Wednesday, November 11, 2009

2 movies recommended by a friend- Reviews

The Time Traveler's Wife-
I've searched the net for this one. I finally got to watch it at my local theater. This film was slow and confusing. Most of the film was just this couple at varying ages with backdrops that didn't stand out. I feel like the editing could have been better and the story needed to be better. The concept was cool but it def. was not a tearjerker for me.

Black-a new film from India. A remake of the Helen Keller Story. The acting was great but I saw the Helen Keller Story many many years ago when I was a kid. Let me go off-subject for a second. My teachers showed us some of the most random films. Kids today get all this cute stuff while I was watching Roger and me(guess they helped shape me). While watching this film I felt like I knew what to expect since I saw the original film. The original is also painful to watch as the child and the teacher fight. I just wasn't moved. It was visually very appealing but I've been trying to finish this movie for days. I almost gave up. I get it these remakes are for the people who have never seen the original story. They can't be for the people who loved the original. I see they are re-doing Clash of the Titans. Fun Fun

Both of these films are between the small star and the random smiley. Also, my friend no longer gets to recommend movies to me.


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  1. well, as far as I can see from your review, i would not like both of these films. not my type of movies. especially the first one...