Saturday, December 31, 2011

Black Power Mixtape 1967 to 1975 - review

Anyone, who really knows me knows how much I like Huey P. Newton.  Anything with him in it gets my vote haha. So, I watched this one today on Netflix.  The Black Power Mixtape is a documentary centered around interviews with Black Panther Party members and the black power movement from 1967 to 1975.
It was a good film and a great documentary concept. The footage from a group of Swedish journalists was put together by a Swedish filmmaker. The film is narrated by Sonia Sanchez, Erykah Badu, Talib Kweli, and more. Check out the trailer below. I give it 3 and 1/2 stars. 


Rampart- is about a crooked cop. It's like Bad Lieutenant but with a better leading man. Woody Harrelson was awesome but the movie not so much. This wasn't my kind of flick. It's full of sex, bad language, and bad cop antics oh yea and Ice Cube in a not so fitting role. I can see Harrelson getting a Oscar nomination but this fails in comparison to his role in No Country for Old Men. This one gets 1 1/2 stars meaning catch a matinee or rent it.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Things Fall Apart -review

First, I want to say I am sorry that my post have been sporadic. I am trying to start watching at least one movie a week. People really don't comment around here but I have had a lot of visitors. I feel like I write this blog for me sometimes. Anyways, sooooo 50 Cent really committed to this role, huh? You've seen the pictures? Now will you see the movie? 

Things Fall Apart- is a film about a college football player(50 Cent)  that finds out he has cancer and can no longer play football. I heard a lot of bad things about this one so I was expecting the worst. It really wasn't that bad. There were a lot of bad elements to it like 50's hair, his acting in parts, the dialogue, etc.. but the story at the base of it was a good story to make a movie about.

Can I talk about the ending? Okay, I won't.  The film also stars Mario Van Peebles, Tracey Heggins, Ray Liotta, and Lynn Whitfield. The acting from all the other actors/actresses got the job done with no stand outs. Since, the latest is it is going to dvd next February guess you have to wait on the dvd regardless. I'm surprised by my rating but here it is.

Friday, December 02, 2011

Larry Crowne-Review

I felt like watching a feel good movie.
This movie was bad, so bad. I mean I love Tom Hanks. I've watched as many of his movies as I can and have watched them only because I knew that most of his movies were good(imo). The film is about a guy (Hanks) working at a Walmart like store and he gets fired b/c he doesn't have a degree. So, he decides to go back to school. While in school he makes new friends and learns there is more to life than the boring life he had before. Taraji P. Henson was bad in this film. Her accent gag. Cedric was cute but his character was just corny.  It was trying so hard to be sweet and funny which it may work for some but to me it came off as corny and flat. Don't waste your time on this one folks. It's bad all bad.
No Stars

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Tower Heist-review

I went to see this with two friends. One of my friends loved it and the other friend felt like I do that it had it's moments but it was pretty cheesy. Eddie Murphy wasn't at his best but he has so many good movies. Felt like Ben Stiller, Eddie, and Matthew Broderick are looking very old. The film was just so unbelievable at times. It's like the writers were trying wayyyyyyyyyyyy too hard to be funny.  The film is about a group of former and current employees at an apartment tower who conspire to steal money from the man/tenant who robbed them of their pensions. I say you should wait for the dvd.


I saw Pariah but you are going to have to wait on the review.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Pariah Trailer

Hoping to catch this one soon!

50/50- review

I got a chance to go to Arclight which is a famous theater in Hollywood. I picked b/w this film and Drive. I really wanted to see 50/50 after watching the trailer.
Synop: a young man finds out he has cancer and a 50/50 chance of survival. The writer/director had cancer and he used moments from his real-life to give the film a personal touch.

