Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Do you want to go see "Talk to me" with me?

Do you want to go see "Talk to me" with me?
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"The Namesake"
It is crazy to see Kumar playing a serious role. I didn't realize he was in that crappy remake "Love don't cost a thing" until I rewatched it a month or so ago. This is an emotional film. Kal Penn's character deals with wanting to stay true to his culture and not wanting to stay true to his culture. lol You will cry, you will laugh a little, and you will feel pleased that you saw it.

"Knocked Up"
This movie is very funny like "40 year old virgin" surprisingly funny. It is a girly movie. It is hard to watch the male and female lead become a couple because they really don't seem cute together. The sister of Katherine Heigl was very annoying though. So, much I wouldn't want to watch any scenes with her in them again. If you are in need of a laugh watch this film.


This movie is not as fun as Shaun of the Dead. They are both very funny. I love the duo. There are times when you want the film to be over and when you think the film is over. I think this is def. a film. worth buying. I love the mocks of other films. Find a way to see and have yourself a good time.


Ok the movie was fun and cute. I enjoyed the fancy cars. This is def. a guy movie.

Very cute! Anyone can cook!

I must admit I am not a big fan of horror or thriller movies. I haven't seen many and I mean many of them. I did however enjoy this one. Actually, I liked it a lot.