Thursday, September 24, 2009

Next Day Air- review

Next Day Air

Hype has done it now Benny Boom has done it. Still waiting on Nzingha and Little X. Nzingha was up to do For Colored Girls which is now in the hands of Tyler Perry. Anyways, it's nice to see these long time music video greats crossover. I really want to know what took them so long. Ok back to the movie. The story involves drugs being delivered to the wrong house. The wrong house belongs to long time hustlers who consider this their big come up. Next thing you know everybody from the delivery driver, to the drugs real owner, to the hustler's cousin are involved in chaos. This movie was cute. I liked it. I laughed. I saw a bunch of Black and Hispanic male actors in one film. It was def. worth the watch.
Medium star.


  1. I didnt know Nzingha was a music video director, but I hear she is still writing the script.

  2. Thanks lady, I will def go see this one, I need a laugh right now!

    But I love Friday, so does that make me easy? I think it's hilarious and I watch it repeatedly...hope I like this too!

    BTW can you go to my site, click on the link to the chapter excerpt and rate it?


  3. That Damn Omari Hardwick is the MAIN REASON to watch it..Oh..and mike

  4. he is sexy omari that is
    i like mike epps less goofball a tad bit more serious like in this film. was a good look.

    @happy what did you think nzingha did?