Thursday, February 26, 2009

Movie quiz

Check out the link

If you can guess them all I will send you a Korean prize.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Madea Goes to Jail" review

"Madea Goes to Jail"- is the story of a young lawyer approaching his wedding day. While working a case he runs into a woman from his past. He sets out to help the woman who is now a victim of the streets. Side story Madea can't stay out of trouble and is one crime away from going to jail. Madea winds up in jail but you knew this already.

The Madea storyline was funny as usual. The actual story was weak and predictable. The moral I took from it is, don't blame the world for your problems. My pessimistic side wants to say Perry is giving off false hope in all these stories. (let's not dwell on that) My optimistic side says that if you become right with yourself and right with the creator then things will take a turn for the better in your life. These stories of bitter and broken women who give their lives to God and learn how to forgive are great for women looking for that answer. I think most women that watch these films have probably already seen the play and say "umh hmm" as they watch the movie. The next bunch just like watching black movies and comedies. I don't think a drug addict is going to watch a Tyler Perry film and decide to change their lives but I do think that some of his films may be the advice that some black women are looking for. I know many people hate on him but there is a place for it. I know you have the side that is about helping people then the other side is just making people laugh. I'm not praising the films or Perry. Just saying. I must add two things

1)Ronreaco Lee is getting more roles that makes me happy. (I have liked him for some time)

2)This storyline just made me roll my eyes. Too many off the wall characters, typical characters, and odd acting. It was kinda like a "Mad TV" sketch at times. (to put it a little better it was like Harold and Kumar jokes in a Tyler Perry film just odd)


Monday, February 23, 2009

OFF SUBJECT- youtube clip

Oh this made me laugh.
WARNING: Explicit and homosexual humor

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Off Subject- "Act Like A Lady Think Like A Man" and all the other books

Ok so I believe in order to fully understand something you need to read and educate yourself some way or another. I also know in life we have natural abilities and things we have to practice at to become good at. I have noticed that there are many many books on how to get a man, how to win a man, how to get married, what men think, he isn't that into you, get your mind right, etc.... Some might argue that this is a way to make money of the many women out there who are asking the question why am unhappy in or why am I not in a happy relationship. I have to argue that sometimes you just need a book or at least an opinion outside of your own head.

Now, I am taking the time to do the research and I plan to write a paper after reading several books and comparing theories. As I read I know lots of things to be true. Reading excerpts from Steve Harvey's book have given me insight into the male mind. I think most women know what's really going on but our desire to have hope, our ability to be desperate, and the want to be optimistic allow us to be trampled.I don't think every woman feels slighted by all of the men that have not come at here correctly or that slept with her one day then they never spoke again. I can say right now loud and clear that THERE HAVE BEEN FEW MEN THAT I HAVE MET THAT I CONSIDERED HAVING A LTR WITH. I can forget most of the men I have met or spoke to. Even the men I have been in relationships with were not what I ideally want. Sometimes you think that b/c you love them you want to consider a future with them. It took me some time to lay out what I want. I went from wanting attention, to wanting a relationship, and then to wanting someone to build a future with. As we go through the motions we still want the same thing to love and to be loved. As we grow older the people who we want it from hopefully changes from that cute guy to that guy that is what we want. We have the same mission even though we may not be getting it how we want it. I made a flaw and loved the wrong person unconditionally. Happy Go Lucky Bachelor hit that one on the nail. To the type of woman I can be from Maxine from "Living Single" to Nina from "Love Jones" it is a struggle when you really do care about someone.


Winners from imdb

Best Motion Picture of the Year
Winner: Slumdog Millionaire (2008) - Christian Colson

Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role
Winner: Sean Penn for Milk (2008/I)

Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role
Winner: Kate Winslet for The Reader (2008) (I didn't see this film but I wanted Meryl to win or even Melissa just b/c I met her)

Best Achievement in Directing
Winner: Danny Boyle for Slumdog Millionaire (2008)

Best Foreign Language Film of the Year
Winner: Okuribito (2008)(Japan)

Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Song
Winner: Slumdog Millionaire (2008) - A.R. Rahman, Sampooran Singh Gulzar("Jai Ho")

Best Achievement in Music Written for Motion Pictures, Original Score
Winner: Slumdog Millionaire (2008) - A.R. Rahman

Best Achievement in Editing
Winner: Slumdog Millionaire (2008) - Chris Dickens

Best Achievement in Sound
Winner: Slumdog Millionaire (2008) - Ian Tapp, Richard Pryke, Resul Pookutty

Best Achievement in Sound Editing
Winner: The Dark Knight (2008) - Richard King

Best Achievement in Visual Effects
Winner: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) - Eric Barba, Steve Preeg, Burt Dalton, Craig Barron

