Tuesday, September 29, 2009

An e-mail from my momma about Tyler Perry

This is an e-mail from my momma about Tyler Perry

"I haven't seen the movie but the comments from the younger adults is that it's tired; comments from the older adults like your Maman are that it's good. Let's face it, Mr. Perry's movies are filled with familiar cliches, witticisms, and ageisms , i. e. Madea, that evoke emotion from his predominantly female audience.

It's time to put some thought and some teeth into his future movies. After all, Madea should be able to rest and enjoy the fruit of her labors."

Monday, September 28, 2009

You Pick the Movie

You pick the movie out of the list below and I will watch it. The movie that has the most votes will be watched or depending on my comments the first movie picked will be watched.

2)Open Graves
3)500 days of Summer
4) Away we go
5)If I Die Tonight
6)Frequently asked questions about time travel
7)Dark Country
9)American Son
10)Youth Without Youth

Thursday, September 24, 2009


I can watch Kevin Spacey play this quirky, funny, spastic, laid back type of character that he always plays over and over again. Watch the trailer to get a feel for what this one is about. It wasn't very good. It had it's moments. It reminds me of the film Love Liza. It actually was cool until they brought in Keke Palmer's character. They decided to go in the direction of the troubled youth changing people's lives theme. The last 15 minutes were just lame. It was like this is how the film should end and I'm going to make it end this way. Little Star

Old School Friday

Next Day Air- review

Next Day Air

Hype has done it now Benny Boom has done it. Still waiting on Nzingha and Little X. Nzingha was up to do For Colored Girls which is now in the hands of Tyler Perry. Anyways, it's nice to see these long time music video greats crossover. I really want to know what took them so long. Ok back to the movie. The story involves drugs being delivered to the wrong house. The wrong house belongs to long time hustlers who consider this their big come up. Next thing you know everybody from the delivery driver, to the drugs real owner, to the hustler's cousin are involved in chaos. This movie was cute. I liked it. I laughed. I saw a bunch of Black and Hispanic male actors in one film. It was def. worth the watch.
Medium star.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Good News

To quote the Happy Go Lucky Bachelor it's Good News Tuesday.

Guess who has an external that is working with all the stuff still on it?
Why KJ does.

I went to the big meeting Saturday and soon I can add theater director to my resume. I will be directing 4 plays instead of one like I thought. You will get to read all the updates on that.

Stay Tuned I will be reviewing Kevin Spacey's new film "Shrink" and "Next Day Air" starring Wood Harris. I had a movie filled weekend.

Monday, September 21, 2009


I'm talking to my 2nd graders about advertisements and I think this commercial is so funny.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Degrassi Goes Hollywood-review

I won't bore you too much with this one since most of you won't watch it. I have followed this show since I was in Junior High. Anyways, the film was cute but very corny when it came to the High School Musical reference. I think people who follow the show will like it. It was like the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" but less cutesy.

Medium star

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rough Days

These two weeks have been rough.
I'm so grumpy all the time. I'm trying to get this stuff together for 48 hour. I need to get on it harder we are having a meeting on Saturday. My school has changed everything up. They are building an English Lab which will be great. I'm sure my office will change then. They hired two new teachers. I worked with one for the first time today. The discipline is gone when new teachers walk in the room. They changed the work schedule to accommodate the new teachers. Now, one may quit b/c she doesn't know how to teach kids. She taught adults before. My computer power cord has been acting funny for months I caved in and bought a Korean one. My external hard drive that has been giving me trouble since I got is now not coming on. Let's not talk about all the stuff that is only on it pictures, footage = ( I'm just gonna buy a new cute one like I wanted was trying to be cheap.

My laptop is still not working with the school TV's so I am having to wing some classes. Yea I know you shouldn't need technology to teach but it sure helps shut them up. I broke my toilet seat so I bought a new one. I should have thought of that sooner b/c a brand new one feels great (I got a soft one that only my butt has touched). I found this cute coffeeshop with a back room that is perfect for long hours of editing or writing. I spoke with the editor for my short and I don't know what to think anymore so I started editing it myself. Half the film is on that External though.

In better news a play I wrote will be performed next month during this foreign theater groups big event. I will also be directing a play be it mine or one that belongs to someone else, during the event. I may have mentioned it before but the big meeting is also this Saturday. Send some good vibes my way everybody. Send em on!

Monday, September 14, 2009

I Can Do Bad All By Myself-review

I'm up late writing a review for this film b/c I just watched it. I think I need to drink more and smoke and treat my family like crap and date a married man and be selfish so that the good man will come in my life and love me despite all of that because obviously I'm not doing bad enough. That's your synopsis. As much as I like musicals this was torture. I swear Mary J. sang for 10 minutes. There is even a Shug Avery "God is trying to tell you Something moment". This film wasn't aimed at me. Although I may be a part of the single black female group, I'm not the Mary J. loving church going type. The last film was pretty bad but this one didn't jump much higher. I found no parts of this film to be worth the watch. I take that back Adam Rodriguez and Brian White(trying something different) didn't make it worth it, but they helped save the film from rock bottom. Same tired jokes from Madea.

I felt like this

and like I need to do this

Off subject

Geaux Saints!!!

