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I don't know what to do today. I am considering going to see "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". I really want to share this great news I have with you all but I am waiting for it to really be underway before I say anything. It always sucks when you get gassed up about something then it doesn't work out. (shhh you will know soon)

My Sunday tradition of movies and pho may not happen today. I really crave a good movie to watch. Any suggestions? I see that "Howard the Duck" is on Hulu now. (jokes)
I am in the process of finishing my second edit of the first short film. I would like to get some opinions on which version is better. I will post them later today.
Hope you had a good weekend.

Friday, December 26, 2008


I'm so old school I went to high school with krs
I gotta a ghettoblaster glued to my chest
Your rockin with best like the roots crew
I'm hittin hardball like the tuff crew
i wish i had something to whoodie whoo
didn't spend my christmas with a lover bumpin bitches brew
it was warm though and we had lots to chew
i'm keystylin like i was in junior high
i'm trying to be ballin with the reeboks high
i blame kayne for this straight gay confusion
i thank common for the return of musical fusion

ok ok
I felt like I needed somebody next to me spitting out words for me to go off of

This old school joint comes from my homie in da UK...

I don't feel like doing a review but I want to mention some of my favorite older films.

1) Cosmic Slop (which is the other black sci-fi film I've seen)
2) Love Jones
3) Cooley High
4) Big Trouble in Little China
5) Carwash
6) Lastly, House Party

That's all for now. What a cute list!

The next blog should be my top 5 for 2008.


MAN, it is Friday. I thought it was Sunday when I woke up. Let's just say I had a long night. (you know one of those why did I go out with this lamo should of stayed home nights)

I would like to take this time out and hip you guys to a few things I discovered.

pidgin- is an instant messenger program that allows you to log into all of your ims at once. I removed trillian which does the same thing and I added this one with a cute logo.

screamer- is a fun program that allows you to record online radio. It breaks the songs down into separate mp3s. I think this would be perfect for those bbc 1xtra days when I don't know half of the songs they play.

celtx-is a filmmaker friendly program. It is basically a free version of movie magic. It helps you break down your script.

shoutcast- I have been using shoutcast for some time to do a random online radio show. If anyone would like to learn how to set up their own online radio show using the site let me know.

cooliris- is an add-on for mozilla which allows you to view images on a 3-d wall. It really is a pointless add-on but it is fun to use for shopping, searching for images, or watching videos.

any converter- allows you to paste a url and convert the video to whatever format you desire and save it to your computer. This is also a good program for converting your personal video files to other formats.

before you know it- is a free download for those wanting to learn another language.

that's it for now

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2 more reviews before the weekend

Hey Hey
Happy Holidays!!!

My cuz got me these fingerless blue and yellow gloves for Christmas and some cds. I am wearing the gloves now. You know I'm not in the spirit. (I feel bad though that my cuz got me something and I didn't get him or anyone else anything) I don't want to text back all these people who haven't called me or texted me in ages. I don't even recognize half the numbers because I broke my razor a few months back and just never restored numbers. Anyways, on to the reviews:

I love these Korean love stories. They are always crazy and the lovers go through so much. In "Time" a woman feeling that her face is too boring for her lover, get's plastic surgery and disappears from her lover. She returns with a new face to see if he will love her more as a new person. I did not get the end of this film. (If anybody has watched it and get's it let me know)I have an idea. The film really shows you that an insecurity will lead to a never ending cycle. The writer/director did another film which I always think about when it comes to love called Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter, and Spring. This film shows a young man that discovers that the worldly things cause us anger, jealousy, and pain. "Time" was worth the watch. I watched it on youtube in ten parts. (sigh)

