Sunday, November 30, 2008


Ah ha ah ha
After I purchased my flip camera I thought if I did pr for them I would partner with youtube and put on a contest. Today, I found this

This is a short film competition that will give a lucky winner a trip to Sundance and a screening in the festival.

So, now I have a question... What happened to the fox tv show "On the Lot"?


Hi all
Well I was on the internet today and I was doing something I shouldn't be doing and I ran across the squeezemylemon blog. The author addressed the duel between the two movies "Cadillac Records" and "Who Do You Love." I worked on "Who Do You Love" and I am concerned about the films success. I found some articles comparing the two films.
Here ya go:

Cadillac Records screens in New Orleans tomorrow.
It appears that I will have to wait until next year for "Who Do You Love."

Friday, November 28, 2008

Mcdonald's creeping with nuggets commercial

Have you seen the Mcdonald's creeping with nuggets r&b music video fashioned commercial? Are they serious?


"MY OWN LOVE SONG" is filming in New Orleans. It features Forest Whitaker and Renee Zellweger. So, I am out of work and house sitting this week and I noticed the trucks for MOLS pulling up around the house on Tuesday. I figured if the movie is that close to me then I can at least work as an extra. I worked for two days with the desire to meet Forest and have a good conversation but you can't always get what you want. After we wrapped my first day on the show a few friends and I went down to another film set and worked. "Jack of Spades" is a local production crewed with some local independent filmmakers. They finished production the night we worked.
Looking for their website I ran across this gem.
Speaking of movies filmed in New Orleans....
This Summer they remade "Bad Lieutenant" with Nicholas Cage. This week the original came on IFC (I think). Anyways, the movie was very disturbing. My first thought was what made someone want to remake this movie. Let us pause for a moment.....

When I first discovered that they remake movies from years before or from foreign versions I was highly disappointed. As a matter of fact this was one of my first letdowns from the film industry.

Ok! I kinda like the story for "Bad Lieutenant" but what I don't like is how dark it is. I mean I get the film but I don't get the film. For example, I didn't get "Baby Boy" until I lived it.
I just want to say one last thing to finish this post......."KEEP THE MOVIES COMING TO NEW ORLEANS"

Sunday, November 23, 2008


This is a documentary by David Leaf about a James Brown concert held in 1968 after the death of Martin Luther King Jr. To sum it up this James Brown concert was peaceful and spared Boston the violence that occurred in many other cities after the tragedy. Documentaries are fun from time to time. It was nice to hear some James Brown hits and to hear some prominent black activists recollect the event. I would look at this as one of James' great moments caught on tape. Off subject the voice of Dennis Haysbert is almost as soothing as Morgan Freeman.
I'm off for now I am still trying to work up the juice I need to do a lengthy post about all of the movies I have seen since "The Family that Preys". If you wait it will come.


I watched this show today. I think I like it. I am always pleased to see an independent TV show as much as I enjoy an independent radio show. I heard that Silky Slim was at the conference this weekend(State of the Black World Conference)but I didn't get to speak to him. Oh well check out the link....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Can I review youtube clips too?

So, I heard Dr. Marc Lamont Hill speak last night at the State of the Black World conference currently being held in New Orleans. I found this clip on youtube along with several other clips. After hearing him speak I can say I think I like this guy. lol My favorite line from this clip is "Dr. sanctimonious"...

Anyways, I attended the first SOBW in Atl in 2001. Attending the conference this year reminded me that besides 9-11 that 2001 was a good year. I have a clip from the first conference.
see below:

Last night I heard Davey D tell a story about what it took to get local music played on his show. I would love to have that clip to show. I didn't tape it. However, I will attend tonight with my flip camera. I bought a flip a few weeks ago. For those of you who don't know the flip camera is like a flash drive that allows you to record video. It is pocket friendly and comes with it's own editing program.

If you are in New Orleans I hope you can attend the conference. It is being held at the convention center and it ends tomorrow.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My blog my official place on the net

Hey Hey
So, I have deleted all of my other websites and I am trying to focus on making my blog a nicer place to come visit. (wink) I really need to update. I just finished working on a production yesterday. Stayed tuned for updates.