Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Hurt Locker-review

The Hurt Locker-I will start off by saying that I am a Guy Pearce fan(yet he was like Drew Barrymore in Scream this time around).

The movie left me wondering what all the buzz was about. I've been trying to watch this film since it came out. There is so much praise of it. I even read on CNN how many critics are saying it is the best film of 2009. The acting was good and I do believe Anthony Mackie is growing on me. I have the "maybe I need to watch it again" feeling. I know a few people in the military and they hated the film. I spent my time trying to figure out where the film was going. It was all emotion and little story. I really feel like the film focused on shots(that's what you do for emotion) with a handful of memorable scenes. I felt for the soldier that wanted to go home and I thought the bomb guy was so far gone and logical at the same time. I think they were trying to show the emotions that war creates and what different types of soldiers there are. Yet, I was bored and ready for it to be over. I wasn't there with them feeling their pain because it did feel fake and far from real-life over there. For the cinematography, make-up, and acting I'm gonna give this one a medium star it's really more deserving of a small star b/c I was hardly entertained.

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