"Slumdog Millionaire"
I really would have liked to see this one at the theater to get the ticket stub but oh well. I watched it online and I was waiting for someone to put it up. Ok ok this was one of my favorite films this year. I will do a top five soon but I feel I need to watch a few more movies. The directors involved have worked on a few films that I am fond of such as "28 Days Later," "Monsoon Wedding," and "The Namesake". I enjoyed how this film was pieced together. It is a love story that follows Jamal a contestant on Mumbai's Who wants to be a millionaire from childhood to present day on the show. It is told in a pleasant way using flashbacks to show how Jamal became so knowledgeable. The leading lady is very pretty and this is just the start of her career. If you can go see it at the theater.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2 more movies for the day

This is the story of an overdeveloped 13 year old girl who has become curious about sex. She is sent to live with her father after an argument that involves her mother's boyfriend. She makes a boyfriend at school and she is pursued by the neighbor's husband. I thought about so many other films while watching this movie. I remember "The Woodsman," "Juno," "Thirteen," and "Kids". In this movie though they really took it there. For all you men out there, there is a part when she has her period that you probably won't enjoy. (hey all the women out there probably won't like it either) Whoa so yea I was concerned about "Milk" but this movie had some disturbing parts. I mean who really is going to enjoy a film about a thirteen year old interested in sex and being pursued by a grown man? Who sits in front of the screen like wow? My next question is why do they make movies like this? I mean there were funny parts and I understand that the teenagers learn valuable lessons but come on. Are these films to let adults know what their kids might be doing? Are they to show young adults a character similar to what they may be going through? I was pretty young when I saw "Kids" and as much as it made me curious about sex it also kinda scared me but at that age I didn't know what hiv/aids was all about.

I know I know I'm the bad critic

"Ghost Town"
I liked it. I really liked it. I know the whole guy dies and seeks to resolve his issues so he can go up to heaven is tired right. I think this is one of those plots that can be told a hundred different ways but you can still enjoy each story. It's like the guy meets girl plot. I laughed but I didn't cry. Watch it if you get a chance.

MLM:Have you had some black cinema today?
MLM:Why not?
MLM:I haven't found one to watch yet.
(lol let me type to myself")

Milk review

I am doing my hair and watching movies today. I started with "Milk". This is the latest Sean Penn film where he plays Harvey Milk the first openly gay man elected to a political office.I decided to finish it b/c I really wanted to know what the hype was about. It was great when it comes down to wardrobe, hair, set dressing, acting and cinematography.(but what about the story and entertainment factor) It is def. one I wouldn't want to watch again. There wasn't as much homosexual intimacy as I thought there would be. It was in good taste.

I actually enjoyed "I am Sam" way more. I will say that Milk and his counterparts did their thing back in the day. It was a well put together piece about his life but I wasn't that entertained.

Monday, December 22, 2008

My new guilty pleasure

Lately, I have been occupying my time with different activities. You know learning how to podcast, learning how to edit, and whatnot. I have spent the last two nights finding new blogs to read. I have found several blogs by men either speaking positively about their relationships or who are single and in the dating scene. I swear it's like reading Eric Jerome Dickey or Zane without the length of a novel. I haven't read anything from those authors. I have been on this Walter Mosley kick since I read "A Little Yellow Dog" and I am fighting the urge to read "Black Betty" (which I have) b/c I don't want to read the Easy Rawlins series out of sequence. (which I have already done) I have read the "Fearless Jones" books. If anyone wants to discuss Mosley and his works hit me up. Anyways, it is interesting to read these blogs. I don't want to get into my love life and the whackness within. However, these blogs are filling my need for a bit of drama outside of watching a good flick. I am so ashamed hahaha. I would like to say that MLM (you know I kinda like that Obenson you were the first to do it) yes MLM or KJ or Roah how ever you know me would like to say that she is single and would love some long distance males(single) to chat with over the net. If you love movies and want to discuss them that's even better. Yea and if anyone wants to suggest a good blog for me to read let me know. I am just now finding interesting blogs about people I don't know. Ok




Now to discuss the trailers before Seven Pounds. I will rate them with a yes for yes I want to see it and a no for no I don't want to see it.

"The Knowing" Nicholas Cage works at his sons elemetary school and they dig up a 50 year old time capsule. His son discovers a code that tells all the tragic events over the past 50 years and more to come.
NO no I don't want to see it.

