Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Stop that train!
Bleh. I'm currently watching The Next Three Days and I'm so bored I thought I would do my review for Unstoppable. I watched Unstoppable umh last month some time. A very easily forgettable film but this film reminded me of it for some reason. = /


Unstoppable- is an action packed film about an unmanned train that must be stopped. Denzel Denzel Denzel is this where you become a pancake? I swear this is the same character he has been playing in all these action movies. I don't know how they stretched this story into a feature film but they did. Okay, to me the movie was cute. I'm not telling you to rent it though. It was no Independence Day (one of my favs.) but still pretty much your basic film of this genre. I changed my rating for this one b/c it was better than The Next Three Days but not by much. 

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