Wednesday, March 31, 2010

R.I.P. David Mills aka UBM

David Mills you will be missed! For those of you who don't know David Mills is a writer and blogger who was currently working on the new TV show Treme that airs in April on HBO. 
Peace UBM Peace


  1. Am I crazy for still checking in to his blog?

    Goodbye, UBM.

  2. Not at all. I still check it. I was trying decide if I should remove his number from my phone today. I am really sad about this.

  3. Yeah, and I searched my emails and found correspondence going back to 2007.

    When I visited his blog on Wed. and read those comments I thought he'd taken another hiatus. But this one is for keeps.

    I'm so sad too.

  4. I too find myself still checking the blog. Not sure what I expect to see. I think I do it out of habit. Reading his blog became part of my day.

  5. i feel you guys...i was just telling thembi i keep checking his blog like he might miraculously resurrect or something...i am bowled over by how many lives he touched in such a personal way.

  6. I will still go back and read some of the old blogs b/c I was kind of new to his site. Only been reading for the past year. Still a lot of good reads and music to check. It's a good archive site of his life and taste.