"Madea Goes to Jail" Madea is going to jail ya'll.

"The Soloist" Jamie Fox plays a homeless violinist who is discovered by a down and out Robert Downey Jr. They build a friendship. Haven't they been talking about this forever. I swear I say this on dvd.
No rental

"Earthday" (I think that is the name) Disney follows the lives of 4 animal families.
NO but I will probably see it one day

"Notorious" about the one and only Notorious B.I.G. with Derek Luke as Puffy.
No but I will watch it on TV

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Seven Pounds review

(I like how this picture tells you little about the movie)

My wait is over.

First a complaint my ticket cost $9.50. WTF?

A synop is hard to give with out giving away the story but I will try. The story is about an Irs agent (Will Smith) who will approaching 7 people in audit situations, takes an interest in their lives and helps to change their lives. He realizes each person has a different medical condition or life problem. He meets a love interest (Rosario Dawson). He seeks to help these people as he bottles up the pain he has inside from a tragic loss.

I feel like the story was done in some other movie I watched before but I don't know which one. It was a little corny but ok what's a love story without a little corn. I feel like they spent too much time trying to make it mysterious. When I say this I mean between the dialogue and the editing I was like ok I get it. I got it about ten minutes in as far as what Will's mission was but not why or how. I won't reveal anything but yes you won't know until the end why the film started how it did and took the path it did. Hey Oprah said it before I did.

The acting was good. The idea was cool. There were some really bad shots. It felt like they were trying to be poetic or evoke some sort of emotion in their close-ups but it wasn't working. I don't want to watch it again. I'm not happy with it I don't feel satisfied with the results. There are elements of "Stranger than Fiction," "Down to Earth," and that other movie that I can't think of. I did like this hair and make-up job better than "The Pursuit of Happiness." Will did a good job but I feel it was hard to like his character at times. I mean the character was so odd and supposedly mysterious that the likability was damaged. I mean if you plan on seeing it I wouldn't say don't go but catch the matinee. I see what they were doing I really do see the vision but something was missing. You know how when you watched (or maybe it was just me) "The Sixth Sense" and you felt like he couldn't have been dead because all the plot holes they left you with throughout the movie to make you not think he was a ghost? The film was meant to be emotional which it was I cried I felt sympathy for many of the characters. I just wasn't moved in a cinematic way.

By the way I kinda wish I would have watched it online. (shhhh

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The GET BACK 48hr film

lol pics from sets

don mac and a guy whose name i don't rem. we were working on a tv show.

yonus and betsey on the get back
this was my first ad job but i don't know if i can really claim that title. i co-wrote it too.

mike playing dead

garrett holding the boom while neil builds a bomb behind him

kevin in a fit that helped us win that best costume award

kevin and topher

me holding up twigs

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bootlegs vs. Online Streams vs. the Theater

Last, night I was so excited to find out a clear copy of "Seven Pounds" is streaming online. I wanted to watch it. I started to watch it. Then I stopped because I really want to see this in the theater. I want to take a double shot and see it with "Benjamin Button". Oh but this was so hard. I mean the copy is clear. I don't have to find a way to theater then wear my jacket the whole time because of the a/c. Now, had it been a movie like say "Nights in Rodanthe," I would have watched it. I don't want to see that bad enough to go to the theaters and see it.

There was a point when I watched so many bootlegs, that when I watched a clean and clear movie it was like going from black and white to color. Or as my homie Samori would say it was like eating fried chicken your whole life then getting a piece of baked fish.

The theater has reverted to the old days a bit and now during the week it is about $4.75. I mean with those prices I will treat you and yours to a movie.