Best Documentary, Short Subjects
Winner: Smile Pinki (2008) - Megan Mylan

Best Documentary, Features
Winner: Man on Wire (2008) - James Marsh, Simon Chinn

Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role
Winner: Heath Ledger for The Dark Knight (2008)

Best Short Film, Live Action
Winner: Spielzeugland (2007) - Jochen Alexander Freydank

Best Achievement in Cinematography
Winner: Slumdog Millionaire (2008) - Anthony Dod Mantle

Best Achievement in Makeup
Winner: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) - Greg Cannom

Best Achievement in Costume Design
Winner: The Duchess (2008) - Michael O'Connor

Best Achievement in Art Direction
Winner: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) - Donald Graham Burt, Victor J. Zolfo

Best Short Film, Animated
Winner: Maison en petits cubes, La (2008) - Kunio Katô

Best Animated Feature Film of the Year
Winner: WALL·E (2008) - Andrew Stanton

Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published
Winner: Slumdog Millionaire (2008) - Simon Beaufoy

Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen
Winner: Milk (2008/I) - Dustin Lance Black

Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role
Winner: Penélope Cruz for Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008)


Roger Guenveur Smith vs. Harry Lennix

This may not be a far comparison b/c I love Roger. I often want to confuse them though, based on the fact that they are probably the two main light brother's that are working besides Hill.

I must admit I love Roger. I love love love love Roger. I'm going to create a role for him in my first major film. lol
Some of my favorite roles from Roger G. Smith are in "School Daze," "Do the right thing," "Tales from the Hood," "Eve's Bayou," and a "Huey P. Newton Story." Let us not forget him being on "A Different World". He is an amazing actor. I also need to mention that in each of the movies I listed you get to see him flex his range. I like him better than Denzel. However, Denzel was Malcolm X. (yes Denzel is a good actor I'm not saying he isn't) Roger as Smiley with the beard and so on I would think it was another actor.

Here's a clip:(just heard about this one from him)

Harry Lennix on the left. Is a also a good actor. I would like to see him in a role that makes him act as someone with a complex persona. His main thing is he always comes off as stern faced Harry. I swear "The Five Heartbeats" is one of the few movies he smiles often in. Some of my other favs from him are "Love and Basketball" and "Get on the Bus". I need Harry to play someone like Bill Cosby or Gregory Hines in a movie then I can say that was his role.

Here's a clip:(never saw this film)

Both of them can still do some Oscar worthy work. They should both be casted in films that can win them Oscars. Here we go there are plenty of black actors in Hollywood. I know this you know this but when they make movies it's Will or Denzel. I mean they def. over use some actors. Some are used for money and sometimes they are the best choice for the film. It just annoys me to see the same black actors in films that are not all black casts. I just want to see more people winning awards.


Watching the Oscars at work
Live Telecast


Taxi Driver and Robert De Niro review

Robert De Niro in a semi-sexy pic. (haha) Continuing my actor reviews.
Robert De Niro married twice both to black women. A man that loves black women gotta like that. He was born the day before me. Some of my favs from him are "Meet the Parents," "A Bronx Tale," and "Men of Honor". Now, more recently he did a film with Al Pacino which I'm sure most people were waiting for. I tried to watch "Righteous Kill" on the plane here "hated it"! (I didn't finish it) I would like to add "Taxi Driver" to one of my fav. Robert D. films. Here's the thing about an older actor like him, he made great films when he was young and is still someone you would like to cast in your movie. I think it is a lot easier for the dramatic actors to stay on the success train, while comedic actors either have to slide into drama or they will probably slide off.

So, I watched "Taxi Driver" for the first time this weekend. I knew I should watch it but I was being lazy. Anyways, gave it a watch and it is a good film. I love the o.s. narration. I was not alive or even a thought when the film came out. I remember Jodie Foster in Freaky Friday like it was yesterday. I always thought she was so tomboyish. She was the first female I ever saw in a movie that acted a bit boyish. I think I even thought she was boy. You know my first memory of Harvey Keitel in a film is in "Sister Act". Imagine I would have gone on only knowing him from that film if I didn't watch "Taxi Driver" and Bad Lieutenant" a few months ago. Harvey was great. Cybil Sheperd is great. I used to love her show. It was like a new version of Murphy Brown to me. The film is full of good shots, scenes, and sequences. The acting was pretty much flawless. Good quotes good memories. I was even tempted to watch it again back to back. If you haven't watched it go check it out asap.


Thursday, February 19, 2009


Quesion #2 is here since we are talking about movies we would want to have some how available to use if we were stranded on a deserted island.
I think I should ask

If someone were to lock you up in a room tie you up Mel Gibson"Conspiracy Theory" style to a chair with your eyes taped open, what movie would they be able to torture you with by making you watch it over and over again for a week?

