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Opportunities for actors, writers, dircetors, crew, volunteers, etc in Korea‏

48 Hour Filmmaker: Seoul 2009 (Wear a badge)

1) This is the project I am producing in Seoul
Greetings Filmmakers!!
The 48 Hour Film Project is coming to Seoul!!! This is a worldwide event that gives a team the The 48 Hour Film project will take place on October 23rd - 25th, 2009. Space is limited so register early. Registration fee is 125,000 won per team and teams can range from 1 person to 100!
Log on to and click on the box that says " 2009 cities and dates," then click on Seoul. For English speakers, click the English link on the right hand side. If you are an actor or a crew member that wants to offer your services but not register as a team click HERE.Submit your information on the site. It will just helps me keep things in order.
If you have any questions email us at or

2) To be a part of Seoul Players Night of 1000 plays

Please send an email with the following information to :

1. Your name, email address, and telephone number - this information will be given to your group members so you will be able to organize rehearsals, etc.

2. Your preferred role (actor, director, technician, stage hand) - if you are interested in more than one role, please list them in order of preference.

3. Your experience level in that role - all levels of experience are welcome, we will divide people into groups with a mix of more- and less- experienced people.

4. If you have access to a space that is large and open enough for your group's rehearsals (ie. a large apartment) please let us know - finding space is always a problem!

5. Please remember:
The organizational meeting will take place on September 19th - it is imperative that you attend this meeting to meet your group members and get essential information. If you want to be a director it is mandatory that you attend this meeting! The performance dates are October 10th and 17th. If there is a valid reason why you can't perform on one of these dates, please let us know. Otherwise dates will be randomly assigned to groups.
A Special Note: We need a sound technician, light technician, stage hands (helping to move sets, set up the space), and front of house volunteers for each performance.
If you want to be involved, but not as a director or actor, let us know and we will find a place for you!

So, you have your choice to be a part of either a short film or a play or both. If you need any more help let me know.

Looking back

I just looked back at the beginning of this blog. I started this blog after Hurricane Katrina. I was studying in France and I wondered if New Orleans would ever be the same. I sat down and listened to the Isley Brothers tune and I thought about how we all thought New Orleans could fade away like Atlantis. That's why the blog is called voyage2atlantis. I really did not intend for this to me a movie blog. It just came about one day. I am happy with the end result. It made me smile to think about what I was doing 3 years ago. I also noticed that the blog is full of as many typos then, as it is now . = )

I missed the parties

This picture is great. I got it from . It looks like a zombie movie to me. MJ still in my thoughts.

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Found this on and it made me giggle. Maybe I will implement it.

"So, coming home from Shorts, I talked to my boy about some of my concerns, and together we came up with the Black Star Movie Rating System. Here it is:

Zero Stars: No black characters in the picture. None. Nada. Zilch.

One-Half Star: Black characters in the background, but no speaking roles.

One Star: Black characters with minor speaking roles.

Two Stars: Black characters in supporting roles such as sidekick.

Three Stars: Black characters in major roles playing a pivotal part in the action of the picture.

Four Stars: Several major black characters, with one or more playing a pivotal part in the action.

Part 2 of producing the 48 hour film project

Part 2:
So, I have finally started registration for the project in Seoul. I still have a long to do list. I met with a translator who is now on board for the project. He showed me a new theater option for our screening. The theater's name is supposedly well known in Korea. It is a very cute theater whcih made me think of my last post about the Joy theater. It has two screens. There is also a small reading room. It is a new location for them so it is very clean. I like it but I am concerned with our turnout. If we have a large turnout we will need a bigger space. My mission continues and I am brainstorming other options. I tell you what it is nice to meet some film lovers and filmmakers out here in Korea. Next step is registering enough teams so we can make this happen for real.