Bootlegs and online streams may really hurt the box office figures. I agree it is wrong to make a bootleg. It is wrong to buy a bootleg. But come on damn I can't watch the movie for free on the internet in the comfort of my home. IS THAT SO WRONG?

last comments.. I tried to watch "Milk" online. Umh I don't know if I will be able to make it through this one. For a long time I have enjoyed homosexual films and movies about men in drag. To name a few "To Wong Foo," "Priscilla..," Birdcage," and "Madame Sata."(which was tough to watch b/c too much intimacy). I am fine but I don't like the sex scenes and whatnot. I don't like sex in any movie unless it's porn which there's a place for it. Some writers and directors feel that is the best way to show how the couple feels about each other through a sex scene. I don't know maybe I'm just a prude. Maybe I just want to see more in my own life so I want to see more on screen . Oh yeah but I might have to get "Noah's Arc Jumping the Broom" on dvd. That show was almost better than "Girlfriends" and way better than "Sex and the City."
(I'm silly)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


TODAY, I am learning an editing program called Video Edit Magic. Yesterday, I tried to find a way to record my radio show freakdafunk in order to make it a podcast.

1)Initially, editing is a pain in the butt.
2)I have yet to find a good way to record my live stream for free.

I guess I can throw in a review for the day.
You know what I want to do a versus.
2001 1992

Well, between Omar Epps, Tupac, Khalil Kain, and Ronreaco Lee a woman might find it hard to care about plots, acting, and things like that.

Jacked Up is about a youth (Ronreaco Lee) who kills a man then confesses to the man's family before turning himself in.

Juice is about 4 friends who discover what happen's when guns and violence get involved. (lol)

Now, Juice is a classic. However Jacked Up is a film that is a little better than the average black independent film about brothers in the hood. (not better than Juice) The story is like a personal look at the main character and what he has to do to overcome what is haunting him. It is almost like in Tsotsi when he returns to the home of the child and tries to get baby needs. He begins to realize his morals conflict with the actions of his friends. Which brings us back to a main point in Juice and now we know how all these movies connect.

Let's talk elements... Juice took me into the world of djing and battling back in the 90's.
Jacked Up is another film in the era of rappers in movies with "gangster" like characters. Juice gave us an ending that was unlike Tsotsi and Jacked Up. An end for the main character was shown in Tsotsi and Jacked Up. Both Tsotsi and Ronreaco's character realized their faults in the end however it did not save them from punishment. In Juice we just understood that violence is a cycle.

So, if you haven't seen it yet watch "Jacked Up" because it is one of Ronreaco's best characters.

Monday, December 15, 2008




I could use a job. I have too much free time. I was reading the obenson report and found out about Nollywood. So, today I did some research on it. Check out the trailer below.

fun fun fun

I am having an old school moment early. In my search to find the name of this filmmaker that I heard about once. I found an article on Ousmane Sembene. I read his repertoire and I notice that he directed a film I saw many many years ago "Faat Kine". So then I was searching for clips from the film on youtube. I found two but I also found this clip below.

So I was at House of Blues one night for a Mos Def show I think and this film below was playing on the tvs in the club. Looks interesting

Oh and this clip is just so cute. It is almost as cute as that better dad's ad with the dad and daughter cheerleading.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


I had to do it just once.

This was after I shot my first short film. Coming soon!!!

Friday, December 12, 2008

old school friday

Old School Friday it tis....
I would like to discuss a personal favorite. This is a film my brother borrowed from me when he came to visit me, while I was in France. He has yet to return it . This great film is "BROTHER FROM ANOTHER PLANET".

You know what just because I like all of you I will upload a sound snippet to the right. This review comes from imdb:

...Except for his three-toed feet, he looks like an ordinary young black man. He crash-lands on Ellis Island, appropriately enough, and ends up in Harlem. There he makes friends with the owner and the regulars of a bar. Because he can fix any machine (by simply touching it), he's able to make money. He's mute, which proves more of an advantage than a disadvantage. And he can heal himself and others with nothing but his hands. His real troubles begin when two extraterrestrial bounty hunters attempt to recapture him and bring him back to where he came from. Written by J. Spurlin

Joe Morton is the the star of this film. This is the first black sci-fi movie I have watched. I don't think I've seen any other black sci-fi movies. Oh how I am waiting for an adaptation of an Octavia Butler story. Anyways, why is this film so great because it's a brother that's an alien. I mean it's almost better than a black superhero. The film is slow but a classic nonetheless.