(now a true filmmaker may feel they could learn to tolerate any film after several watches)

My Choice:
(b/w a crappy comedy, a kiddie movie, bad horror/suspense, indy toilet paper, or some long 2 and a half hour crap fest)

1)"Kazaam"(Shaq attack)

2) 2nd place goes to something like "Pitch Black" (Vin Diesel and some people crash on some planet and get killed off in the dark... pitch black dark) movie I'm still trying to figure out what

One more just to hit a few genres "Session 9"(suspense flick about an asbestos clean-up crew in an insane asylum) .


Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I'm going to start reviewing actors. This is Said Taghmaoui. He was in the recent film "Traitor" with Don Cheadle. Some of you may know him from "Lost". He was in "Hildalgo" and "Three Kings". He is Moroccan yet was born in France. He has been in several French films and even directed a few. I like this guy. He's hot not doubt. I also like his acting. wink Sadly, he is being type-casted. Which leads to another discussion. When do actors make that change from the stereo-type/ token to being casted to play a role that can be played by anyone?



I was looking at my blogger play app and saw this. Boy the things you see on there. The app allows you to view recent pictures that are uploaded to blogs. I have seen a lot of dead children on there with this war. I don't think I like this app. It's at the bottom of my page under all my links if you want to check it out. Back to this bathing suit that doesn't even look comfortable. (if you click the pic it gets bigger) More random than this picture is that I think this hotel looks familiar. It looks like this hotel in Miami that I went to after reading the paper and hearing they were having a DJ spinning Hip Hop and whatnot. Man the odd places you can hear some dope music. That was the day I got to try evaporated stuff. = )


Wednesday and Thursday(today)

So, Today I thought it was Friday. I had a long night.
I went to a new restaurant. I've walked by it several times and it is always crowded. I ordered my food and when I saw it I knew it would make me sick. I didn't want to waste it after ordering it. Here's a hint it was a type of meat. Yes after his fate in Charlotte's web he ended up on my table in a soup. For larger group's there was so much of Wilbur on the table,like he was piled high in a big bowl. So, I leave and head over to Baskin Robbins and get another pint of ice cream. I sampled this flavor they have called pumpkin cheesecake. I'm getting like a pint of that on my next visit. I got my eyebrows trimmed up last night too. They were getting out of control. I went in this place that I've walked by before that has guys cutting hair. I pointed to my eyebrows and this Korean guy (had to be gay) ushered me to sit down and did them for free. I bet they were talking bout me like whoo child she was looking like Bert.

Anyways, not long after dinner this headache started. The headache turned in to a mind pounding head problem that I needed to fix. After a long search I found some meds. (most pharmacies are closed after 7) I had to get on a bus and travel like 15 minutes away to find meds. The bus ride added to my terrible feeling. I'm on the bus unzipping my coat, fanning myself, and lamouze breathing. I get home and there is a strong need to throw up. I took the finger approach. I get in the bed and try to sleep it off. Everytime, I opened my eyes the room was spinning. I had a terrible hangover before I left the N.O. This evening was close to it. It had to happen at least once.

So, here's some clips from youtube:

I haven't seen either of these films. They are on my list of classic movies to watch. I have "Taxi Driver" in my apt been waiting for the right mood to get into that one.

p.s. I should have internet in my apt by next week so I will start the online radio show again.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only have 5 films on dvd which movies would you want to have? (Or if you were in a new place with no tv what dvds would tide you over?)

On the island I would want :

an older Eddie Murphy Comedy "Beverly Hills Cop" perhaps
"The Five Heartbeats"
(no sappy love stories)
"Brewster's Million's"
"Curse of the Golden Flower" this is my action movie/ Shakespearean like drama all in one.
I would need another action film. hmmm?


Monday, February 16, 2009

Slurms Mckenzie reviews GROSSE POINT BLANK

I'm so burnt out. After long nights of drinking in the N.O. I wake up the next day feeling like Slurms Mckenzie. When I have a hard time sleeping I feel the same way.

I would like to review "Grosse Point Blank". This film is about a professional assassin who is invited to his high school reunion. When he returns to his hometown he connects with an old flame and old friends. He is also caught in a battle of assassin verse assassin.

This was an oldie but goodie. I liked it. I like John Cusack. If you see it on the shelf at the video store rent it. I watch his movies when I can. For example after watching "Must Love Dogs" I created my blog name. There is one scene in that movie that reminds me of one of my fav. scenes in "The Wrestler". The grocery store meat cutter scenes. I won't spoil them. I watched another oldie but goodie this weekend. "Die Hard with a Vengeance" is one of my favorite action films. I mentioned this before that I can watch it over and over again. Well, I'm off for now.