The beginning starts off a little slow and pulls out some of that potty mouth humor. I was starting to think maybe I should sneak into Drive. But then it got better much better. I haven't appreciated or enjoyed a film of this genre in a minute. It is a mix of Drama-Comedy&Romance. Joseph Gordon-Levitt really shines and Seth Rogen has his moments. I cried a few good times and felt inspired by the story. Sometimes, films try to get too complex and it is nice to just see a regular story.
4 1/2 stars hope it gets a nomination

Attack the Block-review

Yay, I finally got a chance to watch this one.
The synop: aliens arrive in a London hood and a gang of youth decide to defend their block. I liked it. It has a great pace and is an overall cute film. The aliens are very unconventional but still interesting well actually the blue teeth is the only cool feature. Go see it if you haven't seen it yet. I know I am super late but I know it had a limited release so I'm sure it is still under the radar for some.
4 stars

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Two Whoopi Goldberg films I haven't seen

Wow I just found these online. Now, I used to love me some Whoopi Goldberg. So it is a shock to find these films. I think I may have seen The Telephone before but the other one Kiss Shot no not at all. I used to love to shoot pool so I'm like I must watch this. I haven't been in the mood to sit through a film lately (believe it or not). There have been a few films I started but didn't finish like Paul and Attack the Block. I did start another short film. I need to find actors to fill these others roles and then we can shoot day 2. Anyways, check out the Whoopi clips below couldn't find rge trailers.
(no embedding)

Friday, September 02, 2011

The Help-review

Is it time for me to complain about a movie being too long again? "Hated it" Okay my feelings aren't that harsh but really leave some books on the shelf. This is the type of movie that if it were dated as in if it came out in the 80's it would be easier to appreciate. I was thinking while watching this Shadow and Act should do what is your favorite Viola Davis role? I'm stuck on her Antoine Fisher role. That role not as big as the others I've seen but amazing. I'm getting off subject. I gotta go  might finish this up later but I give it 2 stars only for the acting.


So many young folks I know love this movie. While staying with my niece and nephews that watched this same movie everyday for a week. I really thought it would be amazing better than Up. It was cute. I did cry a little bit but I'm a big softy nowadays. The horse Maximus pictured above was great. I like that they didn't give him a voice but he was still funny. The story is a modern day musical version of Rapunzel. I recommend it for the kids. 3 stars

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Beaver-review

Wow, this was like thirteen movies in one. There were elements from too many different movies. I had slightly high hopes for this one. I've watched a lot of Mel Gibson films. My friend watching the movie with me thought Jodie Foster was Helen Hunt. They both have similar features and haven't done much work that makes them just another woman on the screen.

I don't know if this was supposed to be a comeback film for Mel or Jodie. Such a waste of a cute beaver. 
=)  1 star.

Jumping the Broom- review

Jumping the Broom out now on Blu-ray and DVD.
Laz Alonzo as the leading guy? Paula Patton's kill me now acting.  I know why did I watch it if I don't like the leads? Because I was giving it a chance and I support black films duh. Skip it! 1 1/2 stars

Off Subject- Misfits

I think this weekend I discovered my new favorite show. The show is called Misfits. It is from the Brits. The show focuses on 5 young adults who all gain superpowers after a storm.  They discover their powers and get to know each other. There is more I can say but I don't want to give away anything.   I totally dig the concept and like each character in different ways. The last few episodes make me feel it could be going downhill but I will remain positive. Season 3 is set to come out in November so I will have to watch the return of all my old shows until then.
You can catch Season 1 and 2 on Hulu.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

How Do You Know -review

Welp, I watched this one because I have a crush on Paul Rudd. I'm not sure what I was supposed to feel about this film. It was a very awkward love story. The story is about woman (Reese Witherspoon) who plays for the USA softball team. She is torn between two guys Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson. Actually, she seems more torn about opening herself up to love. Paul Rudd's character is super awkward and as much I like him in real life I just didn't feel the urge to root for him to win the girl. It really wasn't a good film. It was like they were trying so hard to not be your typical love story that they lost the feel good value. 1 and a half stars.


Monday, July 25, 2011

Up next

Harry Potter Finale Chapter
How do you know
Jumping the broom.

Nurse Fighter Boy

I will admit that I watched this one on Hulu with commercials and having to reload the page every 15 minutes or so. I also had my son crawling around. Not sure if those things may have had an effect on my judgement but ah what was all the hype about? Technique? Style?  I was bored and uninspired. There were good looking people in the movie and the cinematography was good. Bah
Gonna give it 2 stars b/c it wasn't awful but certainly not a good one in my eyes.

