Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I'm still around

My kids are taking finals this week so I am spending my 8 hours in the office surfing the net. I am updated on all the lives of my blogger friends in cyberworrrrrrrrrrrrllllllld. I need to be writing or something. Polishing my clean writing skills. lol I miss a pen and a paper b/c typing is so painful at times (reading on the screen and whatnot). Well, I have a stack of Korean movies that I bought and "Cloverfield". I need to start this application. So now you know how my day is going to go. Also, I am still waiting to connect with my editor buddy to get this 2nd short finished. So it goes!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Act Like A Lady Think Like a Man" -review

Finished the book last night. (it was a really easy read)

"Happy Go Lucky" review

Trying out this video review thing. In case you prefer to read my reviews. I will just say that this film was like watching a movie about a person who you wouldn't want to spend a lot of time around. The main character sweet at times was a bit much for me to enjoy a film about. The film is a few days in the life of a woman with a bubbly personality. I didn't like it. You know me I may be a hard critic but I really didn't enjoy this film. I will say a few nice things. The lead actress is awkwardly pretty so even though her character is too much she is pleasant to look at. (no homo lol) Other positive I think I get it she meets all these unhappy people that she tries to help. It isn't the happy part of her that I can't stand. It is the joking all the time and kinky jokes she cracks. I have a student who is happy all the time. She is one of my favorite students. I saw her unhappy once after fighting with a boy and I felt bad. Happy people are nice to be around the hyper and too playful people bug me. (Why so serious? Why so playful?) Yea okay that's my review.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Old School Friday- Tribute to Michael Jackson

KJ is sad. I just want to have a little moment at work to watch a few old videos and of course one of my favorite live performances. I've posted it before. I wanted to try to catch one of his concerts too. You know I have this list of people I want to see perform before they pass. He was great. It's sad news. I wish he could have went out with his bang.

"Black Betty" review

Guess what ya'll? I read too. I finally finished this book last night. It def. is not a page turner like the other Mosley books I have read. This is the story of Easy Rawlins the normal man turned detective who is asked to find a woman who goes by the nickname "Black Betty". The whole book is a journey to find Betty, find out why people are looking for her, and why is she missing. Of course it takes our guy Easy down a bumpy road. He meets person after person that gives him clues to finding Betty. I think this book had way too many characters. It was good but not so great. This guy has more and more books. I don't know how many covers it has but I have the white one.

Oh yea did I mention...?

They have a new coffeeshop by my house. A cute little fancy one that plays Jazz. It is almost like the one in Osan that has the clearly canadians. Only flaw is it closes at 11pm but I will be there.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So, I'm thinking about trying to bring the 48 hour film project to Seoul. It will require hard work and crazy energy. We will see what becomes of that. I have to submit my resume. I'm looking for some people to produce it with me.

In more life news, I am still thinking about applying to get my Honors from the AFDA in South Africa. I think I could use the time to be in a structured film setting but I am starting to feel like I am self-inflicting torture on myself. As, healthy as it is to be able to commit to things and be "responsible", the free spirit in me is bringing me down in these situations. Sometimes, I feel like I am counting down the days here. I don't want to do that again in Film school. Counting down the days. I would hope it would be amazing and more like just making a movie for 8 months. I hope that there will be no pressure from the requirements of school that get me down. I'm not generally a happy person even with all that life is throwing me. I try to be (lol) but hey maybe that just isn't me. This is just case in point that you gotta do what you love. You know what everything is a struggle though. Just some struggles are harder than others. This is nothing compared to other struggles I've had. This job touches on a new area of myself that I haven't had to deal with. I am in a position where I can change and affect people's lives directly and it hurts me when I'm not the best I can be for someone else. So, trust me I stress on finding ways to not stress and help those in need in front of me.

I am just trying to grow out of the concrete I was in. Hey, I still think I need to be more humble and more focused. If you see the banner change to still writing about movies while in Film school in South Africa then you know what's up.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations"- review

(lol I watch them so you don't have to)
So, I watched this film while hanging with someone. One of those need something to watch moments. Anyways, I sat around trying to finish this film so I could see the end. I missed the second film of the series. I know looking at the picture you are thinking where is Ashton.(so am I) The film is about the same time travel ability in the first film. The guy travels to the past to witness murders and solve crimes for the police. There are rules to time traveling. If you change anything the future will be altered. The guy of course defiant, tries to find out who killed his ex-girlfriend a victim of a serial killer. You know for a low budget film this movie almost had me fooled. I was thinking I could give it a "Deaths of Ian Stone" rating. However, the film got to the end and (I'm gonna spoil it a bit)and it became what I didn't like about "Oldboy". The ending really let me down. Better example it was like the who killed Mr. Burns mystery on the Simpsons. The person who you wouldn't think would do it did it. The film could have been edited better and given some sort of style. It's def. a bored day watch it online or rent it movie. Not super terrible but not good either.

Blogger rant

I hate when people have the new page below the post comment form. You know with the drop down box that you have to select your profile. I can never post on these blogs. They work like once for me then never again. I'm shaking my fist to this.

"Imagine That"- review

I watched the screen to video camera version of this film over the weekend. This is the story of Eddie Murphy's character who discovers that his daughter's imaginary friends can give him advice for work. Blinded by career success he unknowingly begins to bond with his daughter. He spends time with her he wouldn't otherwise spend, due to the mother and father not being together. He uses her to gain knowledge for work and in the end he realizes his faults. This is a cute film. It has the typical family film predictability. I wish I had some kids to take to the theater. This film is worth the watch if you have kids. It may not appeal to the adults as much. The humor is limited. I still smiled in the end.