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Weekend review

Back home the sun can be shining and it can be pouring down raining. Here the sun is shining but it is freezing. I mean cold like puddles are now ice and there is left over snow on the ground. I just got back from lunch and I dread going back outside.

This weekend I discovered Unisom which is a sleeping aid. I swear you can sleep for days on this drug. My sleeping problems are bad. It is a combination of things hard bed, jet lag( should be gone), same ole stress(not like seriously stressed just still got a bit, i'm never satisfied), insomnia (it's in my genes), old night habits, and probably my diet. I am so used to going out and going to bed late. Now, I have to adjust with only books, a dvd, or some paper. No late night blog surfing no clubs. I should be able to get internet and cable this week. Sidenote dang I would love to shoot pool. I'm bout to post on craigslist for a buddy. There is literally a poolhall on every corner.

I've been needing to humor myself lately. When I can get on the net at home I log on craigslist and browse the personals. The rants and raves are sad man sad. It is mostly people going back in forth. The Koreans vs. the Americans. The casual encounters are great. I like looking at how men are advertising their bodies on the net. I read almost all of the personals. I like reading what people are looking for. I like seeing what type of problems people are facing. How sad is this?

Saturday, I went to Itaewon. I was climbing the stairs to the Reggae Pub and heard some rap music coming from the shop on the next floor up. I walk up there boom like 6 black guys in urban attire. I hear Southern Accents as they greet me "What's up" my response "How ya'll doing? I thought I was in another country for a second." One of them says "You thought you made it home huh?" Turns out a few of them are from ATL and they are in the Air Force. I saw so many black people that day. I saw a plethora of interracial relationships. I mean most men seem to come here for Korean women. This African guy showed me where the African shops are and I bought some hair cause I'm so cheap. I found out the hair salons are open 24 hours but until I get paid I'm not trying to get off it. As soon as my hair get's long again I will just start doing the two strand twists again. I want to grow my locks back but not yet.

Sunday, I found this cool article on msn about mummies. I like Egyptology and whatnot. Plus, I think of myslef as a modern day Hatshepsut (teehee) and these are cool looking mummies.
I went to Baskin Robbins and got a pint. You get to pick 3 flavors. I got a caramel vanilla, mint chocolate something, and box of chocolates. The box of chocolates is chocolate ice cream with chocolate cups filled with different stuff like cherry, fudge, etc...

Some Korean Jehovah's witnesses came to my door. It was two guys. They knocked once then left after I told them I didn't speak Korean. Then they came back with two females. I let them in. Boy this was torture. They were telling me about passover and trying to convince me to get baptized. DUDE DUDE DUDE I eventually told them to come back and no I don't want to get baptized.

Then after watching "Grosse Point Blank" I went to sleep.



I really need some friends so I can discuss stuff with like did you see last weeks America's best dance crew? I want to take this time out to make some remarks about this seasons show.

I am so happy the cloggers are gone. They just weren't entertaining. I think it was their routines.

Beat freaks killed it last week. When the show started someone told me they thought they would win the show but their first performance wasn't hot. They have been bringing the heat I must say ever since. (except for that fly for a white boy routine)

I love quest crew. They are sick. I think what's going to do them in is they don't do choreo routines that don't include someone breaking off and doing their own move. So all of their routines look all over the place instead of in sync which usually is the most appealing part of a routine.

Fly Khicks blah blah blah. They are cute girls. They vary so much in skill level. Why did that tie they were holding up last routine look like a condom? I was like so many hot females on stage doing sexy dances but they can barely do the sexy moves they are trying to do. I just feel like the black lady is coming up with the routines and they need like Shane to give them a hot routine.

Boxcutters- like lil mama said the female needed to come harder.

Millennia- not memorable

Ringmasters- they were cool. here's the problem how can you judge a performance vs. a dance routine?

G.O.P.- I wanted to see more of them. They may have come harder later. Would have been fun to watch.

Striker's - i don't know they don't impress me. it's crazy i just kinda watch them and think ok. they are good but nothing impressive. the shirts off routine was the one time i was like oh .


Thursday, February 12, 2009

OLD SCHOOL FRIDAY- Beverly Hills Cop review

I have re-watched "Beverly Hills Cop" at least 5 times since I've been here.( I don't have a TV and this is the best one in the stash I brought) Today, my song of the day is "Neutron Dance" cause I'm so happy doing the neutron dance...

This is the story of Axel Foley a Detroit cop who travels to Beverly Hills to find out who killed his friend. I hear they are making a 4th film. I would love to work on that. I think Eddie was on it the most in this first one. He would kill with great jokes back to back. I swear they don't make comedians like they used to. I really don't remember the second film while the third was just ok but nowhere near good. Of course you know I have seen almost every Eddie Murphy film. This has to also be one of the best soundtracks. I love how each song is strategically placed and keeps the movie flowing.

