Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Express-review

Hi! I watched 4 movies this weekend. Are you ready for some reviews?

The Express, is about Ernie Davis the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy. I didn't know anything about his life so the impact of finding out about his life was greater for me as I watched the film. I liked it I thought it was well-done. I feel like all the short bio films like these follow the same formula( from childhood to their success). Wanna be tearjerkers but some work and some don't.Wanna be tearjerkers but some work and some don't. This one worked and I was pleased to see some actors that I have been following.
Time to talk about the actors. I didn't like Darrin Henson as Jim Brown just felt like he looked nothing like him and his accent was nothing near the 1950's. Charles Dutton has changed a lot from his Rock days and Mr. Dutton is working on a lot of projects about black history which makes me smile. Omar Miller was good in the film (I'm waiting to see him flex his acting skills). Dennis Quaid, I've always been a fan of his. Chadwick Boseman, I like him( wink wink). Rob Brown(as Ernie Davis) I gotta say I like his performances. He's still got that babyface so I don't know when he will start playing husband and businessman roles.

It is worth the watch. Medium Star

Sidenote: I was a stand-in for the little boy who plays young Ernie D on a different project. Imagine that!

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