Saturday, November 07, 2009

The Screenings

The 48 Hour Screenings went well. It was hectic and crazy but I'm happy. I was blessed with some great people to work with who were and have been really dedicated. Tears. I am so happy for the filmmakers and glad that some folks thanked me and lifted that worry off my shoulders. Two more events. We have to tally up some more votes tonight. One more screening tonight. Then the awards next Sunday.

Off-Subject- I need to finish my lesson plan for my 2nd graders today. This has distracted me from school but the added work makes me want to keep working so I do it all together.


  1. I dont want you to think I was teasing you on my post. I understand exactly what you said and respect that. I just see it differently.

  2. oh it's ok. i thought maybe my words were confusing b/c i subject hop. we see it the same way well that situation anyways.