Sunday, February 22, 2009

Taxi Driver and Robert De Niro review

Robert De Niro in a semi-sexy pic. (haha) Continuing my actor reviews.
Robert De Niro married twice both to black women. A man that loves black women gotta like that. He was born the day before me. Some of my favs from him are "Meet the Parents," "A Bronx Tale," and "Men of Honor". Now, more recently he did a film with Al Pacino which I'm sure most people were waiting for. I tried to watch "Righteous Kill" on the plane here "hated it"! (I didn't finish it) I would like to add "Taxi Driver" to one of my fav. Robert D. films. Here's the thing about an older actor like him, he made great films when he was young and is still someone you would like to cast in your movie. I think it is a lot easier for the dramatic actors to stay on the success train, while comedic actors either have to slide into drama or they will probably slide off.

So, I watched "Taxi Driver" for the first time this weekend. I knew I should watch it but I was being lazy. Anyways, gave it a watch and it is a good film. I love the o.s. narration. I was not alive or even a thought when the film came out. I remember Jodie Foster in Freaky Friday like it was yesterday. I always thought she was so tomboyish. She was the first female I ever saw in a movie that acted a bit boyish. I think I even thought she was boy. You know my first memory of Harvey Keitel in a film is in "Sister Act". Imagine I would have gone on only knowing him from that film if I didn't watch "Taxi Driver" and Bad Lieutenant" a few months ago. Harvey was great. Cybil Sheperd is great. I used to love her show. It was like a new version of Murphy Brown to me. The film is full of good shots, scenes, and sequences. The acting was pretty much flawless. Good quotes good memories. I was even tempted to watch it again back to back. If you haven't watched it go check it out asap.


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  1. Mr. Deniro is a classy actor...good work. Check out Cape Fear,