Monday, June 22, 2009

RBG -Moment


Just another reason why I'm glad I jumped ship.
No Justice No Peace

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Finished shooting my short

Yep it's done. I may need to get some shoots that I never got to get but for now I'm going to work with what I have. I have an editor and it should be done by the end of July. Now, it's back to the pen and pad.

"Mirrors" review (I'm back )

I'm back. I got some movies in last week and over the weekend. I rented "Mirrors". This film is about an ex-cop who has recently taken a security job at a burnt up mall or dept. store. While working there he encounters spirits that begin to haunt him and his family. These spirits, souls, and ghosts live in the mirrors that are still in the old building. I have to give them points for an original story. I kept asking myself how did they come up with all this back story. The story gets even deeper when he must find a way to stop the mirrors from killing him and his family. I'm not a big horror fan but this really wasn't half bad. I mean it has a lot of plot holes and just downright unbelievable moments but hey it's a movie. You know what I'm gonna recommend this one. I haven't watched a decent horror movie in some time. I think the story really gives this one it's juice. lol Check it out!

p.s. wow this is a remake of a Korean movie I will have to check out the original

Sunday, June 14, 2009



Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"Nights in Rodanthe" review

This is the story of a woman who meets a great man shortly after her divorce. They connect and fall in love at a beach house in a small town called Rodanthe. This film is from the author of another book adapted to screen, one of my favorite movies "The Notebook". In comparison "The Notebook" was a much better film hands down. I think this film tried too hard. It was like I know where this is going and okay I'm really not that emotional b/c I don't really like the characters. The main character Adrienne(Diane Lane) was annoying. Following the Spill.com theme I'd give this a low rental.
After, watching this film I had to watch "The Notebook" again for old times sake.

p.s. I believe the director is black.

Monday, June 08, 2009

"John Q" re-viewed

Man I love this film. Even the cheesy moments that tell me the writer wanted to say stuff and the best way to do it was through dialogue. I really want to put this as my number 1 Denzel film not including "Malcolm X". I think this is the realist and most challenging role he has played. I actually got to see him do all the stuff we know good actors can do. I don't think Malcolm was a real challenge for him. I think it took less emotion. I'm not a fan of Kimberly Elise yet I still love this movie(when she's not talking lol) This is always a good film to watch. It get's the "Gotta Watch It Whenever It's On" award.

Other Films that get this award are:
"The Color Purple"
"Coming to America"
"Independence Day"
"Fried Green Tomatoes"
Enemy of the State"
"Last Holiday"


The video store had to call me

Lol I spent the weekend in another town and didn't bring back my dvds before I left. They were due back Thursday and they called me on Sunday. I think they didn't charge me. I hope not. I have been having a rough time. I have too much stuff to do and am thinking about it all. I feel like there is always something to do and never a true break when it comes to work. Lesson plans lesson plans lesson plans. Anywho, I am trying to get it together. Standby

"Up" review

I think this is a big screen film. I wasn't as moved as everyone seems to be about the movie. I think this is b/c I watched it at home. I laughed I cried I thought it was really cute. This is the story of an old man who made a promise to his wife when they first met as kids. This promise leads the old man to tying balloons to his house and heading to South America. A boyscout trying to get a badge accidentally tags along. During the journey they meet many other characters and the old man and boy bond. I know I'm skipping around. The film was well done and worth the watch. I suggest you see it at the theater or on a bigger screen than a computer. Was def. the best animated film I've seen since "Monster House".

Friday, June 05, 2009


Hi everyone,
I wanted to tell you all about this site www.esldaily.org
They are the best way to find out what movies are showing in Korea. You just go to the site click Korea Movie Listing then pick your city. They have nearly every town listed. Since reading the CGV website is a task if you can't read Korean this is the best alternative. Spread the word.
I am going to see "Mother" Sunday at Yongsan if anyone wants to go.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Trailer "Sin Nombre"

Says it's executive produced by Gael Garcia Bernal.

"Bakjwi" aka "Thirst" review

Saturday- I went down to Yongsan Station. I had some Pho and made my own spring rolls with a buddy. There was a big dance festival going on that started about 15 minutes before the movie did. I wanted to skip the movie but oh well. I also forgot my video camera so I was a bit bummed. There were so many dance crews around there you would have thought it was a b-boy battle. Anywho, a group of us met at the movie theater. My boy Dan and I filled up on Soju and we took the 2 hour or so journey into the mind of Chan-wook Park.

"Thirst"-This film is about a priest who becomes a vampire after a drug transfusion. He is constantly hounded to pray for the ill and one encounter leads him to a woman he met when he was a small boy. He prays for her son whom he played with when he was young. He begins an affair with the son's wife. Their hidden love begins to cause chaos. The priest and woman begin to battle their own demons. The need for blood to stay alive is no longer a battle the priest can fight. This is almost a perfect character story. Man vs himself or man vs man(or woman). Conflict is a constant theme in this film. I thought it was great. I think it will be even better the second time. My beefs some of the editing made me think where is this going and I think it could have been shorter to really keep the flow. I think this may call for a vs. b/w this film and "Let the right one in" a buddy and I have already begun to compare the two films.(even though they stand alone but I think I may like this vampire film better)

Yongsan Station is playing a select amount of Korean films with English subtitles. This was a great opportunity to see a Korean film in the theater. The director also directed a famous Korean film named "Oldboy". I heard this film also played at Cannes. If you can see it I would say def. check it out.

(sorry for typos will fix them in the morning)