Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Death at a Funeral -review

I could do a vs. but there is no need to. Below are the trailers from both films. I'm not sure what I expected from this remake. I can't recall a remake that I like better than the original. I think the original was funny because I didn't know anything about the film before watching it and the humor is subtle. I think the Chris Rock remake attempted to be just as subtle but with a small dose of these comedians humor involved. I think that many followers of these folks expected bigger laughs. In addition the trailers killed this film. All the funny scenes were in the trailers. I think you will find it worth the watch but it won't make your best film of the year.



Medium Star


  1. I dont mind his remakes only if he makes some drastic changes, blackening it up is not going to cut it.

  2. yea, i don't know what he needed to do to make it better. the dipping it in black has worked but it is rare. ok ok i did like the wiz better than the wizard of oz. the music was better.

  3. why can't i make myself see this movie? *sigh*