the can and back to Theo. He returns the can to the drawer and pulls out a knife. He starts cutting his sandwich slowly while looking at the back of Theo’s head.
THEO (To Roach angrily)
Make sure you wash the dishes this time.
And while you’re at it why don’t you clean the rest of the dishes. It’s been your turn for a month now. You know what else, I’m sick of you using up all the toilet paper and not replacing it. Do you know what it’s like to use the bathroom and reach for the toilet paper and it’s all gone?

ROACH (While eating his sandwich)
No, THEO, what’s it like?

It feels like shit, like shit crusting on my ass because I can’t wipe it off.
(Long pause.)
I think you should move out.

Roach walks back over to the recliner and with his sandwich in hand and sits down.

How long have you been thinking about this?

For awhile now.

Is there a problem?

I don’t want to live with you guys anymore.

ROACH (Still eating his sandwich)
So you were planning to kill us?

I saw the can Theo.

Roach sits down his sandwich and stares at Theo.

Whoa! If you told your cousins to stay at their own homes I wouldn’t need it.


Theo suddenly makes a dash for the kitchen and grabs the can from the drawer. Roach and Roach #2 chase after him and stop when Theo holds the can with both hands pointing it towards one then the other. Roach and Roach #2 run around the room while Theo chases them spraying them with the can. Finally, Roach and Roach #2 collapse and twitch while Theo empties the can. Theo goes to the kitchen and retrieves a broom and dust pan. He tries to sweep up the roaches but they are too big. He rests the broom and dustpan against the stand. He drags the roaches into the hall. He walks back into the apartment and walks over to the phone and picks it up.

Hello umh yeah there are two big roaches in the hallway. The lady down the hall is afraid to leave her apartment.
Ok. Bye.

Theo hangs up the phone sits down on the couch and finishes Roach’s sandwich.

"FIGHT CLUB" review


This is the story of a guy searching for something to ease the troubles of his life. He suffers from insomnia and delusions. He creates an alter-ego, Tyler Durden, who actually has an ego and allows him to be more confident. Meeting his Tyler changes his perception about life and gives him a newfound life. He along with Tyler create a club for people to fight called “Fight Club”. This club gives the members newfound confidence. The ability to beat someone up could change your thoughts on your position in the world. The club goes on to devise a plan to clear the world’s debts. The lead and Tyler clash during this plan ending in the elimination of one. Two parts of this film stick out for me:
1) A scene where Tyler Durden holds a gun towards a convenience store worker in order to convince him to pursue his dreams. He takes his wallet and threatens a follow-up at his address seeking knowledge of progress or else he will be killed. He states to the lead that the next day that convenience store owner will have the best day of his life tomorrow. I think this goes back to the idea that kind words are not always the best form of motivation. Near death experiences change a lot of people.
2) The plan to blow up the buildings and clear the debts of the world. I like this plan because it is such a great idea. Many people start off acquiring debts when the enter college and get their first credit cards or receive student loans. The system is constantly giving and taking money.
The political things I noticed about this film were the issue of debts, media deception, materialistic lifestyles of living the American dream, and the need for people to have something to make their lives more meaningful. There are lines that hint towards the writer’s opinions about certain things. There are really create scenes in this film but I don’t enjoy the entire film.



