Monday, November 23, 2009

Black Dynamite-Review

I pretty much loved it. It was really good up until a certain point then it kind of went down hill and started overdoing it but that didn't ruin the film. Michael Jai White was great. The film brought me back to the old days when movies were being made with all-star black casts. You def. want to check this one out. It is the best black film I have seen all year. If you haven't seen it yet get on it. I think the fellas are gonna love it.
Well done all around! Tickets Please!


  1. Lee and I saw it a few weeks ago and thought it was great! The conspiracy theory scene in the diner for hilarious.

  2. I have been slow to see this, I need to check it out. It was only relased in limited amount of theaters though.

  3. @browngirl yea i loved the diner scene. was def. a good watch

    clnmike - get on it. i watched it online.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! Had this sweet patato pie in the crosshairs! Oh Yeah!

  5. Great film, cant wait to get dvd, it was hilarious!