Friday, September 11, 2009

Old School Friday

Today, is Friday and I worked at the Elementary school this afternoon. These kids are much more pleasant than my Middleschoolers maybe b/c it is after school class. Anyways, one of the little girls in the youngest class hits me in the butt when i bend over around her. She is so funny. These kids are cute but noisy. In my oldest class one of the boys was shouting "Say HOOOOOOOOOO" of course I had to chime in.

Okay!!! Here is your old school dosage.My cousin and I love this jam. For all you folks out there in a bad relationship or hanging on to an on and off person. You know what to do!!!

Just to make you feel grown. The MMC version.


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  2. not familiar with the corn that is the second one, but the choreography on both videos had me cracking the heck up!

  3. my first time seeing the mmc version yea the choreo was classic old school.