Tuesday, September 29, 2009

An e-mail from my momma about Tyler Perry

This is an e-mail from my momma about Tyler Perry

"I haven't seen the movie but the comments from the younger adults is that it's tired; comments from the older adults like your Maman are that it's good. Let's face it, Mr. Perry's movies are filled with familiar cliches, witticisms, and ageisms , i. e. Madea, that evoke emotion from his predominantly female audience.

It's time to put some thought and some teeth into his future movies. After all, Madea should be able to rest and enjoy the fruit of her labors."


  1. I think thats how I feel about his movies. compare any of his films to something like Brown Sugar or Love and Basketball and his leave you feeling flat.

  2. I love that your Mom e-mailed you this... I've commented & read enough commentary on his films that I won't comment anymore...

    I can't wait for your 1st major motion picture!!!