Spike Lee is one of my favorite directors. He is definitely one the few directors in mainstream Hollywood to cause debate on black issues and matters of race and relations in the U.S. I enjoying having these issues addressed and enjoy cinema itself. “Do the right thing” summarizes a lot of stereotypes that exist and existed in black communities. The movie is directed like a stage play in the sense that the actors are stereotypical characters set in a desired environment who serve the purpose of interacting and having conflicts with the other actors. Many of the scenes are a bit unrealistic making me think of theatrics. It also doesn’t flow like your typical film. The movie features strong dialogue that is memorable and quotable. Most of the conversations involve stressing an issue and spreading knowledge, while other conversations serve comedic purposes. Many of the conversations play off of the stressed stereotypes. The film is about Mookie, a young black man working at an Italian pizza parlor, Sal’s Pizzeria. He is forced to become involved in a conflict that intensifies between Sal and some of the people in the surrounding community. It appears that Mookie was never racist and that he only reacted to blatant wrong doing being the death of a friend. This didn’t hinder the relationship between Mookie and Sal.
I think the point of this movie is to portray stereotypes of Blacks, Italians, Hispanics, and Koreans within the black community at the time the film came out. Many of these stereotypes still exist. Another reason behind this movie is to stress the issue of violence. I think that this piece of political cinema along with political Hip Hop can easily run the risk of losing part of its audience. Those who love political cinema or political Hip Hop or both are likely to be moved by the political messages, simply because they are looking for them. Those who simply like politics are likely to feel overwhelmed by the consciousness. I love both political cinema and political Hip Hop. The question that this film raises for me is how effective is protesting these days? How effective is seeking to see change and protesting for that change whether it’s petty or life-threatening? Are the possible tragic results worth taking the risk for? Small matters appear easiest to solve via protesting. It seems that protest has lost some of its power. These days people are less likely to even fight for something small. Had Buggin Out, the character in the film that protested Sal’s Pizzeria seeking pictures of black people on the wall, protested something else for the same cause of black inclusion and the elimination of an atmosphere of racial tension and racism, would the movie send a stronger message? Had the protest been due to the death of Radio Raheem would an audience be more sympathetic? The subtraction of almost all the other elements and creating a story about what lead up to the death of Radio Raheem, the death of Radio Raheem, and the results of his death could possibly change the reactions to the film and make it a better film. The thing is what people are really thinking would not have been spoken and eliminating those things is being kind. The point was to make people mad. This is an emotional film. Most of Spike Lee’s films piss people off. The method of making a person upset in order to make them change is very important to this film. This method is good because sometimes kind words are not enough. For now, I am influenced to drop the stereotypes that I have acquired and the preconceived notions which can lead to expecting racism to occur. Having some preconceived notions, can in mistaken cases cause misunderstandings. Miscommunication be it lack of communication or improper communication is typically harmful.

“THE THIN BLUE LINE” movie review


A case about a man, Randall Adams, wrongly accused of shooting a police officer. Randall Adams was hitchhiker who was picked up by David Harris a teenager. The movie gives us the details of the murder, a routine stop for that lead to a hasty shooting of a stopping officer. There are interviews in which people give their accountants of the night the murder occurred. The movie also features interviews of friends of David Harris, witnesses, officers, attorneys, and detectives. The evidence exposed in the film leads to a resolution that proves Randall Adams innocence. This is a great example of using documentary film to create a change. There is a political prisoner by the name of Mumia Abu Jamal who is known for being wrongly accused of shooting police officer, Daniel Faulkner. I know there are films about Mumia, but I do not know if there are any films as detailed as “The Thin Blue Line” that expose evidence of Mumia’s innocence.
In class we mentioned would the film be as great had the race of the wrongly accused been changed to black. I think the film would still be powerful but chances are the man would have been less likely to get off. Even white males who are guilty in America get off easy. O.J. Simpson is one of the few black males cases to have wide spread media coverage. The point is the court system is flawed. It shouldn’t take a movie (or a documentary) for justice to be served. The movie “The Life of David Gale” stresses the same issue but in non-documentary format. “The Life of David Gale” features a political activist on death row for killing a fellow activist. The end reveals otherwise and that they were out to prove the point that the court system is indeed flawed.
Besides the politics, I think the film was shot very well. I like the inserts of an ashtray full of cigarette butts with a person putting out their cigarette. The re-enactments create better visualizations than words alone. The film gets slow midway through, but that’s what documentaries do. I think the film is perfect to use as a reference for similar storylines.

