Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Julie and Julia - review

Julie and Julia
I do not like Amy Adams I really do not like Amy Adams. She's like a character herself. I feel like I'm watching the same too perky, sweet voiced role in every film she plays in. Meryl Streep however is just a talented woman. Stanley Tucci is also good at what he does. The film has two stories one is about Julia Childs as she learns to cook and sells her first book. The second story is about a woman named Julie who is turning thirty soon and decides to cook every recipe in a book by Julia Childs book (and blog about it), so she can feel accomplished. Many people complained about the Julie story in the film. I think it was okay but a tad bit too sweet at times. I think they told the story well visually but something about her story lacked appeal. I think it was because it was really hard to find sympathy for her or to even like her. The film was good but I think I will just give it a medium star b/c I wouldn't want to watch it again. . If you enjoy cooking it may inspire you.

Here's something maybe you didn't know the Julie story is about a real woman and she turned her blog into a book then what did we get a cute movie.


  1. Mannered Meryl Streep is the most overrated hack to ever curse the big screen

  2. Wait, who is this? And too bad to hear about Julie and Julia...I still want to see it.

  3. hey this is kirsten. this film is worth the watch just wasn't that good to me.