Sunday, December 03, 2006


This wasn't so great. Of course I must compare it to a similar film so in comparison to "Tales from the Hood" it was wack. I was tempted to leave and get to my warm house sooner b/c it was cold that night. I'm not big on seeing Snoop Dogg in a movie. I don't know about his acting skills. That show he had on mtv was funny though. Anyways, the film was about a guy who sells his soul to the devil to have his sister brought back to life. He then has to bring more souls to hell something like that. So then we see three different stories about people who do evil deeds. The one thing I did like was the switch from animation to non-animation. The cartoon was dope. The whole film should have been a cartoon. The first story had a great plot and was kinda cool. The other two were boring except they had some good funny moments. I really don't suggest you go see it.
This was the only film I got to see during the "Horrorfest". (sigh)

1 and a half popcorn buckets


wow they really blew up the ferry. I was wondering if they really did that lol. I was watching a making of/ cast and crew interview on cable and a guy mentioned it. He said the people in New Orleans were really nice they let us close their bridge and blow up thier ferry. I enjoyed this film. It was a little annoying seeing Denzel once again trying to save only one person's life for no apparent reason.( like in man on fire which i hated by the way) In this case he wanted to save Paula Patton because she was pretty. Great! I would do think you should go see it. I mean it's shot in New Orleans and based in New Orleans. I'm bias.

I give it 3 and a half popcorn buckets.


I will give it 2 popcorn buckets.
The film takes you through multiple storylines that are all related like the film "Crash" did. This film was better than "Crash" though b/c it wasn't as cheesy.It was more about people facing racism instead of being racists. The film broke film rules that I have been taught. Like you must pull you audience in within the first 5 minutes or first 5 pages. (perhaps they added more to the start of the film for establishment) Secondly the main characters brad pitt and his wife were obnoxious. Who really wants to watch a film in which you have no sympathy for the main characters? My favorite storyline was that of the japanese girl. I felt her pain. I think they should make another film about her. I felt sympathy for the mexican nanny also. My reasons for seeing this film were that it was a free screening and gael garcia is in it. (he's hot)


“The Battle of Algiers”
The battle for Algiers is one of great tactics against an oppressor and those who took over their land. This is a great example of guerilla warfare. A great contribution to the success of the uprising of the people was that they knew their home better than the outsiders. The French were the outsiders. The Algerians revolution caused the French to react and fight back. An Algerian organization formed and many people joined the revolution. The French sought to destroy the heads of this organization, like stated in the film killing the head of the tapeworm kills the tapeworm. The French did take out the heads of this organization. In the past and present day organizations have been established to protest injustice and to create a change for a group of people based on gender, race, and more. These groups have faced problems and been destroyed by the government being seen as threats to the governments plans. It is easier for the government to destroy an organization instead of attempting to calm a large individual revolt. Currently they don’t even need to worry about such because they have most of us living in fear. The percentage of people that do oppose the government is so small and not radical enough to cause the government to change.
The success of organizations in addition revolts usually comes from additional people seeing that protesting can really cause change. In addition these people must see that things are wrong and be willing fight to end the wrongs. They can be afraid but cannot let that hold them back. People need to be pressured into fighting. They need to have a good enough reason to fight. When a person believes in something they will fight to the death. If you come face to face with a bully or even have a bully in your home you better fight unless you are willing to let the enemy defeat you. In the end I can see why this film has been viewed and studied by political organizations. This is similar to the Civil Rights Movement and although, it took a lot of people dying and people being tortured eventually the ultimate goal was won. The people not as an organization began to revolt again forcing the French to rethink their position.