Thursday, October 08, 2009

Surrogates vs. I -Robot

Time for a vs.
I watched Surrogates because I was trying to see Fame but I had a communication problem with the ticket counter lady. Anyways, I sit down and find out that the film I bought a ticket for is Surrogates. But I've been a Bruce Willis fan since back in the day. This is the story of people living in a world where people use robots to do their daily tasks. They live their lives through a stimulation(of a better version of themselves) while their robot goes to work. An FBI agent (Bruce) takes on a case when he discovers there is a weapon that can kill both the surrogate(robot) and the human attached to it. And at the bottom of this one is also a love story.

The Will Smith movie where he plays a cop who doesn't like having robots in his world. The robots turn evil and Will must stop them.

Now, I know maybe a better comparison is Stepford Wives but that film is missing the action and the bad-ass male hero. Another film that it reminds me of visually is Minority Report.

Did I like I-Robot better? I can't say either movie was really that great. I-Robot is a film I could easily watch again. Surrogates had that one time is enough feel. I'll take either Bruce Willis or Will Smith as a leading man any day. Ving Rhames plays a dreadlocked anti-robot revolutionary. I think this performance had nothing on his Holiday Heart drag queen role. There is a Terminator moment in Surrogates. They had some nice special effects to make everyone look like young and beautiful robots. The film plays to a fantasy world that cures many problems with our society.

is pretty corny but they gave a new look to robots. Shia LaBeouf added some comedy.
They made you feel sympathy for a Robot.

Going to give this one a small star.

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