Damon Wayans plays gay so well and used to so often. I watched some "Men on Film" the other day to get my mood right. The "Men on Fitness" skit priceless.

Eddie's latest film buzzing around "Imagine That" seems like it will be a cute film.
Have a good weekend.

p.s. had to post this. Michael is the greatest performer to me. I watch this over and over. I would have been losing my mind at a Michael Jackson show.


Time to play my theme song



I've been reading up on South and North Korean history. Did you know that Kim Jong Il (bka the great leader) loves movies? He wrote a book titled "On the Art of Cinema". Get outta here.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"My Father" review

"My Father" is about a Korean male that was adopted by a U.S. family. He enlists in the army so that he will be stationed in Korea and can find his birth parents.
Starring the handsome Daniel Henney. Other stars the mom from Mr. Belvedere.( scrapes on the china never mattered before, who cares when you dropped kicked you jacket as you came through the door no one stares....) The American father the professional actor Richard Riehle.

(Korean name Ma-i pa-deo)

My rental story is odd. I found out that the store near me rents dvds. I started the sign-up process but he asked for a phone number. I'm like I don't have a phone. The guy is like we have to have a phone number. I'm like I live next door.( don't think he caught that) I go back home get a number for my job so I thought. The number turns out to be my co-worker/translators number. The guy calls her and blah blah blahs and eventually lets me rent a dvd. He told me to do something but he wasn't clear. Anyways, I'm just like are you going to call me and say bring back the dvd? Not just that if you wanted to you could turn all evil video store guy on me b/c there is no access code to my building and you can come bang on my door. (HMM this might make for a good story. sure it's been done before) I mean if I was playing mother may I and I asked could I take 6 big woman steps I would be at the store. I was just amused like I wondered what happened before.

I picked up the film just by looking at the cover b/c it was in Korean. I assumed it had English subtitles. ( made this assumption before) I didn't know it was half English and half in Korean. Unfortunately, I am left with several questions about the film. I did watch the whole movie though. I liked what I saw and understood. I would definitely recommend it.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Taking a poll

I made a statement with no facts the other day so I'm taking a poll



"Jaws" review

A STRAIGHT UP CLASSIC. I wonder where the cast of this movie is now, somebody tell me.

"Jaws" a shark hunting adventure. It's like I can skip reading "Moby Dick". (hahaha) I watched the bonus material too. There are like 8 deleted scenes. The scenes they deleted were well chosen. lol I kinda feel for pacing they could have chopped down some of the hunt. This film is just so great so Spielberg. I love how there are shots that evoke the feelings they are trying to evoke. In addition, the acting was awesome for an old film. Let me talk about the dialogue though. Simply, I must say that films without good quotes can be like watching silent movies sometimes.(I know that's a tough statement to make but I did) Films stimulate me with words, stimulate me with pictures, or they do both.

SPOILERS( I swear if you haven't seen this yet you are missing out)

Two of my favorite scenes:

1)When the boat is sinking and Jaws in wiggling and trying to get them at the edge of the boat. Then Jaws eats the guy.

2)When he first sees Jaws and he backs up slowly and says "Were gonna need a bigger boat"



"PAY IT FORWARD" is about an idea to change the world that appears to be effecting people all over. Someone does a good deed for you and two other people. In turn you do a good deed for three people then they each help three people so on and so on.

I wanted to watch this film b/c so many people made the comparison b/w this film and "Seven Pounds" the Will Smith movie. I would do a vs. but they are different genres of films. Now, I like to break things down to genres within genres. "Seven Pounds" would be in the tearjerker genre.(found in the Drama section) "Pay it Forward" is the feel good movie. (found in Family or Drama sections.) Many feel good movies are also comedies. Feel good movies often take place in small towns. In the 90's there were so many films that just made you feel good. Now, you only see a few. I'm talking meant to make you happy that so many peoples live were touched. The movies where everybody in the film has lines and there can be 8 main characters. For example: Groundhog's Day, Mumford, Hearts and Souls, Ghosttown, Dear God, Brewster's Millions, Waking Ned Devine, To Wong Foo etc...

Ok back to it. It was so odd to see Helen Hunt like this. I mean seeing a little bit of her flesh was just disturbing. Kevin Spacey was good. His make-up was great. I know I'm not a make-up artist but even though it didn't match the whole movie it was still great. You know Haley is cute but cute kids are only entertaining to me but so many times. Now, I'm going to do it what the hell was up with the black guy. I mean he was doing the black comedian in a black thug role. No sir you were not funny. Yes this film wanted to be so sweet it was corny. I liked it you know I was entertained. They weren't trying to win an oscar. I won't dump on it's flaws too much.


