Tuesday, December 04, 2007

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wow i finally got into my blog today. i don't know why they changed up blogger. anyways, i have seen a bizzillion movies by now.

Movie Reviews

One word: Cute. The chipmunk made the movie. I would take my kids to see it of I had kids.

"Martian Child"
One word :Sucked. The kid was annoying. The story was cute but come on. I love movies about writers being inspired by the end to finish their book. This one however was like K-pax on drugs. It reminded me of "1408" b/c John Cusack was once again a writer concerned about a child and got a book idea by the end of the movie. The movie is slow. There is a good moral though.

"Good Luck Chuck"
Two words: Sex Montage. "Thirteen going on Thirty" was better. What does that tell you? I really didn't like this movie. Why does the main actor look like Dane Cook? I have yet to watch a movie with Jessica Alba in it that I was like ah that was good. "Sin City" was done well but have I watched it again since the first time. Jessica matched with Dane Cook's twin is just annoying characters with a stupid story.

"Dan in Real Life"
One word: BLEH! Once the point was made it was just hard to watch. Two people who like each other but can't be together. It was one of those slow movies with some humor that's supposed to be great. Good examples: "Sideways" "Little Miss Sunshine" "Life". It's a family movie that just isn't so great.

"American Gangster"
Two words: That's it! I was like all this just to get to this. I have my own opinion about the gangster lifestyle. I am also hoping this film's poster will replace scarface and godfather posters in some homes. I have a hard time seeing Denzel as this gangster. Are there no other talented black actors? I just want to see someone I have never seen before so I can really get into the story. Anyways, I feel the movie was missing something. I felt like it was more about Russell Crowe. I don't know. I did however love seeing RZA with the afro. (Kudos)The movie is still worth the watch.

"Futurama: Bender's Big Score"
One word: Futuramaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I thought the same thing that you probably thought. Which is, they made a Futurama movie? This was a good cartoon movie. I enjoyed this more than "The Simpson Movie" or the "Aqua teen" movie. The songs were fun. There still isn't a cartoon movie that beats "South Park". Watch it!

"License to Wed"
A comment: Come on Robin Williams! What happened to you?
Ok this movie was corny and a waste of film but still better than "Good Luck Chuck".

"August Rush"
One word: Music. I enjoyed this film. I know I know there were some corny moments. I just enjoyed the story. The music lover can appreciate this movie. Robin Williams made up for "License to Wed" in this one. It reminded me of "Oliver" and "Fame". Man the chick from "Felicity" is getting old. lol

One Word: urgh! It wasn't bad. It was better than I thought it would be. It had a little cheese on the sandwich. It felt choppy. I kept thinking I'm not getting the emotion I should be feeling from this type of story. Perhaps, there have been too many based on real life movies. The best part of this movie was that it was shot in Louisiana.

"We are Marshall"
One word: Sad. This story brought out tears b/c it is a sad story. The acting was great. If you feel like watching an emotional film this is the one for you.

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