Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The King's Speech-review

The King's Speech is what some might call a Bromance.  I was kind of bored watching it. I think the film is a bit overrated. You expect good acting from these folks. I will say that wardrobe and art department should be awarded. The film looks so good. Even the locations serve as a delicious treats for the eyes. For example look at the picture above. Also, the cinematography is clean (lol).
I'm gonna give it a 4 because it really does look good and it is cute just not something I would want to watch again for the story.
4 stars


  1. Finally! Someone who also thinks that the King's Speech was overrated. Sure, it was good...but Best Picture good? I don't think so...

  2. ha I thought I was alone too. It came off paper well. Gonna check out your blog.