Sunday, November 29, 2009

MLM's thoughts on the most talked about black films this year

Good Hair
I have become more social in my last few months in South Korea. There is a facebook group called the Brothas & Sistas of Seoul. A few weekends ago we got together to watch and discuss Chris Rock's documentary good hair. Here's something you may not know; a good percent of the blacks that are teaching over here are natural or have locks. There are some with perms too. Anyways, we watched it we laughed and then the discussion began. There was a lot said about why some women are currently perming their hair. One sister with dreads made the boldest comment by saying that women that chronically perm their hair that deep down inside they hate themselves(I can't quote her but that was the gist of her statement). They tried to get the brothers to discuss their preferences but only a few were there and only a few spoke on it. My thoughts on the film- it was funny, it was informative, and the best thing it did was cause us to talk about hair issues. I think Ice-T really helped this film. Lastly, I didn't care about the hair competition.

There was wayyyyyyyyyy too much hype around this film. Not that it wasn't a good film it just made me think I was in for a treat. I read the book for a bookclub discussion the Brothas and Sistas had this weekend(which I missed) . I read the book then I watched the film. Tambay told me not to have expectations but it was hard especially after reading the book. Okay, I agree the acting was good. I had a few issues with the way it was shot. There were moments when it felt like he was on a handheld doing some amatuer filmmaking. I thought I was shooting it for a second. I didn't like how it ended simply because it felt short with no resolution or insight to what was really ahead for any of the characters. In addition, to this whole light skinned people being good in the film beef was irking me. If the teacher would have been dark with dreads and lesbian folks would of had something to say. Now all sisters with dreads are lesbians- I can hear it now. If you don't mind me comparing the book to the film for a moment; what I got from the book was some assumptions I made about the author. I felt it paid homage to the writers who have inspired her and was a reflection of Harlem shown through the hardships in the life of one young lady. What I got from the movie was a young lady going through hardships and having some people come into her life helping her, find her own strength. I don't have any other problems with the film. I liked it just not a whole lot. I want to watch it again after some time has passed.

I know I'm super late with the reviews but maybe you want my opinion too.


  1. Want to see Good Hair, will wait till the hype dies down on Precious, to many people with extreme views on it.

  2. I been out of pocket, saw Good Hair, excellent treatise on Black Hair issue...2012 is good, Men that stare at Goats is okay, I'm a die hard Clooney fan. I need to to see The Road!