No More Joy - The Rise and Fall of New Orleans' Movie Theatres

I found this documentary while I was searching for a picture of the Joy movie theater in New Orleans. Here is the description :

"Over the last several years New Orleans has seen many of its movie theatres close, the Joy Theatre on Canal Street is the latest. Learn how social changes, technology, and the distribution of films contributed to the rise and fall of New Orleans' movie theatres. Journey from the beginning of the Twentieth Century to the present and reminisce over the places New Orleanians went to the movies. No More Joy is a documentary that was finished in 2004 and combines hundreds of original photographs with interviews in a compelling story of how the film exhibition industry continues to go through changes in the New Orleans area. No doubt the results of hurricane Katrina will force more independently-owned theatres to close their doors. This movie may catalog the final curtain call of the neighborhood theatre in the greater New Orleans area. Visit the movie website at "

I would like to see this film. It is crazy how different theaters b/w the one screen theater to a Magic Johnson theater, make you feel different ways. This theater was pretty gross in it's last years. I did however like the architecture and the fact that it was a landmark for my hometown. I saw some good African films at that theater. I even had a date there once. My mother recalls how the theater was segregated when she was young. When I watch films like Cinema Paradiso and The Majestic, I remember that the movies bring people together. I remember the drive-in days with the family piled in the car. I am sure when film was first introduced it had to be one of the most amazing things. It is sad to me to see these places close. I know there are many theaters still around when these places close but these generic theaters lack ambiance. When I think about these old theaters, I think of my mom getting a nickel to go the show. I think of a child seeing their first film. I think of small town's gathered and at peace. I think of couple's on a first date. I think of someone falling in love with movies.


Hi, it's me Roosevelt. Sorry Must Love Movies likes constant change. She is never satisfied with her layout. Standby for a cleaner looking site.

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Private Eye 그림자 살인 (Geu-rim-ja sal-in)- Review

This is officially, my new favorite Korean movie. I lovedddddddddd this movie. I watched it on the plane to Singapore. I believe I'm not fully clear on who done it and why(which just makes me want to watch it again-subtitles). However, everything else about this film was on point. This was a bit Hollywood for a Korean film but it made it good. The film is about a young man seeking to become a doctor. One night he finds a dead body to practice on. He later discovers that the body is the dead son of a governmental official. A reward is offered to anyone who can find his son and his son's murderer. Afraid he will be blamed, the young man hires a private eye to help him find the murderer. This mission takes the two on an eventful journey. Go rent it now.

Tickets Please

District 9 - review

Over at there was a heated discussion about this film and it's "racial undertones". Check it out Here. A homie even called it Birth of a Nation 2. (lmao)
This was my comment in response to the many discussions on the film:

"i like the story and all i just don’t like how it played out. i watched a really crappy version with russian subtitles so i have no idea what was typed on the screen. (haha) i think it was done well for a low budget film even with the blood splatter for people being killed. i’m always trying to re-shoot movies. this film could have been way better and still told the story it wanted to tell. they just went overboard with making it set in africa. ............ is right it didn’t help the story in any way. i’ve heard that it is playing on apartheid. still didn’t need to be done b/c it was distracting. it is pretty slow. i see why people like it so much b/c it is cute and has the story elements beginning, middle, end. i see why people dislike it too. stereotypes, racism, acting, dialogue, etc…

really though if setting it in africa is symbolism then it isn’t racial undertones at all. it is straight up trying to discuss race. my only other thought is that they tried to have a 3rd race that both africans and non-africans opressed. if so the conclusion didn’t show the africans seeing how they were wrong. i don’t want to dissect this film that much." said it was better than sex which is their highest rating. I wouldn't go that far.I wouldn't even say it's better than ice cream.

medium star for good not great.

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A rating system for my blog

In case you don't like reading my reviews and getting down to the last sentence, I have decided on a rating system.

Tickets Please-Reminds me why I love movies.

Big Star-Good

Medium Star-Worth the watch

Little Star-Okay

Random Smiley- expresses how I felt after watching it.

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Accidental Husband

Why did I rent this?

Accidental Husband- is about a radio love doctor(Uma) who breaks up a couple. When, the now ex-boyfriend finds out who broke-up his relationship he finds a way to get revenge by hacking and making them married. The love doctor who is engaged seeks to clear up the glitch in the system when she tries to apply for a marriage license with her fiance. Her and the Accidental Husband fall for each other in the process. Who will she choose?

