Saturday, March 13, 2010

Brooklyn's Finest- Review

I took myself to the movies Wednesday night.  I've been pretty weary about watching movies lately. I just want that old feeling back. You know when you see something that makes you want to tell everyone you know about it or have a discussion with a friend about it after.

First, let me say that action stories involving drugs and guns don't usually make my day. Now that you know that you can understand where I am coming from as I review this film. I wasn't moved. I didn't dig the slick dialogue or the cop vs. dealers war.  Ethan was really good though. Wesley and Don delivered. (you like how I refer to them by their first name only? ) Lela Rochon made a cameo. Shots with the character in focus and the background blurred showed up a few times. The last 30 minutes or so of the film was when it really picked up and this was the only part I really enjoyed.  The film had a sort of Life is Hot in Cracktown ending. There were some other good scenes and shots but I won't spoil them for you. The film was far from amazing but I think those of you who like this scenario will enjoy another film about cops and dealers. One more thing the film did take you into the mind of a cop and why some of them may do what they do. For that it was cool and almost made me respect cops a bit more. ha


  1. The movie really didn't move me either. Since it reminded me so much of other films such as New Jack City and American Gangster, I kept thinking to myself that it was "okay but something was missing."

  2. yea don't know what it is but something else was needed.