Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ninja Assassin-review

What is going on in the world of movies? This film had so much potential. From the beginning I knew this film could either be really good or be really bad. For some reason they decided to have this dumb story be the reason why this Ninja has resurfaced. I was happy that the leading lady was a black woman(Naomie Harris). Yet, her character sucked and her interactions with the Ninja just brought the film further down. The fight scenes were good. The Ninja's backstory alone could have been the film. I'm not gonna spoil the movie but if you have your hopes set on seeing this (like I did) don't waste your time. I think if they made a sequel to this film and made smarter choices they could have something here. I think it would be hard for them to get another story out of this but anything is possible. Rain the Korean pop star looked good and could pull off a few more stories. This is another one b/w okay and needing a random smiley.


  1. Actually, the back story should have been the whole story. Sadly Naomi and Rain had no chemistry whatsoever. His acting needs major work, but she wasn't so great in this either. Which is odd because I usually like her work. That Mika, Mika line when she was trying to cut him loose before the ninjas showed up was just cringe worthy.

    I wold have hated to have seen this before the script doctor was rushed in to punch this mess up.

    I do have to say that Rain works that body!

  2. yea rain looked amazing i was shocked. yea the chemistry was lacking and i do recall the mika mika line and thinking wow. i think it was the scripts fault they all had bad lines.

  3. Really that bad? How do the they like it over there?

  4. i'm not sure. i'm sure folks will see it for rain. but koreans seem to rave over the big hollywood hits.