Monday, February 09, 2009

OH YEA? (political film)

So, after discussing Beyonce playing Angela Davis in a movie it made me think has there been an on screen representation of Angela D? It also made me think of the films that discussed the Black Panthers. Then I found this stuff:

I will have to check these movies out and re-watch Panther for old times sake.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Hildalgo review vs. The Fall

Hey I know this came out years ago but when I watch a film I will review it unless I hated it. I found this case of dvds one day on an airplane.(I used to work for the airlines. These joined my collection b/c imagine me putting movies in the lost and found) "Hildalgo" was inside along with a lot of other movies I have never watched and never planned to watch. I figured I would need some new movies during my first week here.

Why am I choosing to compare these two films you might ask? Because it seems to me both films wanted to use every costume Warner Brothers and CRC own.

At first I was ready to rip this movie apart. This is a perfect example of a film that had enough of a real life story to be decent but it could have been way better. "Hildalgo" is the story of Frank Hopkins a great American cowboy who has won many races. He is offered to compete in a great long distance race against many Arabian horses. They expect him to lose because he is a Westerner and his horse is a Mustang. Yes the acting sucked. Yes the dialogue sucked. But it get's really hard to knock a good race. If you drop every part of the movie that isn't related to the race the film would be a good action flick with bad acting. Is this the same guy that was in "Lord of the Rings"? bleh

If you combine both films the characters that will be missing are a monster and an alien. "The Fall" was one of the best trailers I saw last year. Oh how this film let me down. I reviewed it some months ago. The synopsis of this film sounds great too.

Why do they spend so much money to make films that are only decent? Would I watch "Hildalgo" again? NO! Would I like to re-edit it or re-shoot it? No doubt!

As for "The Fall" dropping the dialogue and a few scenes then letting the film roll in silence might help it out.


Thursday, February 05, 2009

More about Siheung City

(gotta knock that negative post down a notch or two)

I rode the bus and the subway for the first time yesterday. (did I say that already?)

Before I got here I read that people will stare at you. I've had a few stares. The kids are so cute when they do it. They are so blatant. I saw one kid gasp and whisper to her friend. I was like no need to whisper b/c you can call me all kinds of names in Korean and I wouldn't know. One kid was in the bank just walking by me and staring. She even squatted down in front of me and stared.
Sometimes, I want to do a monster impression but I don't know if they will laugh.

I saw a Popeyes yesterday. I didn't go inside. I bet they don't have red beans. I think it would be like when I went to Churches in New York and asked for some fried okra. Oh yea I was so happy when I saw dark chocolate snickers in the convenience store that sells Dr. Pepper. The best thing they could have done to the snickers bar. The DP tastes like DP too. The Pepsi does not taste like Pepsi. That makes me think of when that guy found that fingertip in his ice cream. I can't find the video but here's the reaction: (imagine the voice of a black man with a country accent)

"I said 'Gosh this ice cream is good.' Then I said, 'Gosh, there's something hard in my ice cream," said Clarence, remembering the moments before he found the finger. Clarence said he wished he'd realized it was a finger before he tried to eat it. "I proceeded to put the object in my mouth. Got all the ice cream off of it, spit it in my hand, said 'God, this ain't no nut!' So I proceeded in here to the kitchen, rinsed it off with water, and realized it was a human finger, and I just started screaming," he said.

"This ain't no nut" classic

When ever I need a good laugh I head on over to
The captions kill me.

Today, we had a big meeting at the school. I had to speak in front of the staff. Then they proceeded with the rest of the meeting. I just kinda chatted on im during most of it.




I have been here for a week now. I am the only black woman I have seen in this town. I am the only black person I have seen in this town. I saw some Africans at immigration yesterday but that was in another town. You know I am so happy to be away from men especially black men and their crap. I mean I've been so many places in my life and time I've sung a lot of songs and said some bad rhymes.... What I am saying is that for the first time not being desired or pursued feels so good. I've been to places like LA. or NY where there are so many pretty women that an average woman can get looked over. In those places when men did approach me it was with bad intentions. I mean in France the men didn't come after me. I met a few white guys that wanted to be with me b/c I was black. I was tired of Africans inviting me to their homes. (maybe that's just what they do) I don't miss walking down the street and having men blow their horns at me. I don't miss old men circling the block or riding alongside of me. I don't miss men flashing me. I don't missed being molested in the club or on the street. I don't miss old men approaching me asking how old I am after saying I look like a teenager then trying to hit on me. I don't miss how in Jamaica so many men were trying to sleep with me or get money out of me. I don't miss not being able to step out of the door without being harassed. I don't miss knowing that no matter how I dressed it still doesn't change much of anything. I don't miss men taking my tomboy outfits(which were being worn so no one would bother me) as me being insecure. I don't miss lame ex-friends. I don't miss people telling me that looking young is a good thing when as far as men goes the crap won't matter until I'm 50. I don't miss men taking advantage of me because I'm nice or because I like them. I don't know why all the negativity was flowing my way but I don't miss it. I know I put myself in rough situations but damn. I am just giving some of it b/c it get's worst. I like that right now I can go where the foreigners and military men are if I want to. I can also stay in this small city where nobody speaks to me when I walk down the street. I've got this ole mule butt taste in my mouth for men right now. Consider this a vacation. I need to be able to appreciate things again. (sidenote not saying that this place is paradise I'm just discussing one big thing that I don't have to deal with)

