Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Wolverine " review

WOLVERINE, WOLVERINE!!!- I saw it yesterday. I enjoyed the film it was what I thought it would be and way better than the last X-men film. I was a little worried when I saw Will I Am on the screen. I thought it was going to be like the last Matrix film. Basically, this film is Wolverine's back story. My brother was a fan of X-men when I was a kid so that made me interested in them. Of course I also liked who my brother liked. My brother even named his son after Wolverine. (Yes, the little boy in my profile pic is named Logan.)I used to play X-men vs. Street Fighter in the arcade. This being said I was really disappointed when I saw Gambit on the screen. I was like really come on. Can you make him not so lame? I mean in my hometown and just looked lame. He was bad but didn't look like it. No trenchcoat. No headband. No swagger lol. I know it's the beginning but I still feel if you aren't a real follower you wouldn't know the plot holes they didn't fill in. Daniel Henney is in the film. He is the half-Korean half-white actor slowly climbing the ladder of success. The film has it's corny and sappy moments. Anyways, the film is worth the watch I think if you like X-men you will be pleased with the film.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"Taken" review Vs. "Man on Fire"

I was going to do "Taken" vs. "Lilja 4-ever" (a film recommended by those who have seen Taken and feel that this film really touched on the human trafficking subject) but the copy I found didn't have subtitles.
Instead, "Taken" vs. "Man on Fire" two men trying to save someone they care about by any means necessary.

"Taken"- I feel like I can exhale. This was a good film. This film is about Liam Neeson as an ex- government agent of sorts who must return to his old ways when his daughter and her friend are kidnapped while on a trip overseas. What I liked most about this film is that it tried it's best to never miss a beat once the hunt for his daughter began. It's funny the last film I saw him in was "Love Actually" and yet this film almost makes him Kevin Costner in "Mr Brooks". If you haven't seen it yet go rent it.

"Man on Fire"- I wasn't a fan of this movie. As you know this is the Denzel film where he plays an ex-cia (washed up)hired to protect the daughter of a family in Mexico City where several kidnappings are taking place. Anywho, the daughter ends up getting kidnapped. So, Denzel sets off to avenge her family and find here. First, I had to believe Dakota Fanning was Mexican. ???? Then, you guys know I don't like young kids in movies. Next, the difference b/w this film and "Taken" is that Liam Neeson's character was hunting down his daughter. Denzel was hunting down a kid that he grew found of in a week. I could follow Liam on his journey b/c it was fatherly love but Denzel was mostly on a mission out of pride. Denzel may have grown found of the child but watching it he seemed like he felt like he needed to make up for running his life into the ground and letting her get kidnapped.

So, with all that being said "Taken" is a good film worth a watch.
Lastly, human trafficking is a serious issue. Kids are being kidnapped all over. Protect your children and get involved.
(in my serious voice)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Unsung Debarge

As I sit here watching the Unsung doc. about the Debarge family on youtube(tvone has a youtube channel wow) I think about back in the days when I would sit in the living room listening to the "Who's Johnny" record kissing the record cover singing El's songs to him. "I love you El". Yes, just like the little sister on "Everybody Hates Chris" with her Billy Ocean records. Must love Movies also loved me some male singers back in the day. I loved all the older men. As a matter of fact Donnie Simpson was in a dream I had the other day. He came over to talk to me (cause I'm so cute) and we laughed b/c of some joke I told. Bwahahahahahahaha Let's not get into my Morris Day love.

Check out TvOne's youtube channel

Speaking of that TVOne has so much potential.


Found a new site

Hey I found these guys that do funny film reviews:

Here's the one for "I am Legend"

A short from the Tribeca film fest

I do all the youtube browsing for you. = )

Monday, April 27, 2009


Did I ever share this with you all?
Great piece.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Teaching Jobs

Found this cool site

New site

I am a contributor to the new site
This is a website covering all aspects of cinema from the African Diaspora.
There you will see my reviews and whatnot on Black films.
I have been trying to complete several films but with no luck. I am having a hard time focusing. You know it's hard to watch a slow movie all the way through nowadays.
Anyways, check me out in both places.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Old School Friday

Biting from Issa Rae - who featured a clip from Sister Act 2 today.

I am always reminded of this film when my students misbehave. I always think well I could have to be like Mr. Clark. Really in comparison these kids are very different from the U.S. from what I can see. Let's not even compare them to an Urban school like Eastside.
more later....

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


"17 Again" - When I first heard the name of this film I thought it was going to be a different piece and not the same story done again. Anyways, parts of it were cute but it wasn't a great film. I think it works to show how teens are these days. I'm sure the teens like the film. Just another story about a person who needed to realize the things they were neglecting and under appreciating in their life. Let your teens see it.

