Sunday, May 16, 2010

Get Him to the Greek-review

Hmm I wonder if I can write a review of this one yet. The film centers around a young guy working for a music company with Diddy as his boss. He comes up with an idea to hold a concert for his favorite Rockstar. He is assigned to get the rockstar from London to the concert venue in LA. Of course his mission is not easy.  I know many people don't like Diddy so I know he won't be the real reason why anyone takes a trip to the theater for this film. I did enjoy the film. It made me laugh a few times which is good because it's hard to make me laugh during a movie. Only old comedy flicks usually make me laugh out loud. There are moments that bring out the prude in me, throughout the film. Jonah Hill is a funny guy and I see many more good comedies coming starring him. I even enjoyed the music in the film. The music is catchy and suits the film perfectly.  I think this film is going to get great reviews and folks are really going to like it. Medium Star

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  1. KJ,

    Great review. I really want to see this one!