Bridesmaids- review

I totally enjoyed this film. There were some really funny moments. It was so refreshing to see a female cast and a comedy without penis jokes. I kind of even want to watch it again(one eyebrow raised). The story is about a woman at her lowest whose best friend get's engaged and while preparing for the wedding she bumps heads with her best friends new best friend.  I really enjoyed it. I laughed a lot which says a lot for me. I've never seen an all female comedy before this one. I think they should do this more. You should totally watch it if you have been trying to decide if you should or not. I Really worth the watch! I give it  4 stars.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Friday, July 08, 2011

Omari Hardwick -Review

Every now and then I see an actor or actress and decide to check out more of their work after seeing them in movies or shows without knowing they were in them. You know you watch a movie and your like who's that guy or lady and then you watch another movie and see them again and you think they are up and coming and kind of talented. So, I want to review Omari Hardwick. First time I saw him was in Next Day Air the next thing I saw him in was Linewatch. After that is was like he is all over the place. Yea yea I think he is handsome but I also think he has talent. I think of him like Michael Jai White but with much better acting chops. I am waiting to see him get more roles that are really out of character for him. He was in an episode of Chase (is that the name of it?)  and I was like here he is again playing the hard guy. In I Will Follow he had a much softer role although he was certainly the muscular hunk but it was nice to see him (well any black actor for that matter) playing the nice guy in a film.  For Colored Girls has been the one role to make me say okay now I like this guy. I hope he gets more work. What do you think?

Update from AAFRM

Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Uh yea NOW I really want to see this

My queue

Somewhere,  Mao's Last Dancer, I saw the Devil, Bridesmaids, Hanna,  Tree of Life,
So many movies so little time.

50/50 Trailer

Win Win -review

It's like I'm right there with Paul Giamatti as he decides whether or not to pick a script. Him and Philip Seymour Hoffman. This movie Win Win Paul Giamatti plays a high school wrestling coach and lawyer who meets the grandson of one of his clients. The grandson coincidentally turns out to be a great wrestler. The film takes a few turns here and there as Giamatti's character get's caught in a lie and the boy's mother comes into the picture. This isn't his best work but it is a sweet film. It's not a comedy. It's a sort of feel good drama. I def. recommend it with 3 1/2 stars.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

X-men First Class-review

Gonna let the guys in on this one. I pretty much agree with all of their thoughts. I think this one and X-men Origins: Wolverine are the best ones. I like the feel of these movies. I have complained there isn't enough action but I really like the consistent style they are going for now. In the third film there was tons of action but it was so cheesy. So, okay I give it 4 stars.
 Here is the link:
sn: I don't like this series for the strong female characters.

Blue Valentine-review

I saw the poster for this movie a few times online and looked it up. It has such great reviews that I thought surely it must be good. Well, sorry I can't really review this one because I couldn't finish it. After, sex scene number 3, I turned it off. I tried to get through it I mean because the acting was just great. I wanted to finish it just to see Ryan Gosling complete this wonderful performance. I just had enough. However,  part of me even as I type this, wants to see the rest. Sigh! What did you think?

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Water for Elephants-review

Haven't we seen this already? I think some crazy cinematography could have done this film a favor. It was like they were trying to do pretty scenes but they weren't working. I was bored and knew where this film was going 5 minutes into it. I mean knowing where the story is going doesn't always kill it if the story is unique or moving duh. There is a scene towards the end that I enjoyed. I could have skipped this one but it wasn't terrible.

2 stars

Hangover 2- review

There is probably no need for me to explain the plot of this one to you.
So, on to my review. I liked this one better than the first one. I didn't love it or roll on the floor. I just think now knowing the characters and with more subtle humor this was easier to watch (spoiler: except for all the male genital jokes).
2 stars

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Liberation Lounge

Forgot to post this.
I chopped up and added an intro. to footage from a monthly Open Mic event back home in New Orleans. This is the first episode below. You can view the rest HERE

Monday, May 23, 2011

Documentary- Homeless:The motel kids of Orange County

I woke up to this today. This is a documentary about families that are living in motels in the OC. The motels are cheap and shown as a step above being on the street.
I looked up some reviews on it this afternoon. Most people had the same thoughts. The filmmaker is a bit pokey. She seems to be trying too hard to get the material she winds up with. The subject matter is touching regardless but this seems so forced. I've never watched a documentary and felt this withdrawn from the story. However, as I currently reside near the OC I was intrigued and I feel it is a sad thing that the price of a motel is better than your own place. It is worth the watch b/c I've never seen this story told before. Bah, I just wish the filmmaker would have remained silent.

