Thursday, February 17, 2011

Trailer New Movie Mooz-Lum

Mother- Review

Mother- The Korean film with all the Oscar buzz back then. As a Korean film connoisseur (lol) I can say  it had the same twisted humor as any other Korean film and it was cool. Does this top Thirst? Nawh!

The story is about a young man still living at home with his over protective mother. He is accused of committing a murder and his mother goes on a mission to prove his innocence.
3 stars

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The King's Speech-review

The King's Speech is what some might call a Bromance.  I was kind of bored watching it. I think the film is a bit overrated. You expect good acting from these folks. I will say that wardrobe and art department should be awarded. The film looks so good. Even the locations serve as a delicious treats for the eyes. For example look at the picture above. Also, the cinematography is clean (lol).
I'm gonna give it a 4 because it really does look good and it is cute just not something I would want to watch again for the story.
4 stars

The Fighter -Review

The Fighter is the best movie I have seen this year. I am not a Christian Bale fan but he deserves all awards he will receive for this role. Even Amy Adams impressed me and I can't stand her previous work. Her acting was always so bubbly to me. Anyways, Melissa Leo also was amazing and I didn't realize it was her until almost the end of the movie. As you know by now The Fighter is about two brothers one a former fighter now junkie and the other trying to make a name for himself in the ring. The film follows both of them as the junkie brother (Christian Bale's character) realizes how he turned out and the other brother (Mark Wahlberg) takes new steps to achieve his boxing goals. 5 stars

New Rating system we are going generic

Gonna use the 5 star rating.You know 1 star it sucked 5 stars it deserves an Oscar.

A scene from one of my favorite movies