Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Oldie but Goodie American Graffiti -review

American Graffiti came on over the weekend and since I don't have cable I watched whatever movies they showed that day. At first I thought it was American Me confusing the titles but when I saw the opening credits I knew I wrong. The film is about a group of teens who have recently graduated out on the town before they go off to college.  This was a cute movie. I enjoyed seeing Richard Dreyfuss and Ron Howard in their younger faces. Cindy Williams was also in it who I was a fan of on Laverne and Shirley. Def. worth the watch for an oldie. 
Medium Star


  1. Don't forget Harrison Han Solo Ford in the Cowboy Hat! LOL

  2. I saw watch this film last month. Fabulous film. Movie is full of comedy and romance..Loving watch it again and again..

  3. Harrison Ford just doesn't work for me in this film. The Texas accent and cowboy hat are too much. Amazing how he and Cindy Williams just walk away from collision at film's end. Were they wearing seatbelts?