Black Hair

I've seen lots of online footage of how the black hair market is run by Koreans in the U.S. I would like to visit a hair manufacturer out here. You know get an inside look. I like to see how things are made.


Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I saw this in a film class.

56 min, 2001, United States

An African-American male searches for his roots by sifting through his grandfather's old movie footage, and visiting a unique Brazilian city.

2001 E Minha Cara/That's My Face
1995 Vintage, Families of Value

With Vintage, Families of Value, Thomas Allen Harris explored the African-American make-up through the eyes of gays and lesbian siblings of his own family. With E Minha Cara: That's my face, the African-American filmmaker delves deep into his mother's and grandparents' lives in order to uncover his own identity.

With the use of super8 footage of a trip he took to the Brazilian city of Salvador Da Bahia " the African heart and soul of Brazil " combined with lost footage his grandfather had taken of the family, Harris weaves together an engrossing trip through three continents and through the African-American renaissance of the 1960s.

The keeper of impressive pedigree, Harris' grandfather and mother were some of the U.S.'s first and most active civil rights advocates, opening the doors for thousands in the mid-50s to late 60s. In this documentary, we follow Harris' sojourn in Tanzania with his mother and brother, and the return home only find himself more displaced than before. This prompts the filmmaker to journey to Brazil, and uncover the roots of a hidden civilization.

As he questions his own divine spirituality, Harris brings the viewer on a voyage through traditional religion and the more obscure practices of Salvador Da Bahia. With no script, the filmmaker gets ordinary people on tape to discuss their intimate relationships with their past and present. This brings Harris himself to pose life-changing questions to himself.

Remarkably, as Harris searches for his ancestral "Orishas", he also takes us through a history of the Pan-Africanism of the 1960s, as experienced by his mother and grandfather. Ultimately, however, Harris offers no resolution to his dilemma. But this works perfectly with the author's original intentions: that to explore the past is to continuously be impassioned with the future.

The footage in E Minha Cara/That's My Face's is extraordinary, particularly the Super 8 material taken by his grandfather over 40 years ago. In fact, it's the most revealing document of the African-American renaissance this critic¹s seen in a long time.

Angela Baldassarre


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A monologue from "9 monologues for women" get it at


(A female sits in a chair in the middle of the stage as if she were at an interview.)

Female: The first time felt great. The first time I worked on a movie was amazing. I love movies. So, it was like seeing a falling star. I made a wish a long time ago and it came true. I learned more about movies and how they get made and I was actually a part of them. It was like a wish I had came to me in the form of a job and a lifestyle. This is a lifestyle. It can be a broke life to a rich life. We all know this. I found me in this circus. I opened the tent peeked in and I wanted in. If a job can be like a relationship then I am in love. Sometimes I want out. Sometimes this lover doesn’t love me as much as I love them. I find myself relating everything to something I saw on a film. I quote movies in most of my conversations. It makes me feel better to know others have found themselves caught in the same love affair. The things you can put up with when you are in love. I am amazed that I found something worth investing my life into. This is all I have most of the time, while others have many more things that bring them joy. I have this. I have early mornings and late nights. I have paychecks that make me frown. I get the whole who you know and who knows you let downs and job offers. I do know that all of this leads to the better days. I’m not satisfied though. I am still looking for that space where I can fit in. This space will allow me to feel good. I want to feel like I created something and that the vision I had in my head is here in front of me on the screen.
What do I think about the film industry? I think it is just another job with a ladder of employment and unnecessary nonsense that you have to deal with, that I somehow fell in love with.


Monday, February 02, 2009

Have you seen this short film?

A young female photographer falls in love with a mysterious graffiti writer, only to discover that he and his art are more beautiful from afar. Directed by Marc Dayo Harewood.

I can't find it online. I watched on the Showtime black filmmakers showcase show. I enjoyed it. I would love to discuss it. If I can find it I will share/

I know I have been posting a lot of non-film related blogs. Well, I was bored at work. lol



I don't know but this makes me laugh.


Sunday, February 01, 2009


Can somebody please send him to my door step? It is cold in my flat. lol I won't mention where my eyes tend to focus on the young man.



