Sunday, August 30, 2009

No More Joy - The Rise and Fall of New Orleans' Movie Theatres

I found this documentary while I was searching for a picture of the Joy movie theater in New Orleans. Here is the description :

"Over the last several years New Orleans has seen many of its movie theatres close, the Joy Theatre on Canal Street is the latest. Learn how social changes, technology, and the distribution of films contributed to the rise and fall of New Orleans' movie theatres. Journey from the beginning of the Twentieth Century to the present and reminisce over the places New Orleanians went to the movies. No More Joy is a documentary that was finished in 2004 and combines hundreds of original photographs with interviews in a compelling story of how the film exhibition industry continues to go through changes in the New Orleans area. No doubt the results of hurricane Katrina will force more independently-owned theatres to close their doors. This movie may catalog the final curtain call of the neighborhood theatre in the greater New Orleans area. Visit the movie website at "

I would like to see this film. It is crazy how different theaters b/w the one screen theater to a Magic Johnson theater, make you feel different ways. This theater was pretty gross in it's last years. I did however like the architecture and the fact that it was a landmark for my hometown. I saw some good African films at that theater. I even had a date there once. My mother recalls how the theater was segregated when she was young. When I watch films like Cinema Paradiso and The Majestic, I remember that the movies bring people together. I remember the drive-in days with the family piled in the car. I am sure when film was first introduced it had to be one of the most amazing things. It is sad to me to see these places close. I know there are many theaters still around when these places close but these generic theaters lack ambiance. When I think about these old theaters, I think of my mom getting a nickel to go the show. I think of a child seeing their first film. I think of small town's gathered and at peace. I think of couple's on a first date. I think of someone falling in love with movies.

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