Short review: Looking at Uma Thurman in comparison to her roles in The Truth About Cats and Dogs and Kill Bill, I can like her as an actress but I still think she is funny looking. This movie was bad idea after bad idea. It was so corny, overdone, and off the wall I felt like that smiley face b/c all I want is to see a Great new movie.

Bangkok Dangerous-review

I need some categories or like some labels for my reviews and a rating system. I tried the popcorn buckets but that was pretty cheesy. To categorize Bangkok Dangerous this is one of those movies that I half-a**ed watched. Thursday night is movie night by my friend's place and we watched this film while I updated my resume.

Short review: It sucked. Nicholas Cage used to pick good scripts. Don't waste your time.

This is the review which gives you a good idea of how bad the film is.

Back from Singapore.

Singapore was my b-day trip. I went shopping and hit the beach. Movie reviews this week. I watched a few movies on the plane.

Check out the featured video on the right. She can sing!!! I mean you can tell she has had some practice be it alone of by a professional.

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Life Is Hot in Cracktown-Review

(re-posted from

This film takes us into the lives of four different people and how living in a crack infested town guides their lives.

Evan Ross- plays a young thug who along with his posse, hounds the people of the neighborhood. They work for a big drug boss selling drugs and pulling girls.

Kerry Washington-plays a transvestite living with her boyfriend and working the streets to make money.

Victor Rasuk(Raising Victor Vargas)-plays a security guard and bodega cashier. He struggles at home with a sick baby and a wife that is stressed from staying home with the baby will he works.

Illeana Douglas -plays the poor crack smoking mother of two kids who are forced to look after themselves while she runs the streets with her boyfriend. This storyline is more about her son and how he looks after his younger sister.

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It's my birthday


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My life according to Tony Toni Tone Game-Late Old School Friday

Instructions: Using only song titles from ONE ARTIST OR BAND, answer these questions. Pass it on to 2 people. You can't use the artist or band I used. Do not repeat a song title. Repost as "My Life According to (ARTIST OR BAND NAME) (got this from invisible woman)

Are you a male or female?: Annie May
Describe yourself: Wild Child
How do you feel: Don't fall in love
Describe where you currently live: It never rains in Southern California
If you could go anywhere, where would you go: Times Square 2:30 am
Your favorite form of transportation: Leavin
Your best friend is: Pillow
Your favorite color is: It feels good
What's the weather like: Weather for two to make three
Favorite time of the day: Slow wine
If your life was a TV show, what would it be called: Holy Smokes and Gee Whiz
What is life to you: Tossin and turnin
Your relationships: If I had no loot( The Blues is good for this one too)
Your fear: The Blues (my whole life)
What is the best advice you have to give: Let's have a good time
If you could change your name, you would change it to: Baby Doll
Thought for the Day: Let's get down
How I would like to die: Party don't cry
My soul's present condition: I don't know what you came to do
My Motto: Whatever you want

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"Creepy child horror movies"- like my neighbor would say, are back. This film wasn't bad. I mean the first 15 minutes are almost complete trash crappy horror not cool enough bs. If you can get pass that you will get into a film that keeps your attention. I'm not saying I liked it. I am saying you want to know what crazy thing is going to happen next. This whole film is based on some people adopting the creepy kid from an orphanage. Who would do that? The couple after losing a child decide to adopt.

Someone mentioned on a review I read that the kids were great in this film. I must agree the kids deserve a round of applause. I read the daughter(not the orphan) is hearing impaired in real life. It is great to see CCH Pounder in a film again (the black woman in the picture). I've seen a lot of good reviews so maybe you Horror junkies will like it. It isn't scary though.

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Part # 1 of producing the 48hr Film Project:

Finding a theater to screen the films.
I have a tentative theater. The guy is really nice and passionate about film. Says he comes from a long history of filmmakers. Two Thumbs Up to that!!!

Movie Day

I'm watching Orphan.
Going to go see Public Enemies and G.I. Joe at my local theater.
Will report back.