"This place not your home brother take the shit back, just for a night take the shit back, just for a night take the shit back to the promised land"

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I would like to watch a few movies.
I have few dvds in my collection that I have yet to watch.

I would like to take this time to review "KABLUEY" starring Lisa Kudrow and Scott Prendergast. Lisa plays a struggling mom whose husband is away in Iraq. She invites her kid's uncle(Scott) to come visit and help her with the kids. The unlce get's a job as a mascot where Lisa his sister-in-law works, in order to make money. After, fast forwarding through the first fifteen minutes or so the film seemed to pick up. I really don't like kids in movies. The first part of the movie featured Kudrow's character starting off with two obnoxious kids. I find no humor in obnoxious kids. Anyways, I do find humor in mascots and puppets. They just make me giggle. The film is about people who are sad and need each other to help get them through their hard times. Everyone is sad in the movie even the kids. It takes Scott's character coming and changing their lives and in turn he finds a place to fit in. Although the film is getting great reviews I wouldn't recommend it.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


2) PARK (or if you're on foot skip this step)


This a short film that takes place in what is left of a world where a flood has come and left a few to mourn. Those left make a boat to find their lost loved ones.

This is the most unique story that I have watched spawning from the Katrina tragedy. A friend of mine that worked on it kept telling me how great it was going to be. Now, that the festivals are coming I am watching everything I can. I really like this short. I can't recall another short that I enjoyed as much as this one. I mean it was clean and the story was great. It was also nice to see some locals that I know in it. I hope you will watch it. I am happy to share it with you.

Monday, December 08, 2008

God Grew Tired of Us

God Grew Tired of Us is one of the best documentaries I have ever seen. nuff said

a man named pearl

i find myself wanting to watch the trailer for this film everyday. the trailer is just great.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

out of date journal

hey checkout this journal
I wonder if these uploads still work. I feel like writing them and telling them to keep up their journal. hahahaha

a music video

I worked on a music video for the first time this week. It was a two day shoot. I always thought about how it would be and it was just what I thought. I think I would make people sing or rap without their track playing. lmao I know that would never work. Having to hear the same song over and over and over and over for two days is the only downfall of this type of production to me. I think I can handle the intoxicated musician or the booty plentiful video. I may even be able to handle the crappy concept video. I really wouldn't want to shoot a crappy concept video if I could make that financial choice though. The video should come out nice. It was tasteful and had a 1940's theme. I did a bit of bts still photo and pa work. I learned a lot through the process of this production.

Ok ok ok now that I have put this thought in my head...What's it like as a director or as a writer when asked to take someone's idea then shoot it or make it into a screenplay and you don't like it? Do you do it for the money? Do you become a puppet? Do you do it because there is no challenge for you? What is the common feeling about this?


Well I did not get to post yesterday so it is old school Saturday. I want to start off with a film that my mother is quite found of. The film I watched this weekend was " To Sleep with Anger". This is classic black film with a cast of familiar actors. The main actor is Danny Glover. I rented the vhs of this film released in 1990 from major video.

Ok, I don't know if I really enjoyed it. Now, I know for the oldies I should recall good old films but I want to review this one anyways. I would compare the film to "Death at a Funeral" with no jokes and no antics. What I am saying is, was that it was funny without trying so hard. However, there was a lot of effort to make it touching. It felt feel goody unnaturally. The acting was great. It was well made. The concept is of a man coming into a family's lives and turning them upside down while in how my mother would say it plays to the paranoias of black people. At the momnet I am unable to recall a 90's black drama that I enjoyed. There are plenty of good comedies. I know I missed out on a lot of films before 2000. I just watched "Juice" a few weeks ago all the way through.