A quote from Chappelle

Last House on the Left-review

So, this is the horror movie in which the bad guys mess with the wrong family. That's all you need to know. I think I am getting use to these films that won't be shown in film history classes decades from now. I think I can't even hate on movies anymore. hahaha What was wrong with this film? The blatant ways of showing boobies, bras, and panties. It wasn't scary at all. What was good about this film? The family fought back. Also, the dad was this actor I haven't remembered since Ghost and he changed my image of him. I mean he was so wicked in Ghost that it's nice to see him in another role. This is how the film made me feel.

(from manysmileys.com)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tropic Thunder-review

Ok Ok I only watched this movie b/c my new crush Brandon T. Jackson is in it. I was also hoping for some comedic relief. I rented it from the video store but it wouldn't play on my computer. I went by my friend's house on Thursday for movie night and this was the film they were watching when I walked in. (Perfect!!!) This was a classic movie within a movie. The story is about an odd group of actors who come together to be part of a film. Due to a crazy director they end up actually living out the scenes of the film. Tom Cruise impressed me. The rest of the acting was good. The film is full of some good laughs. I wouldn't say it is hilarious but it made me laugh enough times. Medium star - worth the watch.

p.s. I'm gonna ignore the black face thing and Tom Cruise listening to rap music b/c white people dancing to Hip Hop is so funny. Right?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Old School Friday

Today, is Friday and I worked at the Elementary school this afternoon. These kids are much more pleasant than my Middleschoolers maybe b/c it is after school class. Anyways, one of the little girls in the youngest class hits me in the butt when i bend over around her. She is so funny. These kids are cute but noisy. In my oldest class one of the boys was shouting "Say HOOOOOOOOOO" of course I had to chime in.

Okay!!! Here is your old school dosage.My cousin and I love this jam. For all you folks out there in a bad relationship or hanging on to an on and off person. You know what to do!!!

Just to make you feel grown. The MMC version.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ponyo on the Cliff- review

Cute Japanese animated film. This film is about a little boy who finds a magical fish with a face. The two become best friends. That's all I will tell you. Kids will love it and adults will think it is really cute. Big star

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Blood and Bone - review

(Fellas forgive me for the picture.)
So, this movie stars Michael Jai White as "Bone" an ex-con/invincible fighter who after being released starts a profession in the underground street fighting world. His problems arise as we discover his initial intentions and the big player around town (Eamonn Walker) has a fighter who loses to the new guy they call "Bone".

The film comes on and I'm like is that Kimbo Slice. haha There are also some folks you only get to see once in a blue moon like Dante Basco (Hook, Biker Boyz), Nona Gaye (Matrix Reloaded), and Francis Capra(Kazaam Kid). The film is bad in many ways. The crap dialogue, the short fight scenes, the plot, and the plot holes all contribute to the films flaws. Yet, this film makes you want to like it. Maybe I was blinded by Mr. White. I think this film could have been way better. I think they tried too hard to make the story so different from the other underground fight films that it lost it's edge. Ok it's not awful. Small star. I didn't feel like bashing my head into a wall after watching it.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Part 3 of Producing the 48 Hour Film Project

So, fearless leader what say ye? There is so much work to do. I had to cancel one of the places we booked for our events. He made a big deal about us not having the screening there. We are to expect 300 or more people. His place seats about 100. I need a big theater. This is the hard part.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Old School Friday

Since UBM has had Blame it on the Boogie stuck in my head all week, join my brain party.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Itaewon Murder Case semi-review

I got to see a private screening of this Korean movie two days ago. I am working with the Assistant Director of the project on my own project. I met one of the actors from the film that night and some other people who I don't know how they were involved. There is also an American underground rapper, who lives here, in the film that I know from running the streets in Korea. Funny thing is I read about this film like maybe 3 weeks ago, while I was looking up murder and rape cases in Korea. A friend and I were discussing how safe and unsafe it is for foreigners here which made me turn into the google master. Anyways, I saw the film with no English subtitles. Some of the film was in English b/c there were American roles. It was a late show so that made me tired. I can't really give a review b/c even though I know what happened I just don't know what was said. I mean who was it that said a film should be able to play audio only or with no audio and still tell it's story? The trailer and synopsis are below.

Watch Itaewon Murder Case (2009) Trailer in Drama | View More Free Videos Online at Veoh.com

"...two Korean-American teenagers who are the main suspects in a killing occurring in an Itaewon fast-food restaurant. Both young men point the finger at the other for the killing a Korean university student, and the thriller unfolds as a detective (Jung Jin-young) tries to uncover what really happened. This casting differs slightly from the true case upon which the movie is based, which occurred twelve years ago in April of 1997 and has never been entirely resolved. The real case involved 17-year-old American Arthur Patterson and 18-year-old Korean-American Edward Lee, who were let go after a “bungled prosecution,” after which Patterson fled to the U.S. and Lee was acquitted by the Supreme Court." - dramabeans.com

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Korea Korea Korea

I saw one of these in a bar over the weekend. Tequila Slamma. Yes that is a gold tooth. Really?

Okay here you go, time for some Korean dishes. These are my two least favorite foods here. As a matter of fact they were my cabbage cousin of Korea (that was an inside joke). So, in other words when I put them in my mouth, oh what a bad memory.

Silkworms-these things smell awful and taste like they smell. I was able to swallow the one I tried but now the lady at my fav. Korean sashimi restaurant knows not to bring them.

Chicken Feet- well of course I thought it was chicken when I put it on my plate. I also thought what are those claw looking things as long as they aren't spiders I'm cool. Popped it in my mouth bit down on it then, I removed it from my mouth with the help of a napkin.