Short Film- "Karim"

Got this one via Shadow and Act


Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming-review

Gosh, this movie sucked. I was all over the first film mainly because of the men. The first one was actually a cute film though.  =)  First off Columbus Short is a better dancer than the lead in the sequel will ever be. The edits of him dancing doing the same move throughout the whole film were killing me. I really can go on and on about the lead actor in this film (whose name I don't feel like looking up). I first saw him in Fame (the remake). Just not feeling him and let's leave it at that.  Everything about this film was wrong. It was basically the same plot with different actors and dancers. Now, don't get me wrong there were some good-looking guys in this film but they were blurred out by the bad dialogue and bad dancing. No star for this one, none at all.

SN: I think we need to have a Sylvain White post on here eventually.

Coming up next....

I plan to watch Hanna and 127 hours.
I finished the Dragon Tattoo series still have to review that. I also have a bunch of films that I have watched and still need to review. I want to watch a foreign film.
Any suggestions?

Madea's Big Happy Family

The picture above is from the play with the same name. I never knew that he turned the play's into movies. Actually, I never watched any of the plays before. This movie couldn't compare to the play. I really enjoyed the play. The ending was the best part of this film because everything else was done or said in the play. I couldn't find any new humor in the film.  I'm just thinking how crazy that is he does the play and make money then he does the movie and makes money. What's really crazy is the same audience is usually seeing both. Okay 1 star really not worth the watch if you have seen the play.
My good remarks: I like Mr. Brown he makes me giggle. Bow Wow and Isaiah Mustafa are getting their chops up.

The Next Three Days-review

The Next Three Days- the story of a man who believes in his wife's innocence and devises a plan to break her out of jail.  

This should get no stars really.  As you can read in the review below, I was bored with this film. It's almost as bad as umh hmm let me think of one that Nicholas Cage film about the aliens and the time capsule. The name escapes me right now.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Stop that train!
Bleh. I'm currently watching The Next Three Days and I'm so bored I thought I would do my review for Unstoppable. I watched Unstoppable umh last month some time. A very easily forgettable film but this film reminded me of it for some reason. = /


Unstoppable- is an action packed film about an unmanned train that must be stopped. Denzel Denzel Denzel is this where you become a pancake? I swear this is the same character he has been playing in all these action movies. I don't know how they stretched this story into a feature film but they did. Okay, to me the movie was cute. I'm not telling you to rent it though. It was no Independence Day (one of my favs.) but still pretty much your basic film of this genre. I changed my rating for this one b/c it was better than The Next Three Days but not by much. 

Friday, April 15, 2011

Black Swan -review

Oh my I skipped a few reviews that I said I would post.

Black Swan-This is a good film for you to watch the review. A ballerina wants to play the swan in Swan Lake and must connect with her evil side to dance both parts(white swan and black swan) well. This was a good film with a good aesthetic. There was a bit too much of intimate behavior for me. You can get a little lost dividing what was real and what is in the ballerina's head. I wasn't head over heels for it. It's a film I would say I know so-n-so would like. Natalie Portman deserved the award without a doubt. It deserves 4 stars but for my satisfaction I'd give it 2 stars.

Night Catches Us-review

My synop. of the film would be two former Black Panthers reconnect. One was forced to flee during those revolutionary times and returns to the old neighborhood. This felt more like an episode of a TV show than a film. That being said the acting was really good. I was impressed with Blackthought's (The Roots) performance the most. Jamie Hector (The Wire) was pretty good too. I'd like to see him more. I feel like the point of the film wasn't recognizable until a line was said at the end. The love story was a bit confusing but maybe I need another watch.  The film had a nice feel to it. I think if they stretched it two hours by slowing it down a little bit and giving you more of the back-story it would of been a better film.
Three 1/2 stars

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I Will Follow- review

I got a chance to go to the movies for the first time in 6 months. Yay me!

Gosh, I just read the review for this film over at Popcorn Reel (from where I got the picture) and I think that's a hard review to follow. The picture above would of also been good for the poster. The actual poster makes you think it is a love story b/w Salli Richardson-Whitfield and Omari Hardwick. It is a love story but not the one you think it is.  It is the story of a young woman in need of healing that has several people come into her life to help her move on.  The more I think about the film the more I like it. I think it is a good story. I didn't love it but I would recommend it. I wasn't moved and I guess that's b/c I can't relate to all of it.  I enjoyed it far more than many of the other "Black Films" I have seen in the past year.   I like the AFFRM movement and I will support it. You can watch the trailer which I posted a few days ago.

