Sunday, September 19, 2010


I liked it (I'm so simple when it comes to these lol)! Julia Robert's character journeys to 3 countries in the story. While she is in Italy the movie really had my attention. Once, she left Italy I thought wow this movie is longer than I thought it would be and I guess I won't be sneaking into another film after this one. In other words it feels like the movie hits a wall and slides down off of it until the end. It was good and maybe if I wasn't the world traveler that I am I would have been truly inspired by the film. It did however further my desire to go to Italy. Medium star.

The Karate Kid-review

This was so cute. I admit I cried just a little bit. I love Jackie Chan. The film was everything it was supposed to be. That being a movie for kids and a film about a kid overcoming his fears. Gonna give it a medium star.

Bad Lieutenant:Port of Call- New Orleans review

Spoiler Clip below:

This was my favorite scene. Umh it is a very different movie from the original. N. Cage was good. I say it was just okay.