Saturday, October 03, 2009


Fame focuses on a few kid's attending a performing arts high school who struggle with the troubles of being a teen and working towards achieving fame. I somehow want to see a remake that is just like the original but with new people. Is that asking too much? Would that really be hard to do? I mean when they take a play from the theater to the screen they usually try to stay true right? Let's take Rent for example. Same songs same bit of action yet for the screen they were able to create the scenes with a real backdrop. In Fame's case I think most of the people who will see this new film have not seen the original one. This film felt almost like a spoof. HAHA It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was no where near as emotional as the original. Felt like they were trying too hard. The scenes were short and it felt too cut n paste. Debbie Allen still looks great. I think they did an okay job of bringing it to 2009 and not making it High School Musicalish (except for the rap mixed with r&b moments).

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  1. Some things should be left alone because they were done right the first time, Fame was one of those things. I didnt like the idea of a remake because of that and because I felt they were trying to compete with High School Musical.