Sunday, January 03, 2010

No movies

I haven't seen any movies lately. My laptop is sick or dead not sure which one it is. I have two more weeks of teaching left then I think I will take a vacation to Thailand. Do you have any movie suggestions? I was thinking of watching Nine this week. I bought American Violet I will try to review that tomorrow. Later


  1. I heard that Nine is getting pulled from a lot of theaters due to poor reception. Kind of a bummer, it apparently only made $6.5 million on it's opening weekend when the budget was $64 million. Studio not too happy about that.

    Movie suggestions: Just saw Last Chance Harvey again, that movie makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

    I'm trying to keep up with my blog now...New Years resolution!


  2. I enjoyed Last Chance Harvey. It was really cute. I've always been a D.H. fan. We shall see what you do with your blog.