Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Princess and the Frog-review

The Princess and the Frog-
We got a group of folks together to go see this film on Sunday. It is only playing at a few theaters here. We thought we were going to the 3:50 show but it turned out that, that one was being shown in Korean so we had to wait until 6. A bonus for me was being able to go to the COEX mall and eat Pizzeria UNO. Anyways, so I cried through most of this film. I am soooooo homesick.I enjoyed the food references and some of the songs in the film but not all of them . I don't get why so many people ripped it apart. I mean of course I have extra reasons to like the film but still. It was cute. Some of the accents were great. I would show the film to my children. I'm happy with the effort put into this film and I take this as a tribute to New Orleans. Def. worth the watch and a good film. Giving it a big star.

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