Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Itaewon Murder Case semi-review

I got to see a private screening of this Korean movie two days ago. I am working with the Assistant Director of the project on my own project. I met one of the actors from the film that night and some other people who I don't know how they were involved. There is also an American underground rapper, who lives here, in the film that I know from running the streets in Korea. Funny thing is I read about this film like maybe 3 weeks ago, while I was looking up murder and rape cases in Korea. A friend and I were discussing how safe and unsafe it is for foreigners here which made me turn into the google master. Anyways, I saw the film with no English subtitles. Some of the film was in English b/c there were American roles. It was a late show so that made me tired. I can't really give a review b/c even though I know what happened I just don't know what was said. I mean who was it that said a film should be able to play audio only or with no audio and still tell it's story? The trailer and synopsis are below.

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"...two Korean-American teenagers who are the main suspects in a killing occurring in an Itaewon fast-food restaurant. Both young men point the finger at the other for the killing a Korean university student, and the thriller unfolds as a detective (Jung Jin-young) tries to uncover what really happened. This casting differs slightly from the true case upon which the movie is based, which occurred twelve years ago in April of 1997 and has never been entirely resolved. The real case involved 17-year-old American Arthur Patterson and 18-year-old Korean-American Edward Lee, who were let go after a “bungled prosecution,” after which Patterson fled to the U.S. and Lee was acquitted by the Supreme Court." -

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