Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Korea Korea Korea

I saw one of these in a bar over the weekend. Tequila Slamma. Yes that is a gold tooth. Really?

Okay here you go, time for some Korean dishes. These are my two least favorite foods here. As a matter of fact they were my cabbage cousin of Korea (that was an inside joke). So, in other words when I put them in my mouth, oh what a bad memory.

Silkworms-these things smell awful and taste like they smell. I was able to swallow the one I tried but now the lady at my fav. Korean sashimi restaurant knows not to bring them.

Chicken Feet- well of course I thought it was chicken when I put it on my plate. I also thought what are those claw looking things as long as they aren't spiders I'm cool. Popped it in my mouth bit down on it then, I removed it from my mouth with the help of a napkin.


  1. Ewwwwww silkworks, chicken feet. Reminds me of the time my Grandma wanted me to try cow's tounge or pickeled pigs feet :(

  2. Silk worms are the ugliest creatures! Ewww! And you ate one?
    Gangsta! 8-)

  3. Damn, seems like american stereotypes of Black people have spread worldwide.

  4. Oh Bundaeggi, how you smell like wet worn socks drying on a radiator.

  5. @wardfolio indeed they have.

    @dan wet worn socks i'm not sure i think it is worst than that.