3 1/2 stars

The Dragon Tattoo series

I've got The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest cued up on Netflix. Watched the other two already. Will write my review when I finish this one. 

Hot Tub Time Machine

This ish is funny! Much better than The Hangover. Not an amazing film but better than you would think.
3 stars

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Oscars

Okay I know I skipped over the Oscars. That's b/c I wasn't excited about it this year. I think they tired to make it too hip this year. The hosts were lame and Mandy Moore and Gwyneth Paltrow sang(seriously they aren't terrible singers but come on). I think they made good choices as far as the winners go. There wasn't much to pick from and the winners stood out tremendously from their opposition (all except best picture). I think Toy Story 3 was more engaging than The King's Speech. Ok that's all I have to say about that.

Will you follow?

Will you follow?

Waiting for Superman

Waiting for Superman-This documentary focuses on Education in America and how the system is failing our youth. The film points blame at the teachers, public schools, and educational politics. There are more things to blame for this crazy system but that's a longer film. They introduce you to several families who want to give their children a better education by enrolling them in non-public schools. They show the school entry lotteries and you get to watch these children's future be decided by a bingo like machine. Michelle Rhee is in the film (google her).  She is the fiance of the NBA player I loved for years. Also, Geoffrey Canada is in the film. I really like what he is doing for kids in Harlem. Must be a rewarding life.

In, the film one of the mothers says something like I know it's unfair but that's just how it is. I wanted to yell at the screen but you don't have to settle for that. It's easy to get stuck.
Anyways, it was a good film.  It opened my eyes to a few more issues concerning the school system. It isn't a perfect summary but it should get people to understand what is going and hopefully make changes.

Four Stars

Thursday, March 03, 2011

True Grit

True Grit- A remake by the Coen Brothers. The Western goes a girl witnesses her father's death and hires someone to help get the revenge she seeks. Really a snooze fest. = )  I don't like westerns. I kid about the snooze fest well sort of. It is slow but you're more likely to get up and make a sandwich instead of falling asleep. It looked good of course we know they can get a good shot and afford a good set, wardrobe, and actors. If Jeff Bridges was better in Crazy Heart than he was in this film then he deserved the Oscar. I give it bah I guess 3  stars it wasn't a bad film just not my flavor. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Trailer New Movie Mooz-Lum

Mother- Review

Mother- The Korean film with all the Oscar buzz back then. As a Korean film connoisseur (lol) I can say  it had the same twisted humor as any other Korean film and it was cool. Does this top Thirst? Nawh!

The story is about a young man still living at home with his over protective mother. He is accused of committing a murder and his mother goes on a mission to prove his innocence.
3 stars

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The King's Speech-review

The King's Speech is what some might call a Bromance.  I was kind of bored watching it. I think the film is a bit overrated. You expect good acting from these folks. I will say that wardrobe and art department should be awarded. The film looks so good. Even the locations serve as a delicious treats for the eyes. For example look at the picture above. Also, the cinematography is clean (lol).
I'm gonna give it a 4 because it really does look good and it is cute just not something I would want to watch again for the story.
4 stars

The Fighter -Review

The Fighter is the best movie I have seen this year. I am not a Christian Bale fan but he deserves all awards he will receive for this role. Even Amy Adams impressed me and I can't stand her previous work. Her acting was always so bubbly to me. Anyways, Melissa Leo also was amazing and I didn't realize it was her until almost the end of the movie. As you know by now The Fighter is about two brothers one a former fighter now junkie and the other trying to make a name for himself in the ring. The film follows both of them as the junkie brother (Christian Bale's character) realizes how he turned out and the other brother (Mark Wahlberg) takes new steps to achieve his boxing goals. 5 stars

New Rating system we are going generic

Gonna use the 5 star rating.You know 1 star it sucked 5 stars it deserves an Oscar.

A scene from one of my favorite movies

Sunday, January 16, 2011


coming soon reviews for Black Swan, For Colored Girls, Mother, and Stomp the Yard 2.