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I added some new gadgets in the right panel.
1) Search this blog- you can type in a movie to see if I have reviewed it. (I didn't always use the labels box so you may have to ask me)
2) Featured Video- If I want you to check something out I will post it there.
3) Google Trailers- you can watch film trailers on youtube.
4) I am trying to use DC Dating Divas Chatbox Topic idea so check it out for new topics.
5) If you live in Korea I have a Korean movie times link.

umh hmm okay!!!

"Cinderella" (Korean movie)- and "Twilight" reviews

I had movie day with my kids during Summer Camp. We rented these two movies.
Reviews by me:
"Cinderella"- it was crazy and all about the mind playing tricks on you, like most Korean horror movies are. It is super long. Hard to explain it without spoiling it. Let me try- okay a young woman in a society where beauty is very important has a mother who is insistent on her beauty regimen. Her mother is a plastic surgeon. The young woman get's plastic surgery and is then haunted. Her friends who also get plastic surgery are also haunted. The young woman sets out to find out the secrets her mom has been keeping from her. I'm not big on Horror movies let alone Asian Horror. I think it's good for teens not too scary. I wouldn't recommend it.

This trailer may spoil it for you. Some of the most interesting parts are in this trailer.

"Twilight"- was also super long. Both films ran over two hours and I had only 4 hours of class. I didn't watch the whole thing. I watched most of it but I was in and out prepping for after school classes. Anyways, it wasn't awful. The kids loved it(all girls of course). If I was a teen I would have liked it too. They agreed with me that the leading guy is not cute. = ) I think it is a good choice for your classes on a movie day especially if you have girls. I don't think it's for grown ups. It was corny but something made it not so super corny. I'm not on the Twilight bus but it's good for kids.

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Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome to all the new followers.

"The Ugly Truth"- review

I see a theme. I see a fricking theme "Men are simple" and so are some of the minds in Hollywood that insist on making the same type of movie with new actors and a different love story. Now, that I know that men are simple I can move on a lot easier when it comes to men(thanks for the wisdom seriously not joking). I've read a few books and now I understand.

"The Ugly Truth"- is about an uptight and love lacking television producer who despises the host of their newest show The Ugly Truth. The host a love-hating male gives dating advice and insists on getting women to understand men are dogs. He advices the naive TV producer and helps her gain the attention of a new love interest.
The film had it's funny moments but wasn't a hit. It was semi-cute but I have seen better. Let me ask a question why is it that it seems that the Tyler Perry love stories are beating you over the head with love advice but these non-black romantic comedies are not? Are they not all romantic comedies? I mean are they not feeding into the woman's thoughts of real love and romance? I think films like the Ugly Truth are saying that women can be sappy and hopeless. This means they can make money off of us. There's reality in that. Of course there's nothing wrong with having hope.

"Eagle Eye"- review

Eagle Eye- whoopeteedeedo
This film was predictable, bit a previous films style, and the acting was blah blah blah. You know what it needed some Tony Chacere's b/c that stuff makes everything better. You can read the synopsis on Imdb. It wasn't awful just wasn't very good. Was better than some of Shia's other movies but is that saying much.

Back from Japan-"Into the Wild" review

I'm back in my apt. taking a rest.("you should take a rest" lol)I escaped the Earthquake in Japan. The ferry ride back from Japan was rough though. I'm talking big waves and my head spinning a bit. It made me think of the movie "Haeundae". (I really need to memorize the quotation punctuation rule) Now, that I have traveled on a bus, a train, and a ferry the next adventure I will take will be on a plane.
I need to update and there have been many films I have yet to write a review on even though I watched them some time before now. = )

Here we go # 1:
"Into the Wild"- based on a true story, this film follows a college grad. who decides to leave his family, get rid of his money, and go on a "Great Alaskan" adventure. Along the way he meets many people who are affected by his charm and ambition. I know I'm late on the "Into the Wild" bandwagon. This was a good film. I think it must have been rough to adapt the book into a film that would keep a good pace and really give his mission justice. I enjoyed how the emotions ran wild in the film. All the people he met on the way were some awesome people to meet after coming from his background. The acting was great and this was really nice work from the director Sean Penn. If you haven't watched it yet then go rent it.

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I've got 3 weeks of vacation. I will try to update enjoy your August. Wish me Happy Birthday on the 18th.