Well, if blockbuster has the dvd I wouldn't advice you not to give it a watch. It is well executed, well acted, and it is a good story.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

New Ideas

I have some new ideas.
I don't know if I have any reader's but these are my plans.
1) A suggestion box so people can recommend movies to me. I would also like to let everyone know that if you are interested in my opinion about a movie please let me know. I haven't seen everything but I have seen a lot.
2) Old school Friday's -Where I review old films
3)I may bring back freakdafunk my online radio show. I just need to keep a good internet connection and I need to choose a night to do it on. I'm figuring out this podcast process and how that will help me do the show.
That's it!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Last night, "Cadillac Records" and "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" screened in my city. I chose to see Cadillac Records to support my friend who has a role in the film. Anyways, the film is good. I never doubted the performances of Jeffrey Wright and Mos Def. I was very impressed with Columbus Short(Little Walter) and Eamonn Walker(Howlin Wolf). I am looking at Columbus Short in a whole new light. I would compare his performance to that of Eddie Murphy in "Dreamgirls". Adrien Brody and Beyonce could have been anybody. I will say that another woman playing Etta James would need as good of a voice but a more unique voice would be very appealing. Now, let me say this Adrien Brody is a good actor but I feel this film wasn't a challenge for him and made him normal.

The film seems to be a bit long. Before watching the film I heard that Phil Chess was cut from the film. After watching the film I saw that there is one scene where a character that I suppose is Phil is in. This was probably my least favorite hair job in the movie. On that topic hair and make-up did a great job. It has to be hard time dating black hair. After watching several other period pieces that use wigs and hair pieces, I would like to give the hair department on this one a round of applause. (close-ups on the big screen show everything)
Back on the subject of Phil being cut from the movie...
Does cutting Phil out take away from the film? I think it just means that the movie doesn't give you all the facts and yes that will give people a false history if they believe this film is an accurate depiction. I believe that a film about history should cover the basics. I think of film as the only books some people will read. What you have here is a film that takes you from the start of Chess Records to the end of Chess Records. In the middle you get introduced to the main artists of Chess and view their ups and downs with a few facts missing.

Darnell Martin is the writer/director of the movie. She looks very good for her age. She is new to me. I can only recall one other who is getting their shine on right now, that is Gina Prince-Bythewood who did the "The Secret Life of Bees". Have you see the "Sisters in Cinema" documentary?

So, the movie is worth the watch and well composed. Go see it when it comes out and support the cast and crew.

oh yea i added some blues music to the music player -------------------------------->
over there on the right

Sunday, November 30, 2008


Ah ha ah ha
After I purchased my flip camera I thought if I did pr for them I would partner with youtube and put on a contest. Today, I found this

This is a short film competition that will give a lucky winner a trip to Sundance and a screening in the festival.

So, now I have a question... What happened to the fox tv show "On the Lot"?


Hi all
Well I was on the internet today and I was doing something I shouldn't be doing and I ran across the squeezemylemon blog. The author addressed the duel between the two movies "Cadillac Records" and "Who Do You Love." I worked on "Who Do You Love" and I am concerned about the films success. I found some articles comparing the two films.
Here ya go:

Cadillac Records screens in New Orleans tomorrow.
It appears that I will have to wait until next year for "Who Do You Love."

Friday, November 28, 2008

Mcdonald's creeping with nuggets commercial

Have you seen the Mcdonald's creeping with nuggets r&b music video fashioned commercial? Are they serious?


"MY OWN LOVE SONG" is filming in New Orleans. It features Forest Whitaker and Renee Zellweger. So, I am out of work and house sitting this week and I noticed the trucks for MOLS pulling up around the house on Tuesday. I figured if the movie is that close to me then I can at least work as an extra. I worked for two days with the desire to meet Forest and have a good conversation but you can't always get what you want. After we wrapped my first day on the show a few friends and I went down to another film set and worked. "Jack of Spades" is a local production crewed with some local independent filmmakers. They finished production the night we worked.
Looking for their website I ran across this gem.
Speaking of movies filmed in New Orleans....
This Summer they remade "Bad Lieutenant" with Nicholas Cage. This week the original came on IFC (I think). Anyways, the movie was very disturbing. My first thought was what made someone want to remake this movie. Let us pause for a moment.....

