Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Mother and Child- Review

I went to a screening for the film Mother and Child last night.
Here goes my review...
This is a film about pain, regrets, and desires. The film centers around three main characters. Annette Bening as a woman taking care of and living with her aging mother. She has yet to get over giving up a child as a teen and suffers socially from fears associated with this regret. Naomi Watts plays  a middle -aged, free-spirited, and confident woman who begins work at a firm ran by Samuel L. Jackson's character. Kerry Washington is the third storyline as her and her husband seek to adopt a child because they cannot make one on their own. The film hops from story to story as each character goes through a transformation allowing them to love again and let go of the pain inside. The film takes the sad emotion and fills you with it. There are intimate scenes that I think are meant to relate to baby-making but the carnal nature of them with such a sad story can throw you off track.

I enjoyed the film and thought it had good intentions by intertwining adoption into all three character's lives. It was slow but the humor added into the gloom of it all won me over. I don't think you will love it but you will have a hard time saying something bad about it. This is a moving dramatic piece that could potentially lead to awards for the actors and creators involved.

Medium Star


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