street fight movie review


This film angered me. I hate dirty politics and this film is full of it. The film is a documentary about a mayor election and the campaigns of two candidates in Newark, New Jersey. The two candidates are Corey Booker and the current mayor Sharpe James. James comes off as evil while Booker comes off as the nice guy. Corey Booker appears truly concerned with changing Newark. Most of the people who supported James didn’t have good reasons. There main reasons were that he had been around for years and knew Newark. People also complained of politicians making promises and not sticking to them. Corey was the new young guy and his main point was that Sharpe James had been in office for over 30 years and Newark still has many problems. I knew early on that Booker wouldn’t win. My thoughts on this are that old black people are stubborn. My other thought is that people look for the dumbiest reasons to not support something new. Unless, a person is being told what to like they typically won’t like something new. Those who are willing to try new things probably voted for Booker being that his street campaign was pretty convincing. Corey won votes by talking to the people walking the streets and introducing himself to people. This was his street fight. The film focused on Booker, so I am not sure what James did to campaign besides what I am shown in the film. His campaign didn’t need introductions. He simply had to re-woo the people who already liked having him in office. In addition, he intimidated people into voting for him. People feared losing their businesses and homes if they didn’t support James. This made Booker lose a lot of votes. Dirty politics is common. The thing that makes me upset is how can a person who is talking about improving a city is willing to destroy a business if they don’t support them. He used the fact that one of Booker’s assistants was caught at a strip club. Then the owner of the strip club exposes that Sharpe himself had been in the club. Sharpe argued that he would fire any employee that went to a club like that. I felt if those types of clubs weren’t in your city this wouldn’t be an issue. You can close a small business for supporting Booker but you can’t clean up your city by riding it of a popular strip club. Then where would he go. Had this film came out before the election, Booker may have won. So, I hope this film can change the results of the next election if Booker runs. The end of the films states he will run again in 2006 but I haven’t heard anything about the election.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


This is one of those films that I passed in the video store several times. I think should have passed it again this time. The film didn't suck but it wasn't good. It was another story about the traditions in that country but told in a different way. This made me think of "Water" a lot. (though they are different cultures)
I'd give it a star and a half. This film had nothing on "TURTLES CAN FLY"

"Turtles can fly"
Is like "City of God" with less violence and set in Iraq. I enjoyed the adult like nature of the kids in the movie.I like the opinions about Americans expressed in this movie. I mean if I lived in a country with mine fields everywhere and near war. I wouldn't like any country that made my country like that. The acting was great. They didn't stop short of giving you the truth.
I give it 3 stars

old posts

moving these back to blogger
8/2/06 baby lizards

So within the past two weeks I have had to deal with baby lizards in my living quarters. I was able to capture both of them and put them outside. Now they have a chance to live. I rem. I found a dead baby lizrd a long time ago in my clothes bin. I even killed one b/c I was scared back in high school. These two lizards though will now have the oppurtunity to do who knows what. They can grow up, fall in love, make friends, etc. I was worried about them having to grow up on their own in the wild. I have no clue where their family is or how they even got in my house in the first place. The first one was in my bathroom, so I thought perhaps it enetered through my bathroom window. I captured in the dust pan and jiggled it out once I stepped outside. The second I let roam around my room for a day and I thought it was dead or something but then I saw it again. I captured it in a yellow folder and carried it outside. They stop running around once they are in something that is moving. Maybe I am becoming less fearful of the small things. The big things never did scare me. Well that's the story of the baby lizards.

8/2/06 have you ever

best youtube ever

8/8/06 aaron mcgruder
I had a dream with the Boondocks creator. I was walking down the street in some city and while passing a bus stop this guy kept staring at me. I recognized him as Mcgruder. I was like aren't you Aaron Mcgruder. He was like yeah. Then he was like where are you going and I'm like nowhere really just walking around. So he started walking with me. We stopped in front of a companies building and there was this box with this large cardboard tube in it. Aaron wanted it so we got a bag and I stole it for him. We walked back to his bus stop and told each other goodbye. We had one of those lovers pauses where you both turn and smile at each other for a second and then turned back around. I continued my walk around the city. crazy that's what I get for falling asleep while my tv is on "adult swim".