(I'm in this one. My friend was the writer/director and I was the rest of the crew)

"Alien Expose"
(in this one and I was a PA)

"50 cents"

"THE YARD" version 1 and 2
(writer and director)

(I never finished re-editing these films)


Good Morning

So, I am up and I am starving. I wonder what time that boulangerie opens around the corner. The pastries in there look just like the pastries in France. The shop smells soooooooooo good. The place is called the Paris Baquette Cafe. I really had to resist buying some of my favorite french pastries. I have been craving sweets since I got here. I'm going to the grocery store later to buy some frosted flakes. I need some sort of breakfast food in my spot. I have to go to work at 8:20. I would like to get in another hour before I have to get up.

I still have not found a movie theater. I did find a few dvd stores but I still don't know how to say "How much is it?" (I'm cheap otherwise I would just buy them)
There is one flaw about my apartment. I can hear the water running when people flush or shower. The walls are pretty thin also. Oh well, I will survive. There was a drunk man walking down the street this morning. He was yelling and stumbling. I almost got it on video but I think the quality would have sucked.

Lastly, can somebody tell me the winner of the superbowl? I mean by the time I get back from work I hope to discover that the Steelers have won. Also, if you want to share any new commercials with me please do.

So, my next post will feature short films I have worked on.



This is an e-mail I received that discusses Robert Redford's latest assessment on the new film industry.

PARK CITY, Utah — Wannabe filmmakers are going to have to want it more
than ever now.

PREVIEW: Amid studios' troubles, Sundance may be a tad cloudy
10 TO WATCH: Keep your eye on these Sundance films

That was Robert Redford's assessment as he kicked off the 25th annual
Sundance Film Festival on Thursday, the premiere independent movie
showcase that has launched the careers of Quentin Tarantino, Kevin
Smith, Robert Rodriguez and Steven Soderbergh.

With a crippled economy and financing money drying up even for
mainstream Hollywood movies, the climate is likely to get increasingly
tough for scrappy unknowns trying to create something unique with
limited resources.

But Redford said his advice to young filmmakers remains similar to
what he would have said a quarter century ago when the festival began.
FIND MORE STORIES IN: Barack Obama | New York | Hollywood | George W
Bush | Academy Award | Mary | Washington D.C | Sundance Film Festival
| Kevin Smith | Robert Redford | Quentin Tarantino | National
Endowment | Steven Soderbergh | Robert Rodriguez | Sundance Kid |
Butch Cassidy | Way We Were | Elliot

"If you want to come into this business, you need to want it more than
anything else in life because it's going to be a hard road," Redford
said at a news conference. "It's going to take things like love, and
hard work, and diligence, and tenacity, and bravery, and courage. And
really to go through that, you're going to have to want it more than

Redford quickly got political and had harsh words for the National
Endowment for the Arts, saying that he thought it needed more
financial support from the federal government and that he hoped new
leadership in Washington D.C. would accomplish that.

"I think that there is going to be some change," he said. "Obviously
with the economics the way it is, there's going to be priorities put
in place that might get ahead of art. But I do believe we can't get
any worse than we've had. So anything is going to be better."

In keeping with the idea of government funding for the arts, the
festival opened Thursday night with the premiere of a claymation
dramedy called Mary and Max, about a little Australian girl and her
depressed, middle-age pen pal in New York. Writer-director Adam Elliot
said the film wouldn't have happened without two-thirds of the budget
supplied by the Australian Film Commission.

"In Australia, we're very lucky that we can fund our films through the
government. All my films are the product of government funding," said
Elliot, who won an Academy Award for the 2003 short Harvie Krumpet.
"Our population is only 20 million, and we really do need the support
of the government."

Redford had even harsher words for outgoing President George Bush and
his administration by saying he wasn't bothered that President-Elect
Barack Obama's inauguration next week is happening in the middle of
his annual festival. "I'm personally excited just because I'm glad to
see the gang-who-couldn' t-shoot-straight get outta there," he joked.
"You've got a lame-duck guy going out, but he sure has done a lot of
quacking in the last while."

Redford, 72, whose landmark films include The Way We Were, Butch
Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and All the President's Men (to name only
a few), declined to discuss specific hurdles the weak economy could
pose for filmmakers and also didn't comment on whether a positive side
effect might be getting cinematic storytellers to think more
creatively to avoid big budgets.

Redford said his focus is on keeping the Sundance festival strong so
new filmmakers have a place to present their work, however they get it
finished. "There were a few years there where we didn't know if we'd
survive," he said, reflecting on the early days of Sundance. The thing
that saved the festival in those first few years: The movies got
better. They weren't so insular anymore. That broadened the scope of
the festival, just on its own."

Thank you, Anthony Breznican, USA TODAY