Thursday, October 29, 2009

This Is It- review

Just got home from seeing the film. I caught the 7:20 show and to my surprise I had the theater to myself. It was nice, like I dream it will be when I have my own home theater. Well it was def. worth the watch. It didn't have me as emotional as I thought I would be. I know if I would of seen him in concert I would have cried the whole time. From the footage you can tell the show was going to be amazing. It's not like those dvds you may have in your collection of live concerts like Woodstock or Bob Marley live. The full energy is not there but the main reason to see this film is to see Michael Jackson talk and to watch him in his zone.

Big Star


  1. my family went to see this movie today they said it was great. they are going again next week.

  2. just checked out your blog looks cool. if you haven't seen the movie yet i'm sure you will like it.