8/8/06 birds in the garage
There is a bird in our garage. She has made a nest on top of the garage light. My mom called the spca to find out what to do. They told her to move the nest while the mother is gone. They also said that the rumor that birds won't return to the nest after a human has touched it is false. The problem is that we have to leave the garage door open so she can get out and get food if she needs to. Everytime I peek in the garage she is still sitting on her nest. I mean how long does it take for eggs to hatch and for the babies to be able to fly? I feel bad because I don't want them to die in our garage or anything. Well that's the bird story.

mtv vs bet vs tvone
mtv ---are there anymore good shows left on this channel?
my friend mentioned singled out the other day and recalled how much i enjoyed that show. it was def. a good updated version of the dating game. does this channel have any good educational programs? nope
every now and then you get a political commercial
wrap it up, vote or die, etc...........

tv one------ i do enjoy the reruns of 227. the channel is very black public geared. they even have a diverse line up of black shows. black talk shows, morning gospel, black cook shows, old black sitcoms, reruns of showtime at the apollo, etc..... what really please me is that they show the blaxploitation films and black movies. i love movies!

bet-------- bet sucks these days. i havent watched it in almost a year. i have peeked and occasionally i watch "girlfriends." the betjazz channel is great! the channel def. gives you a chance to hear jazz,reggae,and african music. normal bet was much more positive at one point. like what ever happened to "teen summit"? that was a good show. i mean how important is it these days for people to have forums at which they can discuss pertinent issues? what happened to the "more you know" commercials and the "after school specials"? Even the shows that consisted of adults schooling each other on health issues and better living are gone. These type of shows are missing from all three channels.

so what happened to the informational,educational, shows geared towards the kids and the ones geared towards adults?

then we can address "what happened to the electric car"

stem cell research
stem cell research what do you think? i've decided that they should have the parents sign saying whether or not they want to allow stem cell research on their zygote. if they dont then there should be a disposal method. the more i think about this subject along with the abortion issue, i think why should it be anyone's business but the parents what they do with their bodies and things that come from their bodies. you can not like it but so what! in this case stem cells appear to be being used for positive outcomes. they are using "babies" that people dont want. babies that are not alive they are alive in thought but cant develop to anything without being in a woman.

should i explain the subject further? stem cells come from inner cell mass when sperm and egg combine blah blah at this stage the cells can be instructed to do any job. b/c cells have jobs in your body. so if your body is lacking a cell that does a certain job then these cells can be instructed to do that job and get hired by your body. get it?

so what do you think?

don't date him

Have you heard of this site? If you havent the site is a site where women can post pictures and stories of guys that did them wrong. (sounds like a good enough idea) I mean wouldnt it be great to get a bit of history on the person you are dating so you can know if you should throw in the towel. Although, it is somewhat of a good idea it is bad for the people who get judged based on being on the site. I mean now it only seems right that after someone does you wrong that you can do them wrong in return. Should you really be the bigger person? Should a person be judged for what they did to someone else? I know I know your thinking if they did it to them they can do it to me. Is that true? At least give them a chance to do you wrong? Oh my what am I saying how bad does that sound. Really it is up to you to decide if you want to judge someone on their history or if you want to give someone a chance to do you wrong.

I think instead of revenge let us create alternatives for people. I suggest 1-800 dont call him girl or 1-888- dont call em? It can be kind of like the suicide hotline. If you get the urge to call someone who you shoudln't be calling instead you can dial this number and have the option of speaking to someone who will listen. Perhaps, one night you may be sitting around and your like I'm lonely I want to call that guy that's been treating me like crap. Then suddenly, the commercial comes on with some sexy man saying "are you tired of not having anyone to talk to, do you need someone to talk to, call me I will listen if that's all you want or we can discuss that new indy film that came out....................the call is totally free, stop being neglected me at 1-800 -dont call em. lol

You get my point! This all leads to that statement that you should take care of yourself. Sometimes a litlle help doesn't hurt. Let there be alternatives. My new alternatives are taking care of me and my things at all cost. I'm like that needs to be done let's do that now. Working on your car is fun.
Think about it!

science of sleep

My review:
I enjoyed the film. I thought it would be in spanish but not it is in spanish,english, and french. The language variation did drive me crazy at certain points. This was like "Eternal sunshine" but with new characters. Plus, I'd rather look at Gael Garcia Bernal over Jim anyday. It was like they did this once with a film why do it again. The pacing is a little better. In both cases like my friend said the characters aren't really likeable and are annoying so both films to me aren't worth watching again and again. It was a hard decision choosing this film over another new release "Half Nelson" Especially after reading an article in the city paper that gave it one star.

I'd give it 2 and a half