When I first discovered that they remake movies from years before or from foreign versions I was highly disappointed. As a matter of fact this was one of my first letdowns from the film industry.

Ok! I kinda like the story for "Bad Lieutenant" but what I don't like is how dark it is. I mean I get the film but I don't get the film. For example, I didn't get "Baby Boy" until I lived it.
I just want to say one last thing to finish this post......."KEEP THE MOVIES COMING TO NEW ORLEANS"

Sunday, November 23, 2008


This is a documentary by David Leaf about a James Brown concert held in 1968 after the death of Martin Luther King Jr. To sum it up this James Brown concert was peaceful and spared Boston the violence that occurred in many other cities after the tragedy. Documentaries are fun from time to time. It was nice to hear some James Brown hits and to hear some prominent black activists recollect the event. I would look at this as one of James' great moments caught on tape. Off subject the voice of Dennis Haysbert is almost as soothing as Morgan Freeman.
I'm off for now I am still trying to work up the juice I need to do a lengthy post about all of the movies I have seen since "The Family that Preys". If you wait it will come.


I watched this show today. I think I like it. I am always pleased to see an independent TV show as much as I enjoy an independent radio show. I heard that Silky Slim was at the conference this weekend(State of the Black World Conference)but I didn't get to speak to him. Oh well check out the link....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Can I review youtube clips too?

So, I heard Dr. Marc Lamont Hill speak last night at the State of the Black World conference currently being held in New Orleans. I found this clip on youtube along with several other clips. After hearing him speak I can say I think I like this guy. lol My favorite line from this clip is "Dr. sanctimonious"...

Anyways, I attended the first SOBW in Atl in 2001. Attending the conference this year reminded me that besides 9-11 that 2001 was a good year. I have a clip from the first conference.
see below:

Last night I heard Davey D tell a story about what it took to get local music played on his show. I would love to have that clip to show. I didn't tape it. However, I will attend tonight with my flip camera. I bought a flip a few weeks ago. For those of you who don't know the flip camera is like a flash drive that allows you to record video. It is pocket friendly and comes with it's own editing program.

If you are in New Orleans I hope you can attend the conference. It is being held at the convention center and it ends tomorrow.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My blog my official place on the net

Hey Hey
So, I have deleted all of my other websites and I am trying to focus on making my blog a nicer place to come visit. (wink) I really need to update. I just finished working on a production yesterday. Stayed tuned for updates.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Well, this film was my big debut. You can see me in a blurry stage when the crew passes through New Orleans. "THE FAMILY THAT PREYS" is Mr. Perry's most recent film. I am tempted to say that this is his best film to date. The film has a nicely crafted story. The film can make you think that it is predictable but you are unsure of when and how the drama will arrive. With a cast full of good actors it is easy to appreciate this film. I enjoyed "WHY DID I GET MARRIED" and "DIARY OF A MAD BLACK WOMAN". "WHY DID I GET MARRIED" (sorry for all caps- lazy) was a good dramatic story that was polished. I believe he is learning how to keep it simple and keep it tight.
A new feature to this film was that he added white characters. I don't remember any non-black actors in his other films. I saw Tyler on the cover of some magazine with the headline "...How Oprah changed his life". I wonder what happened. Well, come back soon my next post will include several films.

Monday, September 22, 2008


The last movie I watched was....CHI-HWA-SEON
translated "painted fire"
This is another gem from S. Korea.
(haha)This movie is very slow and is kinda like reading a poem that doesn't become clear until after you have read it and really thought about it. The angry painter played by Min-sik Choi (from "Old Boy") is crazy. I think all in all I feel his pain. An artist can go through so much. I bought the film when Hollywood Video was closing. I noticed two things made in Korea and that it had won an award.

Stay tuned for another bunch of reviews. I need to update after each movie I watch.

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