Sunday, November 22, 2009


I saw this movie last week. My friend and I were going to see it last weekend but when we got there, there was only one seat left. Gonna keep this one short and let you watch the review which I pretty much agree with. The film is fun and entertaining through most of it. I really liked the special effects on the escape vessels. The movie was old school disaster movie style, meaning it wasn't so cool it was more random. A lot of the side characters didn't help the story at all. I'm still a fan of John Cusack. I think the story sucked but there were some cool scenes. I'm so tired of Thandie Newton's bland acting. Just once I want to see the actual president play the president in a film (Is this possible?). I'm going to give it a small star. Also, you should see it on the big screen if you do want to see it.