Monday, April 05, 2010

More Adventures in California

I watched Why Did I Get Married Too, Saturday with a meet-up group out here. It was nice to go to the movies with a group. I will review it later. I got approved for an apartment and I need to follow-up on it this week. I am still looking for maybe a more permanent job. Still doing the freelance gig thing. I haven't been out here yet. I would love to get my dance on. Stay tuned. I am still a bit down about losing my online buddy in the post below.


  1. Wow...i've really been out of the loop! haven't been reading the blogs lately just tweeting...welcome to cali-where are you? i should probably scroll down, you probably already said, haha

  2. haha I'm still settling in. I am near macarthur park for now. trying to find a more permanent place.

  3. look forward to seeing you at some fests...:-)