Saturday, April 30, 2011

Madea's Big Happy Family

The picture above is from the play with the same name. I never knew that he turned the play's into movies. Actually, I never watched any of the plays before. This movie couldn't compare to the play. I really enjoyed the play. The ending was the best part of this film because everything else was done or said in the play. I couldn't find any new humor in the film.  I'm just thinking how crazy that is he does the play and make money then he does the movie and makes money. What's really crazy is the same audience is usually seeing both. Okay 1 star really not worth the watch if you have seen the play.
My good remarks: I like Mr. Brown he makes me giggle. Bow Wow and Isaiah Mustafa are getting their chops up.


  1. well, this looks part funny and part serious, don't know if to watch it or not. i know a bunch of friends of mine are planning on watching it later this week, will ask them what they thought.

  2. Perry is incapable of making a great movie out of anything, Owen. Don't hold your breath. I will say this though. If Spike Lee has a problem with Tyler Perry, he should get his butt away from Knicks games and start cranking out a new movie every six months like this guy does. Start showing Perry how it should be done instead of just shooting his mouth off.

  3. yea Spike def. isn't doing as much as TP but TP has a lot of money behind him especially his own. Yea I can't see him making a great movie anytime soon but some of his films have been enjoyable.

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