Monday, May 23, 2011

Documentary- Homeless:The motel kids of Orange County

I woke up to this today. This is a documentary about families that are living in motels in the OC. The motels are cheap and shown as a step above being on the street.
I looked up some reviews on it this afternoon. Most people had the same thoughts. The filmmaker is a bit pokey. She seems to be trying too hard to get the material she winds up with. The subject matter is touching regardless but this seems so forced. I've never watched a documentary and felt this withdrawn from the story. However, as I currently reside near the OC I was intrigued and I feel it is a sad thing that the price of a motel is better than your own place. It is worth the watch b/c I've never seen this story told before. Bah, I just wish the filmmaker would have remained silent.

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