"Last Chance Harvey"- This is the story of Harvey another man neglecting and under appreciating things who while in London for his daughters wedding meets a woman that turns his life around. I thought this film was really cute. It wasn't too much sugar in the eyes. I thought that parts of the character's back stories had been done before but the story was good enough to ignore that. I will say I enjoyed the script. There is some dialogue in there that makes you really appreciate the craft. Check it out if you can.

p.s. I love how buses all over the world adopted this blue fabric. Makes me chuckle.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Don't have much to say right now

When I do I will update.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Found a video that made me smile today.

"Journeys for films"

Two days ago I went searching for this International Women's Film Festival. It was another journey of trying to find something in Korea. I wrote down the address but the directions never guide you to the place. Then of course no one could read what I wrote down because not too many people can read the word spelled out in English it has to be written in Hangul. Then of course unless I pronounce it like a native Korean speaker I'm out of luck. So, yeah a friend and I took the mission together with no luck. There are more festivals coming so more journeys for me to make.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Drumline Live coming to Korea

I am so tickled by this knowledge. Drumline live in Korea whose idea was it to take this on tour. I hope they are making money.

Here's the link:

The B-boy musical "Boyz in the Rain" will be playing at the Post Theater in Mapo-gu on April 16---30 (8pm weekdays, 3pm and 7pm on weekends, off on Monday). The performance, directed by renowned Korean choreographer Lee Gwang-seok and featuring performances by the well-known B-Boy company Gorilla Crew (of "The Ballerina Who Loves a B-boy" fame). Admission: 33,000 won. For more information, call (02) 337-5961~2.

Monday, April 13, 2009


"OH cheese and bread".....I was wondering why some of the blogs I enjoy weren't being updated. It's b/c when I changed my template I had to re-add blogs to my links so I forgot some. So, if you were mad at me your back. Lol
In addition, my mother e-mailed me saying she didn't like my pic. I wanted to change it anyways but I like making faces in my pictures. So, now there is a new one up and you get a smile with it.

Movie Quizzes

I like the second one. I think I got like 13 out of 72 so far. lol

A prize awaits if you can get at least 60.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

For all you teachers out there

I found this website that allows you to upload and download powerpoints. There are many more. I will try to make a list of site's I like.

OFF Subject-The Game on the CW

Does this show really need to be an hour long?
It is one of the few black shows left.
Where have all the good black shows gone?

Thursday, April 09, 2009

"Be Kind Rewind"

"Be Kind Rewind" - I finally finished this film. I liked it. I really did. This is the story of employees at a locally owned video store in New York. Since it's competitors have more to offer the store faces being closed so the employees devise a plan to keep the store open after a mistake leads to more business. I do feel that if they took the film a little bit more seriously that it would be a better way to express the love of film and how it can bring people together. Check it out.


Well first off sorry for being M.I.A. I was at an orientation for school teachers and my Internet access was limited.

Secondly, I would like to say Hi to all the new lurkers, followers, and comment leavers.
Lastly, I will add a new post soon.

Friday, April 03, 2009



awh you can say what you wanna but i'm here to stay cause i'm a mean ole lion
oh you can go where your gonna but don't get in my way cause i'm a mean ole lion
she's mean she's mean
and all you strangers better beware
it's the king of the jungle here
and if i happen to let you slide
well don't stand there run and hide
you just have got my better side
(think twice)
cause i'ma a mean ole lion
(i'm sure it's not accurate) but i'm feeling motivated by it.

Leo's rule the world. umh hmm

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Big Stan and Knowing Reviews

"Big Stan" - A corrupt real estate guy (Rob S.) goes to jail but before he goes he learns how to defend himself. When he gets to jail he unites all the gangs in jail b/c he is the baddest guy around with his martial arts skills.
I think Rob S. should stop making movies now. "Deuce Bigalow"(the first one) was his hit and it's been downhill ever since.

"Knowing"......Lincoln at the Diatribe blog suggested this one. I saw this trailer a few months ago before "Seven Pounds". Didn't plan on seeing it. Although I have watched a good percent of Nicolas Cage's films. In this film Nicolas Cage's son in the film receives a letter containing random numbers during a time capsule opening ceremony at his school. N. Cage starts to decipher the letter and realizes that the numbers are actually dates and tragic events. This takes him on a journey to stop any more tragic events from happening. Oh boy this was a corny flick. I mean it wasn't as bad as "Big Stan" but it answered the question "how does a sci-fi film turn corny?" My only positive remarks are that it didn't have a happy ending and there is about 15 minutes of